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Low-Carb Conversations Podcast (Episode 19): Tony Kenck And Kim Bosold Decry The War On Fats


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In Episode 19 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” it’s time to welcome in a couple more of our low-carb “friends” to join me and my co-host Mindy Noxon Iannotti in some good old-fashioned conversation about what real low-carb living looks like in the real world. First up, we have Oakland, California resident Tony Kenck from the “Emotions For Engineers” blog who brings his engineering-minded perspective to the discussion of ideas. Then we have Spokane, WA-based low-carber Kim Bosold to chime in on the topics of the day as well. And we’ve got a good column to share our opinions about today with “It’s Time To End The War On Fats And Battle The Bagel” by registered dietitian Jennifer Sygo in the National Post as well as our usual fare of delicious and nutritious low-carb recipes. Get ready for a half-hour full of fun and frolicking about the healthy low-carb lifestyle!

Listen to Tony Kenck and Kim Bosold give you their take on low-carb:

  • Why Jimmy likes doing this podcast as much as his other podcast
  • Tony’s dabbling with low-fat that led him to feel weak
  • How getting gout in 2008 led him to low-carb living
  • His weight loss and blood work improvements from low-carb
  • How Gary Taubes helped inspire him to get serious with low-carb
  • Tony’s blog post “The Causes of Gout” with his gout research
  • Kim’s toying with low-carb after reading Atkins and Protein Power
  • How her dad’s open heart surgery made her get serious about low-carb
  • Her brother getting diagnosed with diabetes at Thanksgiving 2009
  • Why she decided to start low-carbing “for health reasons”
  • How low-carb made her acid reflux become “completely gone”
  • Her mother with cancer who was fed 70% glucose before she died
  • Jennifer Sygo’s column “It’s Time To End The War On Fats And Battle The Bagel”
  • Bill…er, Tony’s response to why more RDs don’t talk like this
  • The need for people to be part of a community that makes change difficult
  • Jane…er, Kim’s observation that the ADA is funded by pharmaceutical companies
  • Her lack of belief that there’s a “reasonable consensus” about saturated fats
  • How saturated fat really wasn’t demonized 40 years ago
  • The massive influence of Gary Taubes on changing how the science is viewed
  • Tony’s Bacon Parmesan Chard recipe
  • Kim’s Italian Insalata Caprese recipe
  • Listener Jennifer’s question about a tactful way to respond to her high-carb pushing mom
  • Tony’s analysis of Jennifer’s e-mail stating she should “model” how to eat well
  • Kim says this is “not uncommon” to say no to friends and family
  • How you can say your doctor recommended you eat this way for health reasons
  • Why Jimmy has to stay strict low-carb most of the time

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    Today we heard from Tony Kenck and Kim Bosold talk about their pathways to low-carb living, Jennifer Sygo’s column “It’s Time To End The War On Fats And Battle The Bagel”, Tony’s Bacon Parmesan Chard recipe, Kim’s Italian Insalata Caprese recipe, listener Jennifer’s question about a tactful way to respond to her high-carb pushing mom, and so much more! Tell us what you thought about what you heard in today’s conversation in the show notes section of Episode 19.

    We’re excited to be bringing you ONE MORE fabulous new episode next week before becoming slackers in the month of August (Jimmy’s traveling a lot in August, so this is sorely needed!). Here’s who we have on tap for you next Friday:

    Episode 20–July 29, 2011: Misty Humphrey & Rachel Flowers

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    • Jen

      Tony, thank you for the chard recipe! I’ve got chard (and zucchini) coming out my ears right now so this will be on the dinner menu this week!