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More Class Action Suits Filed Over Lipitor

Attorney Mark Jay Krum representing dozens of clients in lawsuit

Ever since I told you about the first lawsuits against Pfizer over their cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor in June, more and more people have stepped up to share their horror stories after taking the #1 prescribed cholesterol medicine in the world currently used by over 22 million people.

Attorney Mark Jay Krum has agreed to take on the personal injury lawsuits filed against Pfizer, Inc. over the negative physical effects that Liptor has allegedly caused those who have taken the drug. This class action lawsuit continues to grow and Krum is encouraging people who have experienced lingering symptoms after taking Lipitor to contact him using his Lipitor Litigation contact page or via e-mail at markjaykrum@aol.com.

The lawsuit specifically accuses Pfizer of deceiving the public with their marketing of Lipitor as a “safe drug with minimal health risks.” Krum says Pfizer had a responsibility to give adequate warnings to both physicians and the patients who were prescribed Lipitor to lower their cholesterol of the more dangerous side effects such as severe muscle pain, nerve damage, memory loss, extremely vivid nightmares and other issues involving the brain and central nervous system while taking the drug. The lawsuits specifically state that Lipitor is poorly created and patients are not given complete information about all of the possible side effects.

Statin drugs like Lipitor have long been criticized for causing negative reactions in people which led the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to create a research project called the Statin Effects Study which I participated in since I have had problems after taking Lipitor and Crestor in the past.

Here are just a few of the new plaintiff’s Krum is representing:

1. A pilot from Virginia who says he has permanent muscle and nerve damage from taking Lipitor which has kept him from flying because he can no longer pass the required physical.

2. A former professional soccer player from Amherst, New York has had trouble on Lipitor.

3. A dentist in Long Island, New York is also experiencing issues with the cholesterol-lowering medication.

4. The widow of a former New York Congressman started taking Lipitor in 1999 and now has developed several irreversible health problems such as damage to the peripheral nervous system damage (peripheral neuropathy), short-term memory loss and depression, among others. She recently came off of Lipitor, but still has issues with memory, balance, tingling in her extremities, confusion, and chronic fatigue. Her doctor says she has cerebral atrophy not associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Former UK soccer player and vice-president of a public company in Long Island, New York began taking Lipitor to bring his cholesterol down on the advice of his doctor and noticed that he has nerve damage in his hand, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles” which has made his workout routine “excruciatingly painful and impossible to carry out.”

These are just a few of the many examples of people who are upset with Pfizer to the point that they are willing to join this class action lawsuit against them. It’s hard to avoid seeing a Lipitor commercial these days because hundreds of millions of marketing dollars have been poured into pushing this drug with massive sales exceeding $12 BILLION dollars in 2005 alone. This is a BIG moneymaker for Pfizer and they would like nothing more than to see these lawsuits just go away.

In response to the lawsuits, Pfizer took out several full-page ads in some major national newspapers extolling the safety and effectiveness of their product. But Krum said it’s not about the effectiveness, per se, but the safety for some people is questionable at best.

“These lawsuits charge that Pfizer failed to adequately warn both doctors and consumers of the drug’s more serious and sometimes permanent health risks — risks that Pfizer was well aware of in its own clinical studies of statin usage,” Krum stated. “Pfizer has apparently engaged in a campaign of misinformation, designed to downplay and cover up Lipitor’s more serious and irreversible side effects, and is willing to promote the drug at any cost.”

As much as cholesterol problems have been given such prominence in today’s society as a health “crisis,” the fact is that cholesterol is a non-issue as defined by the medical standards in place. Anthony Colpo’s “Great Cholesterol Con” addresses the reasons for this and is an excellent resource for anyone who has been prescribed a statin drug like Lipitor to artificially lower your cholesterol. CHECK IT OUT!

The concern over too high LDL, total cholesterol over 200, etc. is just more of the same old song and dance we have been indoctrinated with for our entire lives. It’s time to break those years of cholesterol indoctrination once and for all and realize there are better ways to lower LDL cholesterol naturally with a low-carb diet which along with exercise can improve your lipid profile, including increasing the HDL “good” cholesterol.

For continuing updates on this historical lawsuit, visit KrumLaw.com.

  • Science4u1959

    This is just the beginning…there are dozens if not hundreds of similar dangerous drugs (and even foods) on the market. Eventually, it will cause a literal avalanche of lawsuits. And rightly so! It’s time Big Pharma and the food industry in general are made aware of the responsibilities toward their consumers. Since Gov’t won’t do it, it’s up to us, the consumers (read: victims) of these companies and practices.

  • Sharee66

    I am interested in joining a class action suit against the makers of Lipitor. I have lost 9 years of my life and spent thousands of dollars thanks to the medication and drs. who dont care enough. I have had incredible muscle and joint pain. Nerve problems concerning my bladder. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on treatment (i.e. chiropractors, pain doctor, injections, medications for pain) I resent most the loss of quality of life in this past nine years.


  • rebecca brown

    for the last few years i have been feeling very nauseated i also experienced problems with my pancreas i went to the doctors each time and he told me to stop taking the lipitol because that could be the cause since i have stop taking the lipitol i have not been nausea or had attacts of pancreatitis yes i would like to be included in your lawsuit just tell me what to do

  • Michael Hennig

    I am very interested in joining your class suit against the manufactures of Lipitor. I am having severe cramps in all the muscles in my body. The cramps are the worst in my ribs and legs. I am currently being treated by a nuerologist. He has me on 450 mg of lyrica and 1 mg of clonazepam all of which seems to help at times. But at other times I get debilitating cramps in my ribs and legs. Sometimes they come into my legs in the middle of the night when I am sound asleep. My rib cramps will hit me when I bend over or twist around with no warning. The rib cramps are so severe that I cannot do anything but hold on and try to breathe deeply. I never had any of these problems before I took lipitor for a short time several years ago.muscle pain is so severe that I am not able to work And the quality of my life has been totally altered. In my case it has caused muscle cramps and pain that do not go away. My doctor has informed me that we are going to have to do pain management but that is not working very well for me. I have contact Pfizer on two different occasions and did what they suggested. Spent more money and had more tests run including a muscle biopsy and more blood work and again no help as to how to make this debilitating problem go away.I am very desperate for some help. It is winter time now and if I get to cold and I start shivering my rib cramps will come back without warning. I cannot afford to continue paying doctors that cannot help me.
    Thanks ,Mike HENNIG