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Dan French Stand-Up Comedy Act At 2012 PaleoFX VIP Party

I’m still trying to catch up to all my work that piled up while I was away at PaleoFX last week in Austin, Texas. I’ve been battling a slight cold that’s been making my voice do funky things as well as some stomach “stuff” that’s made life interesting. UGH! So I have so much I want to share about #PFX12 and I will hopefully get to that in the next few days (probably in a series of posts). But the very first night of the event included an amazing VIP Party with all the speakers, moderators and other Paleo luminaries enjoying some delicious food and good times. One special entertainment treat was the stand-up comedy skills of an Austin, TX-based comic named Dan French who has lost over 100 pounds on the Paleo diet. Mixing his unique matter-of-fact deadpan delivery style with his Paleo life change, Dan will have you rolling in this 25-minute routine about this, that and everything between.

NOTE: There are wordy dirds and innuendo in Dan’s humor–you’ve been warned.



My favorite moments of Dan’s stand-up comedy routine:

  • SERIOUSLY! The wombat is the only animal on the planet with square poop!
  • Without alcohol, college is four years of hard work. With alcohol, college is seven years of hard work.
  • Alarm…startled, irritated and angry. I’m ready for work!
  • Talking in your sleep…is that restless mouth syndrome?
    • Joana

      ok jimmy, you have to help me out here.  i’m on atkins, which i believe you are too, or were in the past.  i see now you’re posting a lot of paleo content.  i know only little of it, but i cannot really tell the difference between paleo and atkins.  the only thing i can see is that paleo is dairy free.  are you now on paleo?  if so, what made you switch and tell me more of the difference.  i don’t really have time to read a whole book.  joana

      • Anonymous

        To me, Paleo takes low-carb to the next level by improving the food quality. Instead of focusing exclusively on macronutrients, Paleo outs the emphasis on food quality. It’s possible to do low-carb Paleo and I do. Even Loren Cordain who wrote The Paleo Diet says it’s virtually impossible to make Paleo anything but low-carb.

    • Jthomp

       Funny guy.  I thought his explanation of why the wombat poop is square followed by “evolution wins again” was a bit much.  Not that I am taking it that seriously but why couldn’t that have been how God made it?  It seems more like design than happenstance.  You think one way so you use everything you see to point to proof of your own opinion and not critical thought.  What does Tom Naughton call that kind of logic again?