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Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words For August 2011

A few months back I wrote a blog post featuring various pictures of interest to me that I’ve seen online, in my e-mail box, or something I’ve received in the mail that I think you’d like to see. I called the post “These Pictures Are Worth More Than A Thousand Words” and so many of you wrote to me encouraging me to do more. And so I am! ENJOY!

I got this advertisement for low-fat Snackwell’s cereal bars in a mailer. While they brag about the 8g protein, they conveniently forget to tell you it has 17g carbohydrates–nearly half the calories in the thing! At least they got the “bad” part right:

Splenda decides to fortify their artificial sweetener to make it better by adding in antioxidants, B-vitamins and fiber to these new “essentials” formulations. But one way they could improve the product is by REMOVING the bulking agent maltodextrin (SUGAR!) that adds 1g carbohydrate per packet:

A lot of people have asked me where all the low-carb magazines are and unfortunately they all went out of business years ago. But you’ll be thrilled to learn there is a brand new publication called PALEO Magazine that is devoted to all things related to Paleo/primal/low-carb living! And the contributing writers are a virtual who’s who of the Paleo blogosphere (many of whom have been on my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast):

One step forward, three steps back! This is a picture of a lady in front of me in line at Sam’s Club recently who was checking out with her adorable 2-year old little girl who ostensibly will be the one chowing down on those Sugar Pops, mac & cheese, fruit roll-ups, Nutty Bars, noodles and fruit juice. At such a formative time in her development, is this really the best food she could be eating:

And the mania continues with the back to school marketing from Kellogg’s peddling their Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars. Their slogan is “Eat Better All Day” with 8g Whole Grains…but where’s the fat and protein that will keep the kids satiated, able to concentrate in class, and prevent behavioral problems from the sugar rush? Will we ever learn:

I don’t have anything against people who choose to eat a vegetarian diet, but this was a cute play on words worth sharing:

A faithful reader sent me this article she read in a magazine called “Hidden fats in everyday food” and she was miffed at the claims made about fat being “bad for your heart and waistline” and that people should avoid bacon and eggs in favor of whole-grain bread, cereal like Cheerios, granola and bananas. Plus, they lump together healthy fats like coconut and other tropical oils with the decidedly unhealthy trans fats:

What we need is to get back to the good ole days when everyone knew that butter is “good and good for you”:

When we took Christine to see our local family physician last month to check out a mole on her foot, we saw this “Progression of Atheroschlerosis” graphic on the wall and it was quite fascinating to me. If you look in the early plaque formation, the first thing that happens is “Accumulation of modified LDL particles.” These are the small, dense LDL particles (you can have measured by an NMR Lipoprofile test) which penetrate the arterial wall. Increased Small LDL-P occurs when you consume a high-carb, low-fat diet:

And speaking of Christine, we had a great time being away for a few weeks after finding out we lost our unborn baby. Inspired by the Ancestral Health Symposium that took place in Los Angeles a few weeks back, we are now both giving a low-carb version of the Paleo lifestyle a try for ourselves. I’ll be blogging more about this soon, but Christine said she wanted to try doing some weight lifting along with the change in diet. WOO HOO! Here she is swinging a kettlebell during the first of what will be many workouts I’ll put her through. Can’t wait to share more about this new journey with you soon:

Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing a really cute photo of my niece Brianna who we got to spend a week with while visiting Christine’s family in Bedford, Indiana. We love that little girl so much we are thinking of moving back to the Virginia Beach, VA area to be closer to her and the rest of Christine’s immediate family (mom, dad, grandmother, brother, sister, nieces and nephew). It’d be nice to be a part of her life on a regular basis:

Got a picture that you think is worth more than a thousand words? I’d love to see it! Send it to livinlowcarbman@charter.net. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more great photos to share with you in the future.

  • I agree it’s difficult when looking at other people’s shopping carts. Everyone has their own paradigm. I sure don’t want to hear it from a low-fat or vegan zealot when I’m in the store. At least, not until I look like a model when I can proudly say “body by low-carb”. 

    • Anonymous

      I definitely think it is better to lead by example and to passively share information that people can come find for themselves when they are ready to see it.  One of the reasons I blog.  🙂

      • Anonymous

        Me too!

    • Anonymous

      You’ll get there.

  • Tim Swart

    I have been a shopping cart browser for a long time, most of the time I didn’t care, but now I just shake my head on the amount of garbage people buy.  Very happy to hear you and your wife are starting Paleo LC, and are returning to some resemblance of normalcy! You are extremely strong people and I can’t imagine going through that!! You’re niece is a cutie!! 😀 Keep up the great work, you are a huge inspiration for me!! 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Tim!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t ask.

  • marilynb

    Fun blog!  I always have to shake my head looking in other people’s shopping carts, too.  Love the Butter is Good For You ad.  Maybe I should hang one on my shopping cart. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You know, that’s a good idea Marilyn! 😀

  • Christine looks AWESOME. You need to be doing whatever she’s doing! (And I’d bet a case of Quest bars it ain’t VLC…)

  • Ginger

    Had to laugh…searched for a place here in MN to pick up a copy of the Paleo magazine and the only place in the state is…WHOLE FOODS! VEERRRRY interesting…

    • Anonymous

      Funny indeed!