Remembering Kevin Moore

My Severe Hyperinsulinemia Has Mandated I Go On A High-Fat, Low-Carb 'Eggfest'

Since returning from The 3rd Annual Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago and all the wonderful pictures of that glorious event have been posted on Facebook and elsewhere on the Internet, I’ve been getting quite a few comments and e-mails along the lines of this one:

Jimmy, I just looked at your blog to see all the fun pictures and video from your recent low-carb cruise. I was more than a little surprised seeing the pictures of you. I like to think of you as an example of how low-carb works well. After over 6 years on the program, I was expecting a different picture of you. You have often blogged about the problem you have had with periodic relapses and weight gain, but it was pretty obvious from the pictures of you that your weight is now going in the wrong direction. My initial thoughts would be that either the low-carb program is no longer working for you, or you are not following it. I realize that life can be more complex than that kind of simple analysis, so I would like to hear from you as to what is going on with you. Your initial weight loss when you started your low-carb program was truly remarkable and inspiring. But, after hearing of initial success, I think we all eventually expect a “what-have-you-done-recently” type sequel. Do you have such a story to tell?

I can certainly appreciate the way this was worded so as not to be entirely judgmental about my weight gain over the past couple of years, but longtime readers know what a struggle this has been to figure out why it has happened. And I’m gonna be dead honest with you…I was NOT at all happy with the way I looked on this year’s low-carb cruise. It was just a little embarrassing for me to weigh as much as I did, although again it should not have been a surprise to anyone since I’ve been very open and honest about dealing with this issue since December 2007 when it first began after taking creatine for six weeks and gaining 25 pounds. The weight gain from that experience has never come off and has continued to rise ever since.

That photo of me and Christine on the low-carb cruise before singing in the talent show says it all — I’ve got a gut and something needs to be done about it. If I was off bingeing on carbs, carbs, and more carbs all the time, then there would be no excuse for how I looked. But I have kept my carbohydrate intake to less than 50g carbs just about ever since I started livin’ la vida low-carb and quickly realized that’s where I needed to stay to keep weight gain from happening. Unfortunately, even that level of carbohydrates has changed for me as of late so that even the slightest bit of this particular macronutrient has an extremely detrimental metabolic effect on me. What in the world is going on?

When I was on the cruise, I presented my symptoms to Dr. Mary Vernon and Jackie Eberstein — two of the most knowledgeable low-carb experts in the world today — about what they think is going on and will help me with this issue that has plagued me for 2+ years and they both reminded me of something I hadn’t really considered with all of this. Although I’m no longer 410 pounds, I’m still metabolically hyperinsulinemic. What?! Isn’t that all supposed to just–POOF–go away? Wellllll, not exactly.

In other words, while I don’t weigh as much as I once did (thank the good Lord), the underlying condition of insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity as a result of many years of damage due to excessive sugar/carbohydrate consumption is still there as strong as it has ever been. That’s right, my body wants to act like it did when I was bigger and is fighting me tooth and nail to get back there again. Like I always tell people, this is a journey that you NEVER stop living! And if seeing me deal with this issue encourages you to never give up in your own battle, then the mission of this column today has been accomplished.

One strategy Jackie (who worked as a registered nurse with patients of the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins for three decades) suggested was for me to start consuming lots of small meals every few hours and make sure they are very high-fat, adequate in protein, and very low in carbohydrates. So that got me to thinking about how to implement something like this that I could do, be consistent with, and enjoy (which is a major element of being successful on a plan as I discovered for myself in 2004). After contemplating how to do this in a way that would work for me (a philosophy I have shared over and over again), I remembered an interview I did with Drs. Mike & Mary Dan Eades in April 2008 where I talked about going on an all-egg diet for a period of time:

Ever since I did this interview with the Eades, I have been meaning to start my own “eggfest” like that senior citizen — and now I’m doing it! If you visit my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Menus” blog since March 12, 2010, then you’ll notice I haven’t eaten anything else besides eggs, butter, and cheese — by design and with a purpose in mind. What better way to get a high fat content meal with an adequate amount of good quality protein as Dr. Mary Dan Eades shared with very few carbohydrates at an inexpensive cost? You can’t beat it!

So on March 12, 2010 I officially started an all-eggs-all-the-time fast and will be on it indefinitely to see what happens with both my weight which had hit a high of 289 upon returning from the cruise as well as my lipid panel which I last highlighted in November 2009. If I stick with this plan, then I should see higher HDL cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides, more of the large, fluffy kind of LDL particles — and oh yeah, my weight should plummet too! That’s the plan and we’ll see if it works.

Here are the 10 guidelines I’m following for my eggfest:

1. Must eat eggs as the primary source of fat and protein.
2. 1 tablespoon of butter (or other fat source) used per egg consumed.
3. I must eat an egg no later than 30 minutes after waking.
4. The egg meals ideally should be eaten every 3 hours, but not more than every 5 hours.
5. I will follow this schedule even if I’m not hungry (I’ll have 1 egg when that happens).
6. Cheese will be permitted up to one ounce per egg.
7. A minimum of a half-dozen eggs must be consumed daily.
8. The eggs will be local pastured eggs loaded with healthy omega-3 fats and Vitamin D.
9. Egg consumption will cease three hours before bedtime.
10. Diet soda will be allowed up to 3 cans daily with a goal of 1 or less.

So this is what I’ve been doing for a little over a week and counting and I’ll continue to do it in the foreseeable future to see what happens. I got back from the cruise weighing in at 289 pounds and I was humbled by that number — so I’m doing something about it. Wish me well in this newfound journey and I’m excited to see what will happen as a result. I’ll document everything that happens at my menus blog, so follow my progress there where I’ll be weighing in every Friday with the results from the previous week.

So, you might be wondering just how this whole “eggfest” experiment has been going for me so far in the first 10 days or so. Well I’m glad you asked–let me share with you my thoughts:

– Since I LOVE eggs, I’m still not tired of eating them yet
– The butter and cheese have made this experience enjoyable
– This has been the perfect “back-to-the-basics” plan for me
– Despite some heartburn issues, this has been very pleasurable to do
– Very economical–5 dozen eggs, 2 lbs butter, and 1 pound of cheese for $20
– Consistent meals calorically and macronutrient-wise
– Ketosis from the get-go…as expected eating high-fat, low-carb
– Feel fantastic and getting smaller in my clothes…ever-so-slightly
– My body fat percentage going down as well as weight

So how about the weight loss after one week on this eggfest, hmmm? You know wanna know. Although I’m not using weight as my primary means for judging my success on this plan, it is an interesting number to look at. When I returned from the cruise, I was at my highest weight since 2004 when I was losing the first time–289 POUNDS! Grrrrr! So after being so inspired by the speakers on the low-carb cruise to get my hyperinsulinemia under control, my plan to eat my egg meals that are high in fat, adequate in protein and low in carbohydrates has yielded in just one week a total of 14.2 pounds lost. On Friday March 19, 2010 I weighed in at 274.8 pounds.

I’m somewhat excited about this, but at the same time I am still skeptical. I’ve been down this road before doing other plans over the past couple of years, but I’m loving this one immensely. I can honestly see myself continuing on this plan for an entire month or more to see what happens. I consumed over 60 eggs in that first week…don’t you know the American Heart Association would be shocked to hear someone doing something like this–ON PURPOSE! Well, I know I’m not “clogging my arteries” or causing myself harm eating this way. It’s just good old-fashioned farm-raised eggs and they taste pretty darn delicious if you ask me.

Somebody asked if I’ll be on this for life. Maybe not all day everyday, but I could see this being the basis of how I eat most of the time as a convenient, money-saving, structured way to insure I’m getting the right proportion of nutrition for my body. At some point I may include one day when I eat low-carb and then back to the eggs the rest of the week. I can see my body getting so used to eating a certain number of calories that when I go to “normal” low-carb I will be unable to overeat. All of this is an experiment and I’m happy to share the results with you.

  • Ginger

    (I made it in!)
    Just curious if you’ve ever tried Dr. A’s fat fast…I did it with a cup of coffee with heavy cream for breakfast and cream cheese the rest of the day (1000 calories, 90% from fat, over 5 meals/day). There are other suggestions in the DANDR but this was the easiest for me. I like eggs –
    I have 2 fried in butter most mornings – but WOW. LOL! I’ve been stuck for a while, blobbling up and down in a 3-5 pound range and it’s makin’ me nuts…not ready to resort to a fat fast yet though. Good Luck!

    YAY Ginger! THANKS for trying again. I have tried a fat fast, but I didn’t like it as much as I love this eggfest thing. It’s about finding what’s enjoyable for you and produces results. This is working and I’m gonna keep doing it.


  • Holly J.

    After my son was a year old I did something like this. I ate nothing but egg salad (with crumbled bacon and real mayo mixed in) for breakfast and lunch. Then a regular low carb dinner, what everyone else was eating minus the carby stuff. I remember eating a slice or two of cheese if I wanted a snack. Anyway, I went from a 20 dress size to a 14 in 4 weeks. I really don’t think you’ll get tired of eggs. And you know, I remember when I had my checkup they did a double take on my cholesterol and asked a ton of questions. I blew them out of the water! Still makes me laugh. You’re doing great!

    THANKS Holly! I fully expect my results to be phenomenal.


  • Jimmy, your eggfest would, at first glance, seem to be a very odd and unorthodox method of treatment. However, when people complain that they can’t afford to eat healthful, low-carb foods, we come right back with, “Eggs, especially from pastured hens, are perfect nutrition. Add some butter from pastured cows, and this is a very inexpensive, healthy way to eat!” I know how frustrating it is to regain when you are eating so few carbs, but I know you will persevere. No matter what your outcome, you have our support and encouragement. Go, Jimmy!

    Nina, you are a sweetheart! THANK YOU for your uplifting words.


  • Connor

    Hi Jimmy!

    When you gained the weight after taking creatine for six weeks you tried the Atkins induction phase for two weeks and didn’t lose any weight.

    Do you understand why you are losing it now? What’s different?

    I’m having the same problem. I gained more than 20 pounds while on creatine and a very strict low carb diet. It’s really scary gaining 4 to 5 pound every week while I’m trying to lose weight.

    Excellent questions, Connor. Yes, I tried Atkins Induction again after the regain and it was not responding in the same way as it did for me in 2004. I can’t totally blame the creatine, but the timing of taking that and this all happening is almost too coincidental. Why am I losing now? I’ve virtually removed most of the carbs and radically increased my fat while only consuming an adequate amount of protein. That’s the theory anyway and I’m hoping to see it continue. Like I said, I’m not jumping up and down just yet. I’ll keep you informed about my progress! Hang tough buddy!


  • Abe

    Congrats on the weight loss, Jimmy. I think you would really help yourself, though, if you ditched the diet soda. It would be best to wean your taste buds off of that sweetness – it can only improve the taste of everything else you eat. Also – just what exactly is all the crap in those drinks?

    THANKS Abe! You’ll notice part of this challenge is to do just that. Please reread this column again and you’ll see I’ve set up goals to significantly reduce my diet soda intake. Work with me buddy! 😀


  • Sophie

    Hey Jimmy,
    Good luck with the experiment….. I wanna do the egg fest too.
    I have been doing low carb for about a month and have now plateaued at 114 kgs (I’m from Australia, so I dont know what it is in pounds). Plateaued!!! With around 40kgs to lose. I cannot comprehend the amount of damage eating a high carb diet has done to my body over the years. This, whilst seeming a bit drastic, is quite sensible when you really think about it.
    I’m really going to consider this. Keep up the good work, and keep posting your results as this is a very interesting experiment, and your initial weight loss on the eggfest is very encouraging!!

    THANKS Sophie! I think we’ve all been at this point (our wits end!) trying to find what’s gonna work for us when we’ve done everything correctly…I’ll keep sharing my experience that hopefully will be good news in about a year from now.


  • Anna

    Jimmy make sure you take a multi vitamin.

    Anna, if you only knew how many vitamins I take, it would make your head explode! LOL! And yes, an iron-free multivitamin is part of the equation. :)


  • Nice update to the website, Jimmy!!
    I applaud you for not quitting.

    I, too, have had a few YEARS now, when nothing I do seems to really induce significant weight loss or improved health. I tried a lot of things that didn’t work. Now, finally, I am trying things that seem to work better.

    I have been inspired by your eggfest, and have done a 2/3 eggfest. I have dinner with my sister, and eggs/butter/cheese for my other meals. Usually, dinner is just meat, which I supplement with fat if it is too lean.

    Keep up the great work!!! You are an inspiration to many.

    THANKS so much, Ramona! At some point I will transition this eggfest to a version of what you are doing. Right now I’m loving these eggs too much to stop just yet. 😀 I appreciate your support!


  • Bender

    Hi Jimmy,

    Just a thought, you may want to cut the butter. Dr. Williams recently posted some post-prandial glucose material and you definitely take a hit after eating butter. Do you think you can get closer to the 10 – 20g of carbs a day? 50 seems pretty high.

    Cheers & best of luck!

    I’ll be challenging Dr. Davis’ assertion about butter and insulin levels in a post VERY soon with quotes from my expert friends, so stay tuned for that. Needless to say, I disagree with him. I’m comfortable doing what I’m doing now, so why would I need to make myself eat differently if this is working? THANKS for your input, Bender.


  • Ailsa

    Hi Jimmy great new blog and yes we had a blast on the cruise didn’t we, You Becky Gandy, Debbie Hubbs, Kim Eidsen and myself work great as the committee to organise these cruises don’t you think!!! But I think I speak for all of us we love doing it, trying to get together a group of like minded people with great speakers(great job Jimmy), we all have our little jobs to do and we love to help Becky do her great stuff. I am sure you will be in a great place next year with your weight. As you know I was in a similar place to you in July I had been put on Insulin which was the worst thing as my weight ballooned a further 28 pound in 6 weeks, my body was just in overload. I have since lost 54 pounds I need to get back on track to lose a further 20 pound which I’ll do for the next one. I am now off all diabetes meds and not under the hospital diabetic consultant any more they discharged me!!!

    What I have learnt from this though is I think I for myself I have to recognise this is a life change and I cannot allow myself to eat Carbs!! Even the low carb stuff that these great companies make for us could only ever be an occasional treat as alot of them contain malto dextrin and other stuff, so once I am at goal I will make my own treats using Dana Carpender and Judy Barnes Baker’s books to make my own treats so I know what goes into them is only what I want to allow myself to eat. This is my life change!!!

    Love Ya good friend!

    Ailsa, you are an AMAZING friend and such a living example of what I am attempting to accomplish in 2010. You keep fighting the good fight and we’ll both WOW ’em at the next cruise.


  • Andreas Karlsson

    Mr. Moore, you need to realize that you are consuming more calories than before, and this is why you’ve been gaining weight, not because you’ve been eating a few extra grams of carbohydrates.

    You need to exercise, and you need to eat less. Exercise will improve your glucose tolerance and make you more insulin sensitive as well as help burn off some calories. Exercise is the best way of improving your glucose tolerance, far superior to food.

    You probably need to eat different foods than before. Choose foods that are more satisfying. For example, beef instead of heavy cream. Up your protein intake slightly, say to 2.5 g per kg bodyweight. This is a high but completely safe level. Most of all you just need to realize that energy can’t be created out of thin air, and you are certain to gain weight if you consume loads of energy. Remember that the body doesn’t require insulin to store fat. Insulin is just one way the body stores fat (ASP is another), and also remember you will always have circulating insulin no matter how low you go in carbohydrates — that’s inevitable, you’d be dead if you didn’t.

    With all respect,
    Andreas, Sweden
    Bioscience student.

    Andreas, I appreciate your input! I’m fully aware of everything you’ve noted and am doing what’s working for me. A simple answer of “eat less, exercise more” doesn’t cut it.


  • Steve Carter

    Good luck, Jimmy.

    Good to see you are trying to cut out the diet sodas. I was addicted to them for years, convinced they weren’t affecting my weight. I finally went cold turkey after my weight had plateau’d for months and I’d tried cutting out all sorts of different foods to restart my weight loss. Cut out the diet sodas and the weight started dropping off again. I now drink just water (don’t like tea or coffee) and my taste buds have come alive! The first two weeks were terrible but I can say that 12 months on, I don’t even enjoy the taste of diet soda anymore.


    That’s the goal, Steve! THANKS for inspiring me to do it like you did.


  • Peter Silverman

    I wonder, before you started this eggfest, how many calories you were eating in a day. Not that calories explain everything, just that they’re not always irrelevant.

    Don’t know exactly what the calories were, Peter, but I suppose they may have been slightly more than what I’m consuming now.


  • Dairy destroys me! — I’m still trying to recover from the binges, butter and heavy cream and cheese sent me on. — This after several years of eating zero dairy. I was a dairy lover all my life and rational says that dairy fat without the lactose is the same as fat on a steak or roast but it doesn’t work out that way for me. It triggers me on to other sugars. It opens the door to cravings and I crave and I cave in.

  • Anita (SkeeterN)

    I am proud of your dedication. I personally couldn’t do what your doing because I can only tolerate eggs to a point. I do like egg creams (have you ever tried any?) They might be an idea too for your eggfest. They are not the traditional egg creams but rather like a smoothie. All sorts of recipes on lcf!

    THANKS Anita! I’m loving it and I think that’s what has helped so much for me. Thank you for the thoughts!


  • Caloriequeen

    Good Lord. You have not failed the low carb diet, it has failed you. I realize this subject is your very livelihood and you therefore must believe in it.

    Study after study shows that it is the caloric density of food, not playing with micronutrients of fats, proteins or carbs that affects weight.

    I tried lowcarbing for 10 years. It did nothing to help with weight loss. I now follow a eucalorics method of weight loss, I keep my calories down to an acceptable level, and I’m finally losing weight. I learned this method from a wonderful book called Calorie Queens.

    I am sorry, but yes, calories in/calories out. The only ones who disagree with this theory are the ones who have a vested interest.

    The best to you. I still read your entertaining blog, although I will never low carb again. Jimmy, your blog would be hit even if you switched topics, believe me.

    LOL! That’s a good one. I have no intention of ever giving up the low-carb lifestyle and it has nothing at all to do with this blog or anything else I do. It’s all about keeping my impeccable health intact…and for that, I’ll keep on livin’ la vida low-carb for life.


  • DavidC

    Jimmy –

    While I also disagree with the analysis Dr.Davis has made regarding butter, there is surprisingly a strong insulin response to many proteins, especially coming from dairy. This post from Peter@hyperlipid may be a good place to start: http://high-fat-nutrition.blogspot.com/2010/03/butter-insulin-and-dr-davis.html

    Keep up the great work!!

    THANKS for the info, David!


  • Michelle from Durham

    I am going to try this egg fest thing. I love eggs but was afraid that eating too many eggs would be detrimental to my health. Now I know it is not. Also Jimmy, you should give yourself a pat on the back for keeping a high portion of your weight off for 6 years. You are in the 5% group of Americans who kept their weight off for more than 3 years.

    THANKS for the encouragement, Michelle! Let me know how you do on your eggfest. I do remind myself that I’ve kept off triple-digit weight loss for a very long time and I’m not bemoaning that at all. But I would like to make a new record–200 pounds lost which would put me down to 210. Shooting for 210 in 2010! 😀


  • Catherine

    This probably goes without saying, but I hope you have discussed the possibility of doing something like metformin with your doctor.

    Calories in, calories out, hahahhahaaa! Good one.

    THANKS Catherine! But Metformin was one of MANY things I’ve tried over the past couple of years to get this thing under control. All that did was make me nauseous with no change in weight.


  • JD

    To be fair to Dr. Davis he has commented that “This study is not meant to stand on its own, but taken in the context of other studies.” Dr. Davis has not elaborated on what those other studies show. Peter at Hyperlipid had a better take on this study IMO: http://high-fat-nutrition.blogspot.com/2010/03/butter-insulin-and-dr-davis.html.

    My own opinion on this study is to not consume refined carbs with animal fats.

    BTW, have you ever investigated what amount of carbs is in all those pills you take? I know they are made up of cellulose fillers, etc? Just wondering how much of them are digestible carbs and if it reaches significant levels.

    I’ve examined the vitamins and there’s negligible carbs contained in them.


  • Richard A.

    Look into metformin. It’s a diabetic drug that helps with insulin insensitivity. For some people it helps with weight loss.

    I took it in November 2008-January 2009 and all it did was make me nauseous. Didn’t do a thing about my weight gain. THANKS for the thought, Richard.


  • HaloTeK

    Andreas, I appreciate your input! I’m fully aware of everything you’ve noted and am doing what’s working for me. A simple answer of “eat less, exercise more” doesn’t cut it.


    Jimmy, I feel that is a real cop-out response.

    1: Do you make an effort to walk 30-60 minutes a day? Do you strength train/interval train 2x a week? Andreas was correct in saying that there is nothing like exercise for lowering blood glucose. In fact, it is unrealistic to think you you can be healthy without a significant amount of activity, especially someone with your genetic background. I’ve seen many low carbers blog about how they usually had fasting blood glucose in the 90-100s until they really started to work out — and then their fasting blood glucose was in the 80s. Even if I prefer more carbs in a diet, exercise is the best way to lower blood glucose.

    2: Is it possible that you are eating too much? Too many calories from any source could possible contribute to weight gain. And in response to your new diet, even if eggs, cheese, butter are low carb foods, they are also some of the foods that raise insulin more than is expected from their carbohydrate content (there are charts online about foods and their insulin responses). You could be severely stressing your pancreas out with this type of diet. Do you really feel that optimal health for you demands that you deviate from pastured beef/fish/veggies/berries (other fruit)– a balanced paleo diet? I would hope one day you might consider that dairy foods raise insulin too much and that artificial favoring and sweeteners also cause problems.

    3: Once dairy foods are reduced, you only risk problems from high omega 6 foods. When you keep omega 6 low, your metabolism will start to pick up — but only when you start to increase your source of glucose (doesn’t have to be a lot, but probably more than 50grams a day) — which is either going to come from fruit/tubers or conversion from protein. Why have your body convert protein to glucose when you can just eat mineral rich foods as nature intended? Also, it might be prudent to get a source of iodine or sea veggies to support your thyroid.

    Good luck Jimmy, I want you to be healthy. I hope you reach your goals.


    THANKS Aaron! I’m addressing all of those issues right now and have been for over two years.


  • Annie

    Keep up the great work Jimmy. I agree that everyone has to find what works for them. You’ve probably done this, but have you checked your thyroid function including testing for antibodies? I also have to second the suggestions that you omit diet pop. The chemicals and overly sweet taste which causes insulin secretion impede weight loss despite the low carbs. If you have hyperinsulinemia than I think getting off anything with an overly sweet taste is essential for your long-term success. Some diet pops are worse than others — diet Mt. Dew and some of the citrus flavored ones contain brominated vegetable oil which adversely affects thyroid function. There was a time when I thought I couldn’t live without diet pop and/or artificial sweeteners in my coffee and tea. Now these items taste truly disgusting. I see your goal is to reduce diet pop but I think having a little is like having just one cigarette to a smoker who is trying to quit. That’s just my opinion of course and I know that you know your body best. I wish you the best of luck and appreciate all the work you do to spread the word on the benefits of low carb.

    THANKS Annie! I did this blog post with my thyroid test results in January 2010 and if you’ll see my menus blog, you’ll notice I have given it a go to ditch the diet soda from my menus. It’s gonna be difficult, but I will make this happen. The eggfest has helped me focus on what’s most important and what’s not. This is a journey that I think will reap big results for me in the coming months. :) Thank you for your support!


  • Good luck Jimmy. I’ll be watching your progress with interest. I have to say I also think you posted a particularly unflattering photo of yourself too! I could see you had put on some weight from the photos I’d seen of you at your low – but I didn’t think you looked that bad really. Someone just snapped you at a bad angle there. 😀

    Thank you Debbie! I purposely used that photo to motivate myself to do this. Focusing on the eggs has helped me deal with my diet soda addiction, so this experiment has been good for me so far. I was not pleased with how I looked on the cruise and I am bound and determined to be a different man come May 2011 when we go on The 4th Annual Low-Carb Cruise to Jamaica…ooops, was I supposed to say that? :) THANKS again for your sweet comments.


  • kat lacasse

    Wow! 14 lbs., very impressive, you’ve inspired me. As I’m writing this, I’m eating two eggs fried in Kerrygold butter, yummm. Don’t have too much to lose but find I’m really stuck. Hope this is the key. Keep up the great work.

    Kat, it’s worth a shot and if you love eggs, how can you go wrong? 😀


  • Susan Fassanella


    I feel your angst and pain!!! I began my low carb journey in my early 20s when I read the first edition of Diet Revolution in 1977. Dr. Atkins was my hero. I was always on a diet all through my teen years (you name it my mom had me on it) so I was quite used to living with gnawing hunger most of the time alternating with gnawing guilt when I ate like a real teenager. Finally with Atkins I could EAT and eat food that I truly loved. Who needs sugar and flour when they can have real heavy cream in their coffee, seafood, meat, cheese, eggs, butter and mayo! I got down to a fabulous 140 lbs effortlessly. I could turn a ketostik purple on a dime and man-oh-man that meant I could vacuum the house at 3 a.m. But for me, the magic stopped after the birth of my first child. I gained 55 lbs and produced a 5lb baby and left the hospital 50lbs heavier that never left despite strictest carb restriction. And worse, I couldn’t turn a ketostik at ALL! I wore my maternity jeans out because I never got back into my pre-baby clothes! Talk about depressing!

    Fast forward to today. I am 55, and have steadily gained an average of 5 lbs a year and finally tipping the scale at 280 despite my entire adult life low carbing. Since I can’t remember when I had a donut last or a diet soda, that doesn’t leave much to cut back on, eh? God only knows what I would weigh if I ate the SAD way. The only time in the last 25 years the scale didn’t head up was a fleeting 3 weeks when I first began on Armour thyroid 10 years ago. In that period of time I lost an astounding 16 lbs in less than 2.5 weeks. So that alone made it clear it WASN’T my fault. But as quickly as it began, it abruptly slid back to the way things were before and I began inflating once again.

    This past year my husband (who is the king of moderation) began to not be able to loose either despite his usual tactics of cutting back a little until the number on the scale improved. Out of curiosity I bought the book “Why Are Americans So Fat” by Bill Sardi and it has been a real eye opener for both of us. Sardi’s research points to the connection of iron overload and diabetes, blood sugar problems, etc. Hmmm….could not having had a period in 8 years put me on a par with the typical 40 y/o male struggling with the same issue? I had donated blood in the distant past, and every time they tested my blood for iron by dropping it into the solution to check for iron it sank like a lead balloon even back then when I had monthly blood letting. Could it be that all the iron rich meat and eggs I have been consuming over the years have caught up with my non-menstruating body? According to Sardi’s research, two things will rid the body of iron – blood letting and IP-6 Inositol Hexaphosphate. IP-6 is rice bran that cleanses the liver and helps block incoming iron and assists in removing stored iron out of the body. Interestingly, IP-6 has been genetically engineered out of most grains but adults DON’T need the iron – only children and pregnant women. Iron is always hawked as healthy, but it’s very easy to consume too much iron and the research is definitely thought provoking. Since I am not about to move away from meat, we began taking 3,060 mgs of IP-6 daily (3 capsules in the morning and 3 before dinner)for a few weeks ago to see if our situations improve. It’s also noteworthy that the paleos recommend regular blood donation but the reasons are to simulate blood loss situations our ancestors faced and don’t specifically address iron build-up.

    At any rate, I am going to join you on an eggfest first thing tomorrow and continue taking the IP-6 and get on a regular blood donation schedule soon. Hopefully this will jump-start a downward trend for me as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my long-winded note and best wishes with the fight!


    Lemme know how you do, Susie!


  • jclements

    Jimmy, good luck but am wondering about a few things-

    10. Diet soda will be allowed up to 3 cans daily with a goal of 1 or less.

    Why are you drinking soda at all? Surely you understand that diet sodas have health risks as well, especially ones with phosphoric acid. There is insulin response with aspartame. Why does this have to be a “goal”? Why not just stop right now? Right now? Why not just drink a soda water? Or water? Drinking 3 cans of diet soda a day is insane. Are these caffeinated?

    Why don’t you eat meat as well? What is the magic in just eggs? How would eating meat jeopardize a high fat/moderate protein diet? It wouldn’t.

    Have you considered intermittent fasting? Possibly eating so often throughout the day is not good for insulin either.

    I think Matt Stone’s concern for you is disingenuous. Sucks that he’s using your personal health as smear against LC.

    THANKS John! If you only knew what a minor miracle getting down to three diet sodas daily was, you’d know how monumental that goal was. I HATE soda water and I drink PLENTY of regular water throughout the day. But if you check out my menus blog today, you’ll notice I’ve taken the plunge and tried to give them up. Wish me well! Incidentally, I didn’t do NASTY-tame in my diet sodas–just Splenda or stevia-sweetened ones for me. I’m giving them up now. Keep in mind I used to drink 16 cans of SUGARY soda a day back in my 400-pound days.

    On the meat question, that’s my next progression. The eggs are getting my body used to a specific amount of food every few hours. As I begin to add more foods in at some indefinite point in the future, the first thing I’ll be adding back is grass-fed beef. There’s nothing wrong with meat, but I’m doing this eggfest. If you choose to do it with meat instead, knock yourself out.

    Regarding intermittent fasting, ALL (and I do mean ALL of them!) of the low-carb experts on my recent low-carb cruise said it has no merit, especially for people dealing with the metabolic issues I’m dealing with. Jackie Eberstein specifically said the last thing a hyperinsulinemic person wants to do is go without food for too long because the body will become so metabolically-starved it will refuse to let go of stored fat. That’s the reasoning behind this and I trust someone who worked with Dr. Atkins for thirty years–she knows from whence she speaks. I didn’t just pull this plan out of thin air my friend.

    THANK YOU for your comments about Matt. He’s certainly great entertainment. 😀


  • Sonagi

    Good luck with the new diet and attempt to cut consumption of diet drinks. Many of us have to be vigilant about maintaining a healthy weight. Recognizing a problem and trying a solution is a great start!

    THANKS Sonagi! I’m working at it all.


  • Alejo Hausner

    Dear Jimmy, don’t worry about the butter. The chart showing the insulin response after a meal is for a meal that includes some bread, spaghetti, and yogurt. It may be some interaction between the butter and the carbs, but it’s not just the butter that’s spiking the insulin. The experiment looks rather muddled to me.


    Alejo, I’m not AT ALL worried. 😀


  • First and foremost, I applaud you for speaking up, and I feel terrible that anyone would be judgmental. It’s never over, you nor anyone said the war would be over once weight has been lost. It’s a rather harsh reminder that weight loss will be a life long battle (and for some of us it will be harder than others, me included.) The way I look at it, you’re still roughly 120 pounds lighter (135 now!) pounds lighter and BETTER off than you were before. That in itself is a huge success. I wish you nothing but the best and great success on this egg eating fest.

    THANKS for reminding me and others of that, Tiffany. It’s easy to sit back and criticize someone who has put themselves out there on the Internet for all the world to see. But if more people in the nutrition and health community would be transparent about what REALLY is happening to them rather than trying to pretend all is well, more people would be able to identify what’s going on with them and fix it sooner. This is a lifelong journey that I’m on and I’ll openly share about all the ups, downs, and in betweens. Thank you for reading!


  • Amino

    Greeting Jimmy,
    I think it is vital that you do some form of weight training as a means to get the hyperinsulinemia under control. The weight training will actual work miracles after about six to eight weeks in respect to insulin sensitivity. I currently have clients that have experienced similar metabolic derangements that resulted in hyperinsulinemia, but the weight training continues to improve insulin receptors. If you need expert evidence, then Art Devany is the go to guy for weight training or Robb Wolf.

    That’s coming soon, Amino. I’m interviewing Robb Wolf for my podcast in May, so I will likely bring this up. In the meantime, I’m implementing Fred Hahn’s SLOW BURN strategies just as soon as I’m finished re-reading his book again. I’m also considering some HIIT. Wish me well! :)


  • George

    Jimmy, great post. Following your journey here. Question though. I know that you gave the Eades 6 week cure a couple of shots. I thought that the first 6 week experiment was successful and that you were going to do it again. What was your experience like? Results? Did you get any advice from the Eades related to your current sitation? What will initiate any transition away from your eggs experiment to other low carb foods? Best of luck again Jimmy, a truly amazing presence you have online, unbelievable wealth of information that you make available to us. Couldn’t keep up with this without you.

    That plan produced decent results for me at first, but then it just stopped. I didn’t ask the Eades for advice regarding my issue, but Dr. Mike did wish me well on Twitter today with this eggfest. When will I transition to something besides eggs? At this point, I don’t know. But when I do the first plan of action will be to replace some of the egg meals later in the day with grass-fed beef. THANK YOU for your edification and steadfast support. I appreciate it so much!


  • Hi Jimmy!

    Good luck with getting rid of all the diet sodas! I think that is a really important thing to do.


    THANKS Andreas! I’m in day 2 so far and doing well…I just need to convince myself mentally they’re garbage or rat poison for my body just like I did with sugar. I’ll be a different man on the 2011 cruise.


  • Jane

    WTG Jimmy!! Congratulations on the 14 pounds – that is great!! Keep up the great work! I am glad you are feeling good and enjoying what you are doing! I was googling egg fast just last week – there are some people who have done this with great success. One woman was a raw food/high fruit dieter and lost 40 pounds switching over to Atkins and then eggs only – so it works! This is so good for your body – some of us produce insulin even when we eat “healthy” foods like vegetables – what can we say – we just do!! Enjoy your eggs – here’s to your health!!

    Jane, I should have done this a long time ago…better late than never. :)


  • Chris

    Long time reader, first time commenter. The picture shows just how hard it is to lose the last 30 to 50 pounds of stored, stingy fat. (Just guessin’.) “Abnormal fat” is the term Dr. A.T.W. Simeons used. Once this fat is locked away in our “problem areas” for “the famine,” it might take 90-days of fasting to unlock and burn it. My wife and I lost 86 pounds using a homeopathic remedy (a dissolution of hCG hormone, citric acid and a few other ingredients). Her butt melted away. My love handles disintegrated. This hormone is the one that mobilizes a pregnant woman’s stored fat and directs it to the fetus. It is very difficult to get at the locked away fat with diet alone. And forget about exercise. Remember Gary Taubes’ conclusion that exercise does not make you lose weight. It makes you hungry. Jimmy, you do a great service to your listeners and readers. Keep up the good work. There is way to much misinformation in the marketplace on what actually works.

    THANKS for your comments and encouragement, Chris!


  • Steve Wilson

    Hi Jimmy

    You may be interested to know that Dr. Richard K Bernstein’s topic of interest in this months teleseminar is:

    “What happened when I fed patients 900 extra calories daily of pure fat.”

    http://www.diabetes911.net/askdrb/index.php Join the Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast and conference call on Wed. March 31st at 7PM CST, 8PM EST and 5PM West Coast Time.
    [You probably know already as you’ve had Dr Bernstein on your podcast a couple of times, but once you’ve registered to listen in they send you a link to access the webcast and if you miss it its available to download for 24hrs afterwards]

    I am a type 1 diabetic who adopted Dr Bernsteins plan last year and have got my HbA1c down from over 7 to 5.9% and know i will to get it to normal non-diabetic levels but like you i am finding there are struggles along the way. For example i would love to eat more carbs and still get cravings but my acceptable intake level of carbs is much less than the 30g maximum prescribed by Dr Bernstein. Also my Dawn Phenomenon is wicked, if i oversleep and miss my morning basal dose and 6 units of Novorapid my blood sugar goes sky high!!!! I’m taking L-Glutamine for carb cravings and lifting weights for exercise and know that i need to learn to focus my mind to wake up when my alarm goes off to beat my Dawn Phenomenon once and for all, so i feel for your situaton and wish you determination and happinesss. More power to your elbow Jimmy and thanks for the great blog/podcasts/youtube vids :)
    Obviously by eating eggs you’re getting good quality protein as well as fat but there may be some points or conclusions that are of interest -if you want to know what he says i’ll be happy to report back?

    All the best

    By all means, report what he says, Steve! I’ll be meeting Dr. Bernstein in NYC in May.


  • Dan (aka Renegadediabetic)

    Sounds like it’s working so far. Hope it keeps working for you and I hope it doesn’t get monotonous. I’ve really cut back on diet sodas as most of them are sweetened with nastytame and stick mostly with tea and water. It hasn’t helped me break my current stall, but I’m sure it’s healthier. :) I may try the eggfest.

    BTW, you’re not quite competing with Cool Hand Luke. :)

    Recall in the movie, he made a bet he could eat 50 eggs in one setting.

    So far, so good, Dan! I don’t think I can understate how much I LOVE eggs, so I don’t see this getting boring to me anytime soon. I’ve cut the ties on the diet soda myself for the same reasons because I know it’s for the best in the end anyway. If you try the eggfest, lemme know how you’re doing!


  • Peter Silverman

    I think it’s very useful to know how many calories one eats in a day. I learned how easy it is to track what you eat from your website, using the internet, takes a couple of minutes a day.

    That doesn’t tell you what to do with that information, that’s up to you. I think, though that it’s more useful than all the other numbers (heart markers, blood sugar fluctuations, etc., though those are useful, too.) If someone is concerned about weight gain, it’s very handy to know how much he eats in a day, since that’s one part of the picture, even if it’s not the whole picture.

    I’ll agree with that for most people, Peter.


  • Jonny Bowden had an article on aol news a day or two ago about eggs. He said they are the perfect food, but that there was one way you should never prepare them–scrambled! I had heard this before and I always cook eggs with the yolk intact to protect the cholesterol and prevent it from being oxidized. When I do scramble them, as for an omelet, I leave the yolks on top until the whites are almost done and stir them in at the last minute. They taste better that way too.

    You may still be able to find Dr. Bowden’s article if you search online for it.

    Oh, I saw it and Jonny is AWESOME! Here’s the link for anyone who missed it!


  • Barbara R. (tigerpaws)

    Hi Jimmy!

    Congrats on the weight loss! Have you ever tried cooking with ghee? Ghee, as you probably know, has been rendered free of the milk proteins and any other impurities, leaving pure fat behind (and wonderful taste, lol!) which is suitable for frying, because it has a high smoke point. Just a thought.

    Good luck on the diet soda thing. I struggle with that problem as well.

    Can’t find ghee in my area, but I’m looking around for other fats to try. Just bought a BUNCH of raw butter online so I’ll get through all that first. :)


  • donny

    Hi Jimmy.

    Creatine is strong medicine. Did you know it can trigger manic episodes? I learned that the hard way, recently. Oy.

    Eggs are really filling, more filling than meat with the same ratio of fat to protein, at least that’s what I’ve always found.

    The exercise thing. Biggest Loser contestants exercise six hours a day, while eating a low calorie diet, not quite low carb, but carb controlled, and no carbs at night. Six hours of exercise a day, and limited carbs makes for some pretty strong glycogen depletion. These guys are basically on a low carb diet. So maybe not running yourself into the ground, but doing exercise that is particularly glycogen depleting might help with low carb? Dr Bernstein advocates a reverse pyramid approach to weightlifting, as well as interval training –these are both basically glycogen-depleting, without being horribly time consuming. And Dr Bernstein is the man to listen to when it comes to improving insulin sensitivity. Just a thought.

    THANKS Donny!


  • MikeF

    Mr. Moore,

    I read your blog and Dr. Eades’ as well. There is somthing I am confused about regarding your current situation, probably because my reading comprehension suffers. My question is which of the following is true (or if neither then what):

    1) Your current weight is primarily due to hyperinsulinemia which caused your normal low carb foods to not be metabolized properly thus leading to obesity.

    2) Your current weight while partially due to hyperinsulinemia, is primarily due to overconsumption of food (of the low carb type), i.e. a long term positive energy balance of calories.

    Thanks and good luck with your journey.

    Hey Mike! It might be a little of both with a slightly greater emphasis on #2.


  • Mike Kline

    What diet sodas do you (or did you) drink. For me it is Pepsi One or Diet Rite, both made with splenda so to me those are not as bad. What do you think? I would never drink the sodas with aspartame.

    Your new plan has definitely sparked a ton of buzz in the low carb and other communities. The guy that runs the 180degree blog must be happy. His blog about your plan and basically saying “i told you so” has gotten a ton of comments

    We are rooting for you Jimmy!!



    THANKS Mike! When I started this thing, I had no idea people would be THIS interested in an “egg diet.” But I suppose it is a bit outside the box from the norm. I’m LOVING it right now and it’s working for me, so that’s all that matters. The diet sodas I USED to drink include Splenda-sweetened ones like Diet Coke with Splenda, Diet Rite, and the local store brand that uses Splenda. I would occasionally have a Diet Coke with a squirt of lime in it as well as Coke Zero depending on my access to diet soda. But now I’m off of them for good…wish me luck! :)


  • Sheryl

    Hi Jimmy,
    Just a quick note to let you know that I really respect the way you are so upfront and honest about your struggles and the strategies you are implementing to try and reach your goal. I love your blog and your podcasts are the best out there. Keep up the good work and know that you have lots of fans who are thinking of you and wishing you the best as you enter this next stage of your weight loss journey!

    Sheryl, thank you so much for that! It uplifts me to know people are rooting for me to do well. THANKS!


  • Razzi


    Please include leafy greens and perhaps some berries.

    Make sure your fish oil is there too.

    I wish you the best.


    THANKS Razzi! But I won’t be adding leafy greens or berries for a while. I already take fish oil and LOTS of other supplements daily. I appreciate your input!


  • karen

    Okay, Jimmy, I can relate. The only difference between us is that you are “out there” and I’m not. No way, Jose. My hat is off to you. :-)

    Okay…as much as I enjoy my diet cokes in Merida, Yucatan, I’m going down with you. I’m done as of the 27th, tomorrow!
    I’m joining you: For me, I think its psychological more than a physical issue. Perricone came on TV once about caffeine causing wt. loss problems too. Anyone know about that?? I remember him saying something like “I can almost promise you a 8 pound wt loss the first 10 days you give up caffeine.” It may be a one-time thing…but I’m curious as to why that might be.

    Frankly, now that I think about it, it’s the COFFEE that will be hard for me.

    Hugs. I think we are divinely guided…and can fill up on that energy, too!
    Karen in Merida

    THANKS Karen! So I’m “out there,” huh? Christine would agree! 😀 You’re gonna do great ditching the diet soda too. I’ve heard about the possible insulin effect from caffeine, but almost all of the guests I’ve interviewed on my podcast show have said the impact is only slight.


  • Sonagi


    I am a former Tab to Diet Cokaholic who managed to wean herself off the fizzy stuff several years ago by switching to teas – black, oolong, green, white, jasmine, and rooibus. Besides trading that chemical concoction which includes the mysterious ingredient “natural flavors” for antioxidant-rich leaves and flowers, I also save money. A 50-bag box of decaf green tea costs about the same as a 6-pack of cans. When I want a drink with punch, I treat myself to a cocktail of naturally carbonated mineral water flavored with a few squeezes of lemon or lime or 4 oz. of unsweetened cranberry juice, which contains about 5 grams of sugar.

    Some commenters have chided you or expressed a concern about your Diet Coke habit, but you weren’t interested in giving it up. Now you are, and good luck to you. Maybe you could put the money saved into a jar and treat yourself and Christine to a special evening when the jar fills up.

    THANKS Sonagi! I needed to do this in MY timing and right now is working out well.


  • Sonagi

    According to the Weston Price foundation, cooking eggs does not cause dangerous oxidized cholesterol to form. It is the industrial process of making powdered eggs (or milk) that does this. I scramble my eggs in meat broth on low heat. Eggs cooked in meat broth are absolutely delicious. If you’re afraid of scrambled eggs, then poach them.

  • Hi Jimmy.

    You may want to consider looking at the psychological source of your overeating, instead of even more exogenous fixes (e.g., tweaks in the diet). This is not to say that eating eggs is unhealthy. Eggs are a wonderful type of food, but so are seafood (if you are not allergic) and most green leaf vegetables.

    Psychological stress, for example, promotes a hormonal mix that is conducive to body fat gain. Many hormones play a role in that, not only insulin – e.g., leptin, adiponectin, growth hormone, testosterone, cortisol. Body fat gain is an outcome of multiple factors.

    I remember listening to your interview with Jon Gabriel, and he talked about how important is to address the psychology of body fat gain. I think he had some interesting insights there.


    THANKS Ned! I would argue that this eggfest I am doing is relieving the psychological stress by taking my mind off of worrying about food and more on energizing my body. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve seen with this experiment so far. Thank you for your input!


  • ST

    Hi Jimmy,

    I wish you the best of luck with your eggfest. Your blog has been an immense resource for all of us trying to continue to live a LC lifestyle. Wishing you great results and healthier outcomes!


    THANKS ST! I appreciate the encouragement. :)


  • Joan

    You are such an inspiration to so many – bravo!!! Years ago when I was one-pointed with the Atkins diet, I started experimenting with how foods affected MY ketosis. Thanks to fat, I’d get the stick nice and purple, then test eating a particular type food to see HOW far it would affect ketosis. I found that eating a single piece of fresh fruit brought down the ketones (and weight loss) somewhat but not entirely, whereas bread stopped them completely. Once you reach your goal, it would be interesting to gradually come off the eggfest while also testing the effects of different types of carbs: legumes vs. fructose vs. grains vs. dairy, etc. You would learn which foods are possible and which ones are deal breakers. It would also test out Dr. Johnson’s Sugar-fix theories.

    THANKS Joan! I’m certainly learning a lot through this experience and I appreciate your input.


  • vicky

    Just keep on keepin’ on Jimmy. We all have our setbacks. I’ve had to get back on Atkins induction recently in order to start losing more weight again. It’s always a struggle but it’s not impossible!

    Excellent Vicky! THANKS for sharing.


  • Tony

    Don’t neglect taking your Vitamin D3 and magnesium as well as Krill oil and/or fish oil while you are at it.

    Tony, I take 10,000IU of Vitamin D3 daily as well as magnesium and fish oil. DONE! 😀


  • Tony


    If you are going to do any weight training, please get started correctly, and by that I mean please take a look at “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe and his DVD video of the various lifts. You will not get a better description of how to do safely do strength training and the different lifts with correct form elsewhere. According to his SS online forum, he is into paleolithic nutrition, so he already supports essentially a low carb life style. While he recommends a gallon of milk a day (GOMAD) for young athletes wishing to bulk up in order to lift inhuman amounts of weight, he does not recommend that for people in your situation. I am 50 years old and have pretty much plateaued in the 165-170 lb range low carbing (I also did Dr. Eades’ 6 week diet) from an initial 180 lbs and have replaced a lot of that body fat with greater muscle definition all over doing the training described in the book.

    THANKS Tony! I’m beginning Fred Hahn’s SLOW BURN as soon as I’m finished with his book. I appreciate the info…Mark sounds like an interesting person for me to interview on my podcast.


  • Amanda

    Hi! I’m still newish to the low-carb thing (found Mark Sisson and PB first a month or so ago). I’m not sure I could do this diet — too many eggs! :) but I wanted to say something quick about the diet soda. I’m a diabetic (type 1) so I read a lot about insulin, and some of the current theories is that the pure sweetness of diet soda tricks the body into believing it’s “eaten” something sweet and releasing insulin. If too much insulin is your problem, you might want to ditch the artificial sweeeners altogether as part of the experiment.

    Good luck!

    Already have, Amanda! Look at my http://lowcarbmenu.blogspot.com menus blog. 😀 GREAT to have you in the low-carb blogosphere.


  • I’ve seen some of the flap elsewhere about the way you’re eating and while I don’t agree with every single thing you say (which is fine, I’m not your clone!), I’m disgusted at people’s attitudes about this. Hyperinsulinism is no joke. Insulin’s implicated in a whole host of health problems like, oh, say, pancreatic cancer. I don’t blame you for wanting to get yours under control.

    Even Dr. Atkins drank the orthodoxy Kool-Aid from time to time. I notice people are quoting him (where he says “dieting” leads to suppression of the thyroid) as a way of attacking your latest strategy. Well, I have something to say about that. I said it at the Kitchen Kop blog and I’ll repeat it here.

    1. No one ever accuses followers of kosher or halaal laws of “eating unhealthy” or “leaving out entire classes of food.” Yet there are rules for both kosher and halaal that make no sense scientifically and that leave out foods which are perfectly healthy for most people most of the time.

    2. No one would tell a traditional Inuit, traditional Maasai, or traditional Siberial tribal person that the way they eat is “unhealthy.” They could run circles around Fred Hahn all day and all night. None of them eat significant quantities of carbohydrate. (I’ve seen people claim that the Inuit have higher than normal rates of osteoporosis. That is correct–among Inuit who eat factory foods like we do!)

    EVERY human culture has rules to differentiate between “edible substance” and “food.” American rules on this topic are some of the unhealthiest and most unrealistic in the world. As far as I’m concerned, any person in an industrial society, with regular access to industrial food, who presumes to tell you that what you’re doing is wrong had better have solid nutritional data to back that claim up. None of this “may lead to” or “may cause” nonsense. That’s not good enough for me.

    Keep us posted, Mr. Man… I have high hopes for you.

    THANKS for your encouragement, Dana. And you’re right–I’m doing what’s best for Jimmy Moore and nobody else. :)


  • Andreas Karlsson

    Jimmy, Fred Hahn is not an authority on exercise. Science doesn’t back him up.


    Hmmm, who would I trust more? Anthony Colpo or Fred Hahn? Colpo who has gone off the deep end over the past couple of years going on a tirade against anyone associated with healthy low-carb living or Hahn who is continuing to be a major influence in the lives of people using a carbohydrate-restricted lifestyle change to make them stronger than they ever thought possible. The choice is easy–FRED HAHN!


  • Andreas –

    Please define what an ‘authority’ is?

    You said:

    “Science doesn’t back him up.”

    Can you be more specific please? Your Colpo reference is hardly science. And I destroyed This parochial tirade against me on my blog 2 years ago. See it here:


  • Vicki


    I once weighed over 300lbs and am now down to 180 and thanks to a large frame am looking pretty thin at 5’10” thanks to low carb. I hit a plateau at 220 that I could not break until I went Primal. It was not hard since I’ve been used to doing low carb for so long. You should consider ditching the vegetable oils and cheese. Give it a shot. You won’t regret it!


    THANKS Vickie and congrats on your success! I don’t use vegetable oils and I haven’t heard compelling enough evidence that ditching cheese is necessary. Thank you for your input!


  • Bill Strahan


    First, thanks so much for the podcast interviews! I discovered your site just a couple of months ago and by perusing the archives I always have something interesting to listen to in the car.

    I eat paleo, meaning I rely on meats and eggs for protein and fat, and have some veggies with the occasional nuts and fruit. I do not have grains, modern oils (yuck!), or refined foods. This has worked incredibly well for me, and much of what I’ve learned has been from Robb Wolf at http://robbwolf.com.

    I know you have spent a long time using replacement low-carb foods that are heavily processed to facilitate your diet, and I strongly encourage you to consider eliminating all the neolithic foods in favor of real foods and see what happens. Your “Eggfest” is doing that, and I can’t help but wonder if the cause of the new weight loss has nothing to do with the eggs in particular, but the foods allowed have happened to eliminate any other poor quality, counter-productive foods that you were previously consuming.

    Last thing, consider removing the cheese as well. While it does not necessarily raise blood sugar, dairy is insulinogenic. It will raise your insulin levels. If you’re striving for renewed insulin sensitivity, please consider ditching the dairy as well. Butter can get a free pass perhaps as it is almost pure fat and has very little effect on insulin, but cheese will impact your insulin.

    Meat, eggs, and extra fat will be much more effective than the same plus cheese!

    Keep up the great work!

    Bill, thanks so much for writing and CONGRATS on your Paleo success. I will be interviewing Robb Wolf soon for a podcast interview coming up on May 24, 2010…don’t miss it!

    THANKS for your encouragement on my “eggfest.” I gotta tell you, the eggs are the REASON why I’ve been able to ditch the diet sodas and artificially-sweetened foods from my diet. There’s just been something inside of me that has clicked keeping my body in a ketogenic state the past few weeks that has taken away my desire for those things. I could certainly try to give up the cheese, but I’m not understanding how insulin is produced from consuming it. E-mail me the data you have on this. I will be transitioning to grass-fed beef and maybe a few leafy greens soon while maintaining the integrity of what I’ve started with the eggfest. Thank you for your support!


  • Frank Moses

    Hi Jimmy.

    I’m glad to hear that the egg-fest is going so well. I know this may be anecdotal, but I found a good relief from Heartburn the other day as I’m doing a mini egg-fest myself (not quite as strict as yours as I love my chef salads at school). Do about 1 or 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, which was also a recommendation to help reduce high morning blood sugar levels (Dawn Phenomenon). It works wonderfully on my heartburn. I get heartburn almost anytime I eat pepperoni. Sometime I like them with my eggs.

    Keep up the good and diligent work! Good luck getting things back under control.

    P.S. Greeaat job on axing the diet sodas. I know I feel loads better myself once I switched to pure water. I love that ZeroWater system. I still have a 4-6 oz glass of dry red wine with dinner 4x-5x per week. I can’t give up every vice ya know. But it supposedly helps with blood sugar as well.

    Peace out my brother from another mother.

    THANKS so much, Frank! The heartburn issue is all but gone now and this experience has been the best thing I’ve done for my healthy low-carb lifestyle since my initial weight loss success in 2004. I appreciate your encouragement!


  • Hi, Jimmy! It’s me again. Perhaps I should have gone back to comment on a more recent post, but I just wanted your thoughts on the exclusion of all carbs in your egg fest. I am following Atkins latest book and it stresses getting carbs into your diet. You eliminated all but the ones from the cheese and eggs which is minimal. Perhaps under 10 net grams per day? Your weight loss is great and I applaud you ditching the diet pop, but how do you really feel otherwise?

    • Actually, I feel fantastic! Absolutely amazing.