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Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words For November 2011

With Thanksgiving 2011 coming up later this week, I thought it would be fun to share some more in my “Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words” series in a lighthearted look at the mostly looney stuff about nutrition and health that’s out there in our culture. There’s all kind of wild and interesting stuff going on all the time and I’m happy to highlight it here for you. If you like this kind of thing and missed any of my previous posts in this series, then check them out here: June 2011, August 2011, September 2011 and October 2011.

I think this perfectly describes how low-carbers feel when they begin this lifestyle:

You think we could get more people interested in the subject of chemistry with this:

I’m no fan of graffiti, but this one was quite creative and makes a powerful point:

This cheese is supposedly “better for you” because they cut the fat…UGH:

“Crazy apples” is right if you think bubble gum-flavored anything is “healthy”:

I couldn’t agree more…the sooner the better:

Speaking of “juice,” how many people buy stuff like this thinking it’s “healthy?” TOO MANY:

Ever wonder why the taste of butter is promoted…but never butter itself:

The same thing goes for meat–why do vegetarians try so hard to create meatless “meat” food:

While the gym may not be necessary, I can appreciate the sentiment this communicates:

It’s such a shame that Bob Harper has sold out peddling Quaker oatmeal now:

And we wonder why we have an obesity/diabetes epidemic when marshmallow fluff is preferred over butter:

Don’t you wish the government promoted Americans owning chickens again? Fat chance now:

Chocolate milk is “wholesome” because it doesn’t have any HFCS in it? I don’t think so:

WhoNu people could be so gullible to think a cookie like this could be “nutrition rich”:

If you’re getting discouraged that the message isn’t getting out, check this out:

Wonder what could be in those “diet pills” people are taking? This could be why they’re ineffective:

This is probably a fake, but it’s closer to the truth than not:

Did you know country music superstar Miranda Lambert is livin’ la vida low-carb? Wish me luck on an interview:

This is a parody and meant to be funny…but how close is this to becoming reality:

Have you heard about the new “super broccoli” being promoted in the UK? Supposed to lower cholesterol–REALLY:

Gee, I wonder what kind of “healthy food” you can get “all you can eat” for $4.95:

If you see a picture that you think fits within the scope of this “Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words” series, then please feel free to e-mail the link or the photo itself to me at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. There’s always stuff out there that might capture your attention–send ’em on! We may post them on my blog in the coming months!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop laughing.

  • These photos are really very funny and made me laugh.

  • I’m sure Fu Zhou Kitchen’s food is full of healthy corn oil!

  • Nice selection of photos. Made me laugh. I like how you often combine entertainment with education. 

    • Anonymous

      Gotta have fun while you learn, right? 😉

  • Hank Tomczak

    Jimmy I’m willing to bet that 7up add is real. I’m older than you and I remember that type of add. Reminds me of the cigarette ads from the same era that touted one smoke over the other as ‘doctor recommended’ !

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • Popeda

    Great post Jimmy!  Its really pretty crazy when a lot of the information people base their beliefs of health on are from marketing propaganda.


  • Mpix123

    The Burger King ice cream sweets bill board is s serious misrepresentation. Eating sugar and candy, cakes and the like does NOT produce diabetes in people. Of course they are not good- high sugar carbs but all the candy in the world is NOT the single guaranteed cause to getting diabetes.  This false reasoning is used to blame the victim for his disease. There are many more reasons for getting a condition that causes someone to not metabolize carbs.  None caused directly by eating sweets. Studies have shown the AFTER someone has pre or full diabetes, weight gain increases not the other way around. It is a complex disease that has no easy correlation.  Don’t eat that crap for any reason but dont tell people that they got diabetes because of their sweet tooth.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody is saying that sugar causes diabetes. But look at most people that get Type 2 diabetes and their diet…it’s usually high-carb and sugary. Nobody will deny this.

      • Mpix123

        who’s diet isn’t in main stream America?   It is not the cause of the effect- a pure observational conclusion that is wrong.  You can forgo the sugar sweets and still get diabetes and many do. Body bulders that retire from the sport and an alarming rate of diabetes and many don’t pig out on sugar but eat a ton of carbs ( those “good” one) and whey even after competetion.  It aint the sugar and candy that causes diabetes and it is a cheap shot by those you think it is, it is the excessive carbs and grains and bad oils in processed food America. The billboard who be close to the truth if it showed bread and corn and the last picture sdaying 70 per cent of.   Normal folks love to point at the victum and claim they were lazy or stupid and got what they deserved. There are goos studies showing a link to plastic and chemical poluttion in the water and food from the 1950’s which cause a mutant gene to be past down.  It is a tough disease to point to its smoking gun.  India and China are two of the newest Nations that are passing America in new cases of diabetes ( a percentage of population) and they eat very little sweets and candies compared to Americans that have the extra bucks to spend on it.  

        • Anonymous

          Sure enough. But the excessive sugar consumption is burning out the pancreas in far too many.