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Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words For January 2012

It’s the final day of January 2012 and boy do I ever have some fantastic “Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words” to share with you! I’ve been scouring the Internet, social networking sites and my own mailbox to find some pretty remarkable examples of the good, the bad and the ugly in picture form related to diet, fitness and health. If you missed any of my previous posts in this series, be sure to check ’em all out here: June 2011, August 2011, September 2011, October 2011, November 2011 and December 2011. Here’s the latest edition for January 2012:

This infographic (Source) has gone viral this week from somebody who’s obviously read books by Gary Taubes:

(If you have trouble seeing this, CLICK HERE to see a larger version)

This image of two 51-year old ladies who eat diametrically opposite diets with very different results on aging has been reposted over and over again on Facebook:

And here’s a new one that somebody created from a recent posted photo of low-fat vegan diet guru Dr. Dean Ornish compared with similarly-aged Mark Sisson who eats a more low-carb primal-styled diet–STARK DIFFERENCE:

Reader Dean couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the front cover of Paula Deen’s latest magazine cover with her and her husband gawking over a big slice of sugary/floury cake. In light of her recent Type 2 diabetes revelation, this was especially disappointing at what a wasted opportunity to educate the public on controlling diabetes:

My buddy Burt said this is “my kind of morning” waking up to a sunrise breakfast of bacon and eggs:

She 82 years old and can dead lift over 150 pounds! What’s YOUR excuse:

Is this SERIOUSLY the entrance to one of the top gym chains in America? Yep, it sure is:

You may have heard by now that the company that makes Twinkies has filed for bankruptcy. That inspired this funny cartoon inspired by the “end of the world” predictions made by the Mayans for 2012:

My friend on the ground Per Wikholm in Sweden watching what’s happening in the LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) movement there sent me this photo that is the flip side of the recent butter shortages happening in Scandinavia, especially Norway. It seems margarine sales have plummeted so much that the low-fat butter alternative (that nobody there is eating!) can be purchased for 15 cents per pound! He notes the abnormally low price still isn’t enticing people to purchase the margarine but that it’s good news for him because it’s the “best price ever for a decent shoe shine”:

Reader Susan was SHOCKED when she was driving through Plainview, Texas recently and saw these cows grazing on what you would hope to be a field of grass. But if you look closely you’ll notice it’s an old cotton field instead! She told me she was greatly concerned because “the cotton fields in this region are ‘defoliated’ with powerful chemicals that help the leaves fall off the cotton plants so that the plants are easily harvested by combine machines.” She couldn’t help but ask whether the meat produced by these cows “could possibly have this chemical in [them]?” Absolutely! She concluded that you need to “know thy farmer” because “not all grass-fed beef is created equal.” Yikes!

I want 6-pack abs as much as the next guy, but this is just odd to say the least (yes, I know this is fake, but how many gimmicky fitness products are out there that make this look tame?):

If ever there was a pictorial definition of irony, this is it:

And while we battle childhood obesity, we’re missing the obvious reasons what it exists:

On my way to the post office recently, I saw the following license plate of a man who just happened to be mailing a package and ended up in line behind me. I asked him about the plate and he said his brother-in-law died from it. This gave me an opportunity to share with him what I do and how nutrition and alternative health can play a key role in preventing conditions like this. What an awesome opportunity to share about the healthy low-carb lifestyle:

Don’t you wish all of life was as easy as a Paleo Diet Flowchart:

And finally, here’s something that should bring a big smile to the face of Dr. William Davis:

If you see a picture that you think fits perfectly within the scope of this “Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words” series, then e-mail the link or the photo itself to me at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. I’m always looking for new stuff to share as part of this regular monthly series–so send it on! Can you believe January is already gone?

  • AWESOME collection of photos! The “best price ever for a decent shoe shine” and the Paleo flowchart are Great!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Cat! I had plenty more but will save these for February. 😉

  • Renee Wissing

    I just shared this on my FB page.  I especially like the totally fit grandma.  Now that is someone to look up to!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Danielle

    The 24 Hour Fitness has me floored. 

    I’m loving the Swedish margarine photo at ICA. When Mike and I were living in Sweden, he used margarine but called it smör (butter). I didn’t know it was margarine until a year into living in Stockholm. I always – jokingly – give him a hard time about calling the margarine butter. You can guess who does all the food shopping for the last 10 years after moving back to the States. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha ha! I bet Danielle. And we Americans are so proud of not eating that dastardly artery-clogging butter that we even have a product called I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Oh, we’ve got such a long way to go.

    • Yulaffin

      For me personally, as a mobility-challenged person, I’d appreciate the escalators to get into that gym.  Otherwise, I’d never go there.

      • Anonymous

        And that’s the exception…for people like you that’s perfectly fine. But how many perfectly healthy and fit people going into that gym use the escalator?

  • Andrea

    Jimmy, I don’t like that McKeith bashing all over the internet. I don’t want to use the same bullshits Tactics as my opponents.
     Lawson? Photoshop, Lighting, Makeup. Botox?

    Dear Facebook Friends: Please Stop Sharing This Female-Bashing Gillian McKeith vs. Nigella Lawson Photo


    The real Nigella doesn’t look like a Hollywood Star. Nobody does. Even Hollywood Stars.  Think Marlene Dietrich on screen and in private. 🙂
     Lighting, Makeup and a good photographer is paramount in determining how old and healthy you are. 😉


    Tho Photo of McKeith was taken in a boot camp. McKeith being sick.

    • Anonymous

      Fair enough. But that doesn’t explain the Ornish-Sisson comparison though.

      • I agree with Andrea, Gillian famously promotes a diet high in fish veg and seeds, nuts, fruits & vegetables but low in fat. Also Nigella famously quit her low carb diet years ago and regained spectacularly and has since lost weight again by reducing portion sizes and eating a diet like the one Gillian recommends! 
        http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2065733/Nigella-Lawson-weight-loss-secret-revealed-James-Duigan-Bodyism-Clean-Lean-plan.html. Gone are the creamy sugary puddings. Also, since when does Mark Sisson eat low carb? If his blog posts are anything to go by, he eats more in the style of primal come PHD than low carb. 

        Another problem with these comparisons is that it opens up a can of worms, how long before you see posts with healthy looking vegans (Durianrider or his sidekick Freelee) vs not so healthy looking low carbers. Just sayin.

        • Anonymous

          Mark Sisson very much eats a low-carb diet that is appropriate for his body. In his Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve, he lists any carb consumption over 150g daily as the road to “insidious weight gain.” He’s keeping his carbs below that mark quite regularly. You might want to listen to him in Episode 5 of “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” on 2-9-12 where he will address the topic of ketosis–something that happens when you eat low-carb. I’ll agree that these comparisons are somewhat arbitrary, but they are interesting. For the record, Durianrider looks sickly.

          • Agreed, Durianrider probably isn’t the best example but Freelee looks fabulous, particularly for someone who used to be quite overweight. One could potentially compare FreeLee http://fruit4free.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/page_1.jpg?w=570 with Nigella? http://7topics.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/nigella_lawson_2775812.jpg 

            Not quite the best advert for animal fat then. Hey, I’m no vegan but then again I don’t claim to have all the answers.

            • Anonymous

              And genetics does play some role in that too.

  • Jennifer Eloff

    ROFL  Some of these are so funny!!  Also, makes one think.  That chart is fascinating.

    • Anonymous

      Glad you enjoyed Jennifer!

  • Solshine

    Well, now, after an hour of Group Power at my gym I am wishing they had an escalator! My gym is set up where you walk in on the 2nd floor and have to go down stairs to get to anything. Sometimes I’m not sure my legs are going to make it up the steps!

    But I do so love these.  Thanks, Jimmy!

    • Anonymous

      I hear ya! When I kill my legs at the gym they’re nothing but rubber…hurts so good. 😀

  • I love the infographic on killer carbs!  With recent revelations linking carbs to cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and more, this type of information needs to get to the general public.  Also, the pictures below it are awesome!  They say that pictures speak more than a 1,000 words.  Surely true in these cases!  Thanks for sharing this, Jimmy!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Ida.

  • Eatpulses

    Those photos are over 2 years old. I’m guessing that since you didn’t post a recent one, not much has changed.

    I have a theory that there are lifetime diets and there are therapeutic diets. What’s therapeutic for one person, could work as  lifetime diet for another. There are, of course, many therapeutic diets. This guy lost a lot of weight and got healthier eating virtually nothing but potatoes for 2 months: http://www.20potatoesaday.com/index.html. One can maintain a positive nitrogen balance on such a diet: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1252113/pdf/biochemj01140-0284.pdf

    I had an interesting conversation once with  a fellow who was macrobiotic. They eat hardly any raw food. He ate a raw foods diet therapeutically, then went back to his old diet. He felt he benefitted from the deviation. Try a high-carb, low-fat diet vegan diet for a couple of months. Then go back to your old diet and see how you feel.

    • Anonymous

      Ewwww…no thanks!

  • Eatpulses

    I realized it might not have been clear that I was referring to your photos of yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Crystal clear.