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Low-Carb Dieter Beware: Soy-Based ‘Body By Vi’ Visalus Protein Shake Mixes Not A Panacea

It seems like every year we are bombarded with messages about some new unknown supplement, fitness trend, or other health-related product that’s supposed to be the next big panacea for producing mind-boggling weight loss and the body you’ve always wanted. Don’t you know if somebody actually came up with that ever-elusive “magic pill” gimmick for improving weight and health that they’d make Bill Gates look like a welfare recipient with all the money that would start pouring in hand over fist? But, alas, it’s never gonna happen. Even still, the diet industry is big business because clever marketing and strategic products are being aggressively targeted to a captive audience of desperate people who are tired of being overweight, unhealthy, and out of shape. That’s why tactics like these have helped crazy diet schemes strike it rich seemingly out of nowhere overnight preying on the innocent. The latest of these is the “Body By Vi” program from Visalus Sciences.

I first heard about this company from a friend of mine at church (I’ll call him John) who has worked in various sales jobs as his primary source of income for most of his life. Knowing that I have a substantial following online from people who are interested in the subject of weight and health, John invited me over to his house to make me a healthy milkshake that he said he could taste like any flavor I wanted. Wow, sounds impressive. Actually, not really. I’m a natural skeptic and was hesitant about spending any of my valuable time listening to what he had to say. But because I respect John’s faith and sales success over the years, I decided to hear what he had to share. What I discovered in those two hours was a much bigger lesson in why low-carb dieters should be wary of these Visalus products.

What’s funny about Visalus is it is a typical MLM (multi-level marketing) company requiring you to buy into the company and to find other enrollees to sponsor as part of your personal pyramid network. I’ve never understood why I’m always approached by people to join their favorite MLM (from Amway, Avon, Pampered Chef, MovaVie, Cutco, Shaklee, Pre-Paid Legal and every other one you’ve ever heard of), but I guess I have that certain special something they are looking for. Maybe it’s because I enjoy talking to people and feel comfortable holding conversations that they think would make me a great salesman. I dunno, but I’ve been bombarded with people trying to get me to join their MLM since I was a teenager and it’s still happening to this day. John just knew with what I already do for a living promoting healthy nutritional concepts on my popular blog and podcasts that Visalus would be the perfect fit for me.

I suppose he knew what he was getting himself into asking me to try a protein shake product from Visalus…but maybe not. As he and one of his fellow Visalus promoters were trying to paint a picture of how I could attain financial freedom through being involved in this company (this is the major thing I ABHOR about MLM schemes–“join our team and all of your money woes will disappear”–UGH!), I was reading through the paperwork they had in a big 3-ring binder describing the Visalus plan featuring the aforementioned protein shake mixes. Anyone who knows me will tell you I read labels very carefully before putting something inside my body. If there is an ingredient in a food I am going to consume that I don’t want to have in me, then I want to know beforehand. Scouring the ingredients list of this Visalus protein shake mix, I noticed the very first ingredient in the shake was the primary source of protein–SOY!

I engaged John in a conversation about this expressing my concerns about the protein source being soy instead of whey, for example. He said, “Oh, I’ve only heard good things about consuming soy. I thought it was supposed to be healthy.” I explained to John about my podcast interview with Dr. Kaayla Daniel who wrote the book The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food and that I personally prefer to steer clear of this darling ingredient of the low-fat diet advocates. Speaking of dietary fat, there was only 1g of it in this Visalus protein shake mix along with 7g carbohydrate (5g of which is dietary fiber) and 12g protein in this 90-calorie meal replacement shake. When I told John the fat-protein ratio was way off base from what I would typically consume (my ideal food intake is high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb), again he repeated that he thought consuming less fat was healthier. It was a teachable moment that I didn’t mind sharing with him because I respect him and wanted to make sure he fully understood the concerns I had with this MLM company he had associated himself with.

Reluctantly, I agreed to have him make me one of the Visalus shakes as he promised to me when we spoke on the phone. He said, “I’ll make whatever milkshake you want and it will taste just like the real thing!” My favorite flavor is cookies & cream, so that’s what I requested. When I inquired about how many flavors Visalus made, he said he likes to take the vanilla shake mix and blend it with ingredients to make whatever flavor I wanted. I was confused somewhat by this answer. When I inquired further about my cookies & cream milkshake, he assured me it would taste amazing and be healthy because he used skim milk and Oreo cookies! O-M-G! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Here I thought it was a cookies & cream flavor and he’s putting sugary, wheat-based carbage in this “healthy” shake. I was flabbergasted to say the least and explained that the supposed benefits of consuming the nutrition contained in this shake don’t override the huge insulin-spiking carb bomb he just added to it. Since he took the time to make the shake, I appeased him by having one small sip. YUCK! It was so gross I told him I wouldn’t be able to finish it. I was sorely disappointed. John said he’d share my concerns about the soy, fat content, etc. with the Visalus company and see what they say in response. More on how they responded in a moment.

I’d been meaning to blog about this for a while, but it came to a head again recently after I received the following e-mail from a new blog reader who was excited about this new company she’s involved with–Visalus:

Hi Jimmy,

I’m a big fan! You don’t know me, but I’ve found your website very helpful the last several months while low carbing again. I’ve low carbed for many years and truly believe it’s the only way and best way to lose weight and lose fast. Recently I became concerned about my health because I was losing a lot of weight, but I knew I wasn’t eating very healthy.

I live alone, don’t cook much and rather than cook healthy vegetables for myself, I would end up eating quick low-carb things instead. I could tell my health wasn’t good. I was felling very lathargic. I had to find something to give me the nutrition I knew my body needed and was missing from the way I was eating. But I didn’t want to add any carbs to my diet either.

I know many people were raving about this new diet shake made by a company called Visalus. I was like, yeah, yeah and paid no attention until becoming concerned with my health. The first thing I asked my friend was how many carbs does it have? I was happily surprised it only had 7 carbs, 5 being fiber grams and only 1 gram of sugar! I said, well no wonder people are losing weight using it! LOL! But what was even more impressive was what was in this shake! I could get a full day’s recommended serving of proteins, fruits and veggies and much more in one shake. Not to mention all the other great, low-carb friendly products they have!

I ordered the products and have am so happy with the way my health and the way I feel has improved. I have energy now and feel better than ever, and continue to lose weight like crazy! They do not really push the low-carb angle with their products as I think they should. But that leaves an awesome opportunity for people like you and I.

See, this company has the most amazing compensation plan for becoming a distributor for their products and has an impeccible leadership and financial backing. It is the #1 growing direct sales company in North America and is only getting started. You and I both know that these low-carb shakes will continue to help people lose weight and they don’t even realize they are low carbing–they are just amazed at how fast the weight is coming off.

A friend of mine referred it to only four people and it grew so fast that in only two weeks he qualified for a BMW with the company. Crazy! I only officially signed up as a distributor a few days ago and already half way to the BMW! I know this may sound like another one of these deals, but all I ask is that you take a good look at the product and company and see if you saw what I saw.

I think some people like you and I who know the value of something like this can use the low-carb angle and help a lot of people and make a lot of money and help other to make a lot of money! I have teamed up with an amazing team of networkers and we all are going to the top fast. If I get the chance to talk to you, I think you will be amazed at what we are doing and who we are teamed with and where this is going!

Please just take about 5 minutes and look at the attached videos and overview of the company. I know as a team, you and I will do some amazing things in the low-carb arena!

Wow, what enthusiasm! You certainly can’t deny she’s excited to be a part of something she can believe in and I wish her well in this personal and professional business venture. But I wrote her back expressing my serious concerns about the Visalus products and that I’d be blogging more about it soon. That’s what this post is all about today. You know I’m all for people finding what works for them, following it exactly as prescribed and then doing it for the rest of their lives. But I also believe it is important for people to have all of the information available to them so they can make smart choices deciphering right from wrong.

After John asked me to compile a list of questions I would like to ask the marketing minions at Visalus Sciences, I was hoping there would be some sort of logical explanation provided in response to my concerns with their shake mixes. Unfortunately, I was left even more disappointed with the company and sealed the deal that I’d NEVER even consider working with this company as a consumer of their product or to sell their stuff. Here are my pertinent questions to them, the very telling feedback I received from them, and my response to each:

1. With all the latest research concerning saturated fat being an essential part of a healthy diet, why was it omitted from the Visalus protein shake mix?

You could easily add saturated and total healthy fats to the Visalus product simply by including some coconut-based ingredients in it. This would make the protein shake a far superior product to your competitors. Most people eat too much fat in their diet. We do have 1g of fat and it is a healthy fat. Saturated fats tend not to be healthy. Not sure what fat you would prefer, but we found ours has many health benefits. Additionally, we recommend the Omega Vitals be part of the product usage, as it provides healthy fat along with essential fatty acids.

My response: This answer alone is further evidence of why I believe low-carb dieters should be wary of associating themselves with Visalus in any way. They are lipophobes refusing to acknowledge the latest research vindicating saturated fats as posing a risk to cardiovascular health. While it’s admirable that the single gram of fat in this shake mix comes from coconut sources, the smugness and self-assured attitude of this response regarding dietary fat lets me know they are less interested in examining the latest science and more interested in profiteering off the low-fat lie!

2. Why is the #1 ingredient in the Visalus product soy? Most of my educated blog readers and radio show listeners are eliminating soy from their diet completely. A solid whey protein source would have been a much better choice for this essential macronutrient.

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion about soy in the marketplace today. In countries where consumption of soy is high (like Japan) the populations are healthier and have fewer health issues than in America today. So we know that there is misinformation, and facts being taken out of context.

Of the concerns over soy, there are a few common ones:

First, the negative press about soy is referring to raw soybeans that can contain a form of phytic acid that can block certain mineral absorption. However, that is based on massive consumption quantities of the raw soybean and only occurs in those animals that lack the digestive enzyme phytase. It is only an issue for people who consume those foods to get minerals in their diet and in massive quantities. The issue is in developing countries, and may have a genetic basis as well because they are lacking the digestive enzyme (which can be supplemented and therefore alleviate the concern). It is not an issue for our products because of how we process the ingredients.

The second common concern with soy are due to some of the components of soy, particularly the isoflavones genistein and dadzein which can affect and inhibit thyroid peroxidase which is necessary for the production of T3 and T4. Thus there is some evidence that it could lead to thryoid enlargement (Goiter). Our soy has been processed to remove the isoflavones, so this is not an issue.

A third common concern about soy is the effect it may have on estrogen levels in the body. This is again due to the isoflavones which we have had removed. So this is a non-worry. We should note that many menopausal women do supplement with isoflavones as it has been shown to help them experience fewer side effects of menopause.

Lastly, our soy is not genetically modified (it is non-GMO). Many people worry about genetically modified soy and if any of the ingredients got altered in the breeding process. We use the most natural form we can get, that has not been genetically modified.

Why use soy? It is a complete protein, it is easily digested, it can build lean muscle equal to (if not slightly better than) whey protein, and adequate consumption of soy in the diet can help the body lower cholesterol and C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation and heart disease.

My response: Hoo boy! You gotta hand it to them for having their talking points in order. But I had a sneaky suspicion they were merely trying to pull the wool over my eyes on this one. That’s why I contacted my go-to resource on this subject Dr. Kaayla Daniel who is an expert in all things related to soy. She explained to me that the soybeans in Asia are not consumed in high quantities but are rather used “as condiments in the diet, not as staple foods.” She added that soy foods like miso, natto, tempeh and tofu have long been consumed in traditional forms in Asia and NOT as a part of the kind of products consumed in modern times such as soy milk, protein shakes, and energy bars which are all “a whole lot more hazardous than the old-fashioned soyfoods because of processing methods.”

On the issue of raw soybeans being the culprit in the health concerns surrounding soy, Dr. Daniel noted that “there are plenty of studies on the phytates, trypsin inhibitor and other problems involving cooked soybeans” and that the claim made about developing countries is “nonsense.” She added: “The problems occur whenever animals, including the human animal, overconsume soy. And hardly anyone anywhere consumes raw soybeans.” On the assertion that Visalus has removed the isoflavones, Dr. Daniel asks, “Are they using solvent extraction? Because that’s the only way the isoflavones come out.” Whether or not soy lowers cholesterol is “mixed at best” because the scientific evidence is all over the board about it. Dr. Daniel says there is no research on soy’s impact on C-reactive protein while it is a known fact that soy raises homocysteine levels.

Learn more about the truth about soy and that health claims made about it in this petition to the FDA requesting a retraction of the soy/heart disease health claim. And don’t miss Dr. Daniel’s brilliant response to two MLM products like Visalus.

3. What is the source of the MCT oil contained in the product?


My response: Well, at least they got this one right!

4. Why does this product contain artificial sweeteners like Splenda instead of natural ones like stevia or a stevia/erythritol blend?

People that are allergic to artificial sweeteners tend to be allergic to aspartame, which has phenylalanine compounds. We don’t use aspartame for this, and other reasons. We use sucralose for taste and also to keep our products diabetic friendly. It is unfortunate that there is so much confusion and misinformation about sweeteners.

Sweeteners have received bad press, primarily because of aspartame, which degrades when heated (it is safe when cold) and tastes bad. Sucralose has been found safe both in hot and cold applications and has had over 110 peer reviewed studies completed. This is why sucralose has been approved by over 80 countries globally. I like to say that many people feel the FDA approved drugs too easily (i.e. Vioxx, Phen Phen), so that if you trust other countries more (several globally are more stringent), then looking abroad is a good benchmark as well. We use a very small 0.03 grams per serving, which is about 1/3 of the amount in a diet soda.

We know that several people would prefer we use stevia or xylitol because they are natural. Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol. Unfortunately it causes diarrhea in approximately 20% of the population! To get the same amount of sweetness in our Neuro product, we would need about 1 tablespoon, which can be toxic or fatal to a 40 pound dog. It also has not been approved globally.

Stevia is a sweetner derived from a plant. It has only recently been approved in the U.S. and is still in process of being reviewed globally. There have been some concerns on liver toxicity and so there may be more studies needed. The manufacturers of stevia have recently published some safety data and many countries are now reexamining it as a sweetener. It does impart a licorice type flavor that some people do not like. We have been trying to work with stevia companies to create some new formulations, but are struggling to make them taste good.

I’ve been asked a lot about agave recently. Agave is nothing more than high fructose syrup…about 90% fructose. Fructose has many properties but one bad one is that it increases appetite and this is exactly opposite of what we want in a weight management product. We do strive to make our formulas as natural as possible, while balancing taste, texture, safety, efficacy and stability. We are looking at some promising natural sweetners coming on the market (there is one from Japan that is very promising). Our hope is that we will be able to replace sucralose to alleviate those concerns, but for now have not found a suitable substitute that tastes as good, has as much research, and has global approval.

In terms of things being “safer” because they are natural, is not always true. Consider mushrooms. Many are medicinal and healing, but some are just plain toxic. So natural is great, but we really need to ask about safety and dosage too. I would love to see studies done with stevia, or xylitol, or agave that doses them consistently, in the same levels that sucralose had to go through to be approved. I’ve not seen any studies on what the affect would be if we mimicked the same clinical trials.

Stevia has recently been approved in the U.S. for use in foods (Coca-Cola is using it). Some physicians are concerned about it being consumed in massive quantities, since it did not need to go through as rigorous a testing plan as sucralose. So in the scientific world the concern is that the risks of high amounts of consumption of stevia is not known. We are working with it though, and if we can get the shake to taste as good, we will consider moving to using it.

My response: What a convoluted answer! I can appreciate the information but it still doesn’t address the primary concern–why do you have an artificial sweetener in a protein shake product that is supposed to be deemed as healthy to consume? This business about stevia not being put through the same “rigorous” testing as sucralose (Splenda) is simply a red herring and ignores the crux of my question. More and more people are moving away from artificial sweeteners to more natural options because they don’t want chemicals in their body. Trying to undermine the definition of “natural” with the mushrooms example is yet another attempt to deflect attention away from the issue at hand. And she totally ignored saying anything about erythritol and instead chose to blather on about xylitol and how toxic it is for dogs (which I was already abundantly aware of!). Then at the end after lamenting the lack of science supporting stevia she said if they can make it taste good that they’ll “consider moving to using it.” Which is it?! Hoo boy, I’m getting more and more disgusted with this Visalus company by the minute!

5. What is this “Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin” and why is it an essential part of the Visalus product?

It is a patented fiber that is non gassy, derived from corn.

My response: Oh great! Another product with some form of corn in it. Gee, that’s real healthy. I wonder if that corn has been genetically modified in some form or fashion. Venture to guess?

6. Why were high omega-6 fatty acid ingredients like sunflower oil used in the product when the Standard American Diet is loaded with omega-6s already? Where are the much better omega-3 fats that are sorely needed to counterbalance this?

We have 1g of fat. It contains linoleic acid, tocopherols, and other healthy and helpful nutrients. It is high in Vitamin E, and low in saturated fat. Since the average person consumes 40g of fat (or more per day) our program provides a low-fat, low sodium, low glycemic, and low-carb program.

My response: And therein puts the nail in the coffin of these Visalus protein shake mixes. While totally dismissing my question about omega-3 essential fatty acids, she notes this program is low-fat AND low-carb. Can I tell you right now that this is a recipe for disaster if you are trying to lose weight and get healthy? In the absence of carbohydrate in your diet, dietary fat becomes fuel for your body to energize you and keep you satiated for steady energy all day long. Cutting the fat as the Visalus company expects adherents to their “Body By Vi” program to do will stoke hunger and cravings while leaving you lacking in some essential nutrients your body needs. Sure, you might lose some weight but I shudder to think what impact this plan will have on your health over the long-term.

7. If these shakes are supposed to eliminate two meals per day, then what should the one real meal look like?

In our program guide, in our literature, and in our videos we teach people what a healthy meal should be. Plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low “beige” carbs.

My response: Okay, so I’ll have a banana, orange, carrots, potatoes, chicken breast and one slice of whole wheat toast. Yeah right! That’ll never happen in my house because I prefer to keep my blood sugar levels steady thank you very much. This still doesn’t address what is sure to be a constant state of ravenous hunger from the lack of proper fat in the diet if you consume two Visalus protein shakes instead of breakfast and lunch. There’s a humungous void in this diet and it’s healthy dietary fats–embrace saturated fats and omega-3 rich fats and perhaps this plan would suffice. In the end, there’s just too much wrong and not enough right about it.

The unanswered questions that still remain about this Visalus company should make it next to impossible for any low-carber dedicated to the high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb lifestyle change to embrace this concept wholeheartedly. And I can’t in good conscious promote something that I myself cannot believe in. Before I work with any company, I personally vet them out for myself to see if what we believe about nutrition and health is on the same page. I’ve turned down some extremely lucrative sponsorship offers from companies to advertise on my blog/podcast simply because I would not expose my fans who trust me to something I’d never use or consume in a million years. It’s a promise I’ll always strive to keep to you for as long as I’m entrusted to sharing information publicly on my sites.

If you’re already involved in promoting or participating in Visalus or their accompanying “Body By Vi” 90-Day Challenge and are happy with it, then I’m happy you’ve found something that works for you. But I couldn’t ignore writing about what I discovered about this company and sharing it with my beloved readers today. It is my hope and desire to arm people with information so they can make an informed decision about what is best to do for their own health. Hopefully that’s the service I’ve provided for you guys today. THANKS for reading and feel free to share your comments about this below.

By the way, if the MLM aspect of Visalus still sounds good to you, then you might want to check out this third party review from Darrin Little who did a closer examination of the tactics used to entice people to join the company and the ramifications that could have on you personally.

  • fred tully

    Soy protein contains branched chained amino acids, which induce insulin resistance, the real danger.

    • David Greenspan

      Whey protein contains BCAAs as well, and are promoted by the Eades’ book 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle. I don’t believe that they would be promoting something that would induce insulin-resistance.

  • Validvibe

    It’s a pretty safe bet that any product pushed through an ‘affiliate’ marketing program (aka MLM scam) is garbage. If, after all, the product was quality, wouldn’t the company prefer to grow it the traditional way and keep 100% of the profits? Word of mouth and inexpensive Internet marketing can do wonders.

    You didn’t mention it, but I shudder to think what the unit cost of one of these ‘meals’ is. Real food is always best, but I admit to drinking a protein shake here and there. Of course, this is a homemade protein shake made with decent quality whey protein isolate ($.50/serving) + heavy cream ($.50/serving) + almond milk ($.50/serving) + water (free). I’m going to guess that these shakes are at least double ($3) what it costs to make mine. How the commercial go:
    Whey: $.50
    Almond Milk: $.50
    Cream: $.50
    Avoiding man-boobs, hormonal disruption, and a string of chemicals that I don’t understand: Priceless

    • Sued003

      Bahahhahaha … as if in Traditional marketing a company keeps 100% of the profits … as a traditional business owner in the past … that comment is a JOKE! Get your facts straight, you obviously have NO idea what you’re talking about!

  • Viv Ruble

    Jimmy, as I just old a friend, some people do not have a clue how we eat and what we believe is healthy!  OREOS???  Unbelievable!

    • Anonymous

      I was shocked to say the least.

  • Thanks for the info on this line of products.  I had a relative who got into Body by Vi last year and tried to get me to try the shakes. I was moderately curious because I had been trying the Drs. Eades 6 Week Cure. Anyway, after reading the label on the can, I told her, “It contains soy. I don’t use soy protein.” I think she moderately disappointed, and I hate disappointing her, but I can tell now that I did the right thing by refusing!  When she was using the shakes, her real meal of the day contained a small meal, fairly high in carbs. She was also mixing bananas into her shakes! I forgot to mention that she is a type two diabetic with extreme neuropathy in both feet. I’l keep trying to spread the low carb message to my beloved family!

    • Anonymous

      I suppose bananas are marginally better than Oreo cookies. Barely!

  • Jimmy, thank you for exposing this thing for what it is. You are doing a public service and protecting the low carb community with your superb investigative reporting.  It was really revealing to see the companies answers and your response. Their own words show exactly what they are selling. Great move to consult Dr Daniel, she is THE authority on soy.

    • Anonymous

      Love Kaayla!

  • Janknitz

    Great post, Jimmy!

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t think people go after you for these marketing schemes because of your personality (as wonderful as it is) but because every BODY that they can get into their pyramid increases their profits.  They’ll go after any warm body.  Who HASN’T been hit up by one of these schemes???

    • Anonymous

      This is probably true…I just get hit with ALL of them.

  • Anonymous


  • I had never heard of the term MLM, sounds like modification of the Ponzi scheme. I generally hate all those healthy bars and weight loss bars and think they are simply clever rearrangements of candy bars. Sometimes the candy bars have less carbs, and more nutritious things in them like nuts and coconut! I really appreciate you spreading the word. As a doctor, I know doctors should be doing much much more of this–saying a Fiberone bar is a candy bar and energy drinks are simply soda–but we are not doing nearly enough of this as doctors, and you have found immense success doing this. It’s really great, and keep up the good work.

  • Mwb0307

    Speaking of corn… I was distressed to discover that the erythritol sold by both Netrition and Carb Smart are corn based.  Only the erythritol sold by Xlitol USA is made from birch.  What are your thoughts on this Jimmy?

    • Anonymous

      Never heard this claim before.

    • Pegheinemancihocki

      Chemically, Erythritol from any source is identical to Erythritol from any other.

  • Pegbeinemancihocki

    Good post. I am familiar with Dr. Daniels’ work and am a fan. Except as traditionally prepared by people of Asian background and as part of a traditional meal (small part) I wouldn’t touch soy with a ten foot pole. I read labels, too, and if I see soy of any kind anywhere in the label, I put it back.

  • Jhoward

    Thanks so much for writing this blog post Jimmy! I have a friend who thinks she’s a local nutrition guru. She was trying to sell me a super health shake through a MLM company (JP). I asked her if the shake had soy. She said, “yes, but it is the healthy kind of soy.” it just amazes me what some people will believe! Soy is soy!

    • Anonymous

      The healthy kind…they’re so desperate.

  • Tazily2010

    I enjoyed your post. I did purchase a one month supply of the body by vi shake mix to see what all the fuss is. I too agree that the shake mix is gross! My concerns about the soy and fake sugar were confirmed by reading your post.

  • Just looking at the ingredients grosses me out. And MLMs are mostly scams that don’t make money for anyone but the first few participants. It always amazes me how gullible people can be about both diet and financial matters.

  • Tina Thomas

    I tried the Vi shake for about a month.  My blood sugars were all over the place the entire time I used it.  They would go high to extremely too low.  I finally went back to using my whey protein powder in my smoothies.  Plus, I ended up putting more and more fruit in the shake mix just to cover the “cake-mix” aftertaste it had.  I used this shake before making a decision to switch to an Atkins/low carb diet.   The info you found out about this shake was great.  Keep up the good work!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Tina! Welcome to healthy low-carb living.


    LOVE this post! I was drawn in by this company and tried it out for a couple months with my husband. I started doing more research and learning about what was really in shake and I am embarrassed to say the least! I am a personal trainer and thought i was doing the right thing by telling my clients to buy it and now i am unsure how to tell them it’s really not that good for you……I was caught in the hype of the “up lines” and getting that “free” BMW. I made good money and probably could be making more but I do not feel right about this! Any ideas on what to say?Also my husband had hemorrhoids (From working out heavy the dr said) anyways once he started taking the shakes they went away…. Why is that? I am glad but that made me think it was a great product until I did my research. So I am confused as of how adding that shake in his diet helped if it is not a good product? Was it the fiber? I am looking forward to your response! So glad I ran across this blog!!!

    • Anonymous

      THANKS for your response, Lallenia! It’s difficult to learn something like this, but it’s important to cut ties with the company if it is something you cannot believe in for one reason or another. The ingredients in this product is pure garbage and will do more harm than good for those who consume it. That’s a personal judgment call about what to do, but I know I couldn’t remain associated with them no matter how much money I was making. Not sure why your husband’s hemorrhoids improved but there are other natural remedies for that too. You gotta do what’s right for you and I’m happy to hear you are doing further research into this.

  • ASJ

    The real sadness here is that the man who made you a shake and put an oreo in it. Someone has misinformed that man beyond words.  WE NEVER RECOMMEND PUTTING ANY KIND OF SUGARY SUBSTANCE OR CARB LOADED TREAT INTO THE SHAKES! EVER!  I always promote fresh berries, a little greek yogurt, perhaps a little oatmeal in it. That is IT.  I have had HUGE success with Visalus personally and decided to promote it b/c of how well I feel (better than I have in years) and my type 1 diabetes is in much better control when I stay on the shakes. I eat 2 heatlhy snacks a day and a sensible dinner of my choice. This is NO miracle diet. ANd no one should be claiming it is. The one problem Visalus is having is its growing so fast that the new distributors are not taking time to learn the product and how to help people the right way.  I apologize that you got a really misinformed Visalus Rep to introduce you to the product. The rest of your arguements… I wish I had time to rebutt. 🙂  It would take me hours I dont’ have.  But oh how I wish.

    • Anonymous

      I welcome your attempt to rebut anything you think is wrong about what I wrote, ASJ.

  • Anonymous

    No, I’m just passionate about helping people make smart decisions about their health. And Visalus ain’t it! Read The Whole Soy Story by Dr. Kaayla Daniel to learn why soy stinks. You can choose to ignore the evidence that’s out there or embrace it. Hope you make the right decision. Be well.

  • willem jan Boelema

    I will stick with fresh local produce from my own garden.

    willem jan boelema

    • Anonymous

      Good move. 😉

  • Anbeenthere

    I noticed you put SOY is so bad? Why do you think this as i have read many articles to the contrary.

  • Shinin4ever7

    There are other alternatives for people with lactose intolerance that are wayyyy healthier than soy such as almond milk and coconut milk   the visalus shakes also have soy protein isolate(SPI) which is a protein-rich powder extracted by an industrial process from
    the waste product of soy oil manufacturing. It is the industry’s way of
    making a profit on a waste product. The industry spent over 30 years and
    billions of dollars developing SPI. Although SPI is added to many foods, it was never granted GRAS status,
    meaning “Generally Recognized as Safe”. The FDA only granted GRAS status
    to SPI for use as a binder in cardboard boxes. During the processing of
    soy, many additional toxins are formed, including nitrates (which are
    carcinogens) and a toxin called lysinoalanine. It was concerns about
    lysinoalanine in SPI that led the FDA to deny GRAS status for SPI as a food additive.

    • Anonymous

      Uh…yummy. NOT! Thanks for the info.

      • Raulaping

        Unfortunately I am reading this 2 weeks after purchasing the Total Transformation Kit. I’ve always eaten very healthy selections, unfortunately my portion sizes have gotten bigger since baby #3 and i’m struggling to lose 20 lbs. The mixes are ok, not awful or great, but they make me constipated?! Anyway, great blog here; I’ll finish off this month ($250 later!), but I won’t be purchasing more.

        • Anonymous

          Lesson learned. Stick around and check out my blog. Thanks for reading.

  • Sherah

    Very Informative. Thank you 🙂 I would NEVER take Visalis. I believe we should eat raw fruit and veggies the way God made em with no pesticides. I have found the healthiest diet to be that of our hunter ancestors.
    Free run organic meat, fruit, veggies, nuts . Have a great Day!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like my kind of diet, Sherah! 🙂

  • Fiddlinmargo

    A friend convinced me to try this product.  My body went crazy…seemed as if I had a total hormonal breakdown.  I became extremely irritable and felt like I was going through puberty all over again…I’m 38!  I requested answers from the company, and they never responded.  I will never eat soy again. After this experience, if I can’t eat something in its natural state, I won’t.

    • Anonymous

      It’s shocking soy is promoted as health food!

      • Sued003

        PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK … In the first place you obviously have only decided to show comments that support your bias opinion! … and that is all it is … your opinion! Have you researched the effects of soy on people in Japan??? The way the soy is processed has a great effect on how the body uses the product. Maybe it’s the way the majority of companies create/process/use soy.
        Soy is an excellent source of protein that delivers healthy heart benefits. Regular consumption of soy has been
        linked to helping reduce c-reactive proteins in the body, which benefit a healthy heart. Our soy protein is non-GMO (non Genetically Modified). It has been specially processed to remove the isoflavones, which are the active compound in soy that can affect estrogen.
        This Visalus company is changing thousands of lives in a positive way, for you to broad-stroke an entire industry and allow statements
         of pyramid scheme, ponzy scheme and whatever other ignorant postings you have made/allowed is ridiculous! Most companies using this form of marketing actually have extremely good products because they need to, in order for the products to be moved through word-of-mouth! I believe you have no real background in marketing so maybe you should just stick to nutrition … Lastly, let’s be clear, although I am sure you are smart enough to realize this … EVERY single company, government organization, Club etc… IS a pryamid  🙂 Why so bitter?
        (PS – I wholeheartedly agree, putting Oreo Cookies or any other unhealthy addition into the shake is clearly the mistake of a single person and would never be supported by ViSalus or another distributor who is promoting health!

        • Anonymous

          I accept any and all opinions…and yours have been duly reported. If you knew me, then you’d know there’s not a bitter bone in my body. LOL! THANKS for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Holly, that’s what I do here at “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” through this blog and my various podcasts, YouTube videos and forum. Find out all about my work and explore the information I’ve provided in various formats here: http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.com

    Remember, it’s not really about weight loss…it’s about a way of life that will make you happy and healthy for many years to come. I’m here to help support you in any way that I can through this journey.

  • Klenhart01

    Thank you for sharing, I appreciate someone who takes the time to show the facts. There are so many misleading facts out in the media it is nice to know there is someone on the opposite side fight ing with the truth!

    • Anonymous

      Happy to serve.