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Low-Carb Conversations Podcast (Episode 8): Andrew DiMino And CJ Low Carb Confront Whole Foods Pushing Veganism


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It’s time yet again for our brand new fast-paced, half-hour podcast featuring average, ordinary people like you and me sharing about the tremendous positive impact healthy low-carb living has made in their lives. We call this new show “Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends” and it’s been so much fun sharing in this experience with my co-host Mindy Noxon Iannotti from the “Min Thick And Thin” blog. We’ve been privileged to have this new podcast do very well on iTunes so far that is still being featured prominently in the “New & Noteworthy” section for Health podcasts. We’d love to keep that momentum going by requesting your personal review of this new podcast on iTunes to let other curious prospective listeners know how much you love the show (if you don’t love it, just ignore this message–HAHA! Just kidding!). THANKS you guys for helping push this new show up the iTunes Health podcast charts…let’s keep it going!

In Episode 8 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” there’s two incredible low-carb success stories to share with you today. Our first “friend” on the Virtual Porch with us is low-carb online retailer Andrew DiMino from CarbSmart.com who has been on the low-carb bandwagon for over a decade personally eating this way and creating one of the most widely-recogized names in the low-carb industry serving customers with quality low-carb products. Also joining us is one of the most remarkable low-carb weight loss champions you’ll ever hear about in CJ Low Carb from her “Low Carb Corner” blog. Just one look at her inspiring before and after pics with her mom will get you motivated in your own low-carb lifestyle pursuit. I’m honored to have these two friends chatting it up with us in today’s episode.

Listen in as Andrew and CJ give us their thoughts:

  • Mindy shares about her dive into Fred Hahn’s “Slow Burn” exercise
  • Andrew’s journey to low-carb in 1998 after a co-worker told him about it
  • What led him to start his online low-carb business CarbSmart
  • CJ’s amazing 250-pound weight loss on a low-carb diet
  • Her PCOS struggles that led her to becoming morbidly obese starting at 17
  • The low-fat, low-calorie diets that failed her time and time again
  • How she ballooned up to well over 500 pounds at one point in her 20s
  • Her sister-in-law who introduced her to low-carb living
  • Why she chose to follow the Atkins diet over South Beach
  • The tremendous energy she has gained since losing weight on low-carb
  • Why she didn’t really want to talk about her weight loss with anyone
  • What led her to create a blog and Facebook page to talk about her success
  • The incredible before and after photo of CJ and her mom who have both lost weight
  • The Whole Foods radical vegan agenda
  • Andrew’s personal response to Whole Foods choosing to promote veganism
  • CJ notes she doesn’t shop at Whole Foods and gets her food from a grocery store
  • Mindy wants to know what the evidence for a plant-based diet is
  • Andrew’s gourmet Greek omelet recipe he enjoys making
  • CJ’s “smiley face” burger art
  • A listener question about cardio exercise and fat loss on a low-carb diet
  • Why CJ believes in doing exercise on low-carb for helping take off inches
  • Why your heart rate needs to be lower when you eat low-carb than a high-carb diet
  • Andrew’s belief that exercise is not good for weight loss but to tone the body
  • Our adventure coming up on The Low-Carb Cruise next week…with LOTS of conversations to come!

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    By all means, we’d love to have YOU be a part of the conversation as well, so be sure to submit your questions and comments to us ANYTIME by using any of the following ways to contact us: Twitter, Facebook, the official web site, and e-mail. We enjoy asking our panel of “friends” to chime in on your most pressing questions about low-carb diets so they can provide you with insights from their own personal experiences on the subject. So don’t be bashful–tell us what you think about the show and ask, ask, ask away about anything related to healthy low-carb living!

    Today you heard Andrew DiMino and CJ Low Carb share some pretty powerful personal testimonies of how low-carb has changed their lives, their response to Whole Foods choosing to push a radical vegan agenda on their customers, Andrew’s gourmet Greek omelets, CJ’s hilariously creative “smiley face” burgers, exercise on a low-carb diet, and more! Share your reaction to what you heard in today’s conversation in the show notes section of Episode 8. Visit Andrew DiMino at CarbSmart.com and CJ Low Carb from the “Low Carb Corner” blog to learn more about the low-carb “friends” you heard about today. We’ll be off next Friday while on the Low-Carb Cruise, but we’ve got four exciting episodes coming up for you on “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends” that will be recorded right there on the cruise:

    Episode 9 on May 13, 2011: Howard & Georgene Harkness
    Episode 10 on May 20, 2011: Sharon Palmer-Brownstein & Debbie Hubbs
    Episode 11 on May 27, 2011: Kathyne Jackson & Monique Forslund
    Episode 12 on June 3, 2011: Glen Frederich & Nick Peterson

    If you have something to share about what you heard on “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” then drop us an e-mail at lowcarbconversations@gmail.com. Tell us your comments about the show, ask any questions you may have for our friends to talk about, pass along your ideas for what you’d like to hear discussed, and let us know if you’d like to join us on the panel in a future episode. We’d love to hear from you, so reach out and touch us sometime! THANKS for joining us in the conversation and we’ll talk with you about healthy low-carb living again next Friday. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT ITUNES AND LEAVE US A RATING AND REVIEW!

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