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Make A Video Of Your Quest In 2012 And Win A Year’s Supply Of Quest Bars

If you are engaged in the process of making yourself healthier and fitter (and obviously you are reading a blog like mine about nutrition and health), then no doubt you are already well on your way with your quest towards some end goal you have in mind. Most people who read my blog are pursuing weight loss, attempting to improve upon some aspect of their health and fitness, or just love the way livin’ la vida low-carb makes them feel. And within those grand pursuits are some personal goals along the way that you are striving to accomplish in your life to make yourself even better. We all have them and they motivate us to keep moving forward in the pursuit of becoming optimally healthy.

I can tell you one of the quests that I have been on especially over the past six months is increasing my strength and muscle definition. I hired a personal trainer to assist me in this effort because honestly I’ve never been able to get into weight lifting like I have doing cardio-styled exercise. Give me a spin class, Pilates, pickup games of basketball and volleyball, running on the treadmill or elliptical machine, or anything that gets my heart rate up and I can knock that out and enjoy it. But pumping iron, maintaining proper form, and attempting to put muscle on this 40-year old body just always seemed like a foreign concept to me. Now the switch has been flipped and I LOVE lifting weights and doing what it takes to fulfill my quest to get stronger while cardio just doesn’t seem very interesting at all anymore. Go figure!

I’ve hit the gym pretty hard since September 2011 going there as often as my muscles would recover from the full-body workouts (which has been about every three days since I started taking a low-dose testosterone cream about six weeks ago to deal with low testosterone issues that could be negatively impacting various hormones in my body). And the results of my regular workout schedule have been so incredible for me with some clear definition coming in my calves, quads, biceps and shoulders especially. Although I’m still attempting to shed the excess fat off my body (especially in the abdomen) while in the process of building muscle mass, I know this will only help in that effort. I can already tell a HUGE difference in my strength and it’s sincerely surprised me at just how much stronger I am now that I was just a few months ago.

So what’s your quest in 2012? That’s the question that Quest Nutrition, makers of low-carb Quest Bars, is asking in a brand new video contest they call New Year’s Quest Giveaway. They’re literally giving away a year’s supply of their amazing Quest Bars to the winning entry. Here’s a video from Quest Nutrition representative Courtney explaining what you need to do to enter their contest:


Sounds pretty easy, right? Just make a video that is no longer than 30 seconds, share your name and what your current quest (goal) in 2012 is, upload it to YouTube with the title “My New Year’s Quest,” and then post it to the Quest Bar Facebook page. That’s all you gotta do to enter to win that year’s supply of Quest Bars. So pull out your iPhone, digital camera, web cam, tablet device or whatever you have that shoots video footage and share what YOUR quest in 2012 is. Get your entry in today because the winners will be announced on Monday, February 20, 2012. GOOD LUCK!

Oh, by the way, here’s a video I made last night on my iPad about my muscle-building quest this year:


Now it’s YOUR turn to share your personal quest for 2012!

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