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Low-Carb Conversations Podcast (Episode 16): Cindy Sneed And Patty Pittman Take On The Dreamfields Controversy


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In Episode 16 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” it’s fun times spending a half-hour shootin’ the breeze with two more fantastic friends in the low-carb community. Joining me and my co-host Mindy Noxon Iannotti today are Cindy Sneed from Houston, Texas and Patty Pittman from Maine who runs the “Primal 30 Day Challenge” blog. We had a great time discussing a wide variety of topics, including the recent controversy in the low-carb community surrounding the “low-carb” claims made by Dreamfields about their popular pasta product line. Cindy and Patty also share some delectable low-carb recipe ideas and talk about whether they think it’s better to cycle on and off eating carbohydrates or staying strict low-carb all the time. We had a blast talking to each other in this exciting episode! Check it out!

Listen to Cindy Sneed and Patty Pittman discuss health living:

  • Mindy’s “unbearable pain” injury after lifting heavy weights
  • Cindy’s low-carb journey following The Schwarzbein Principle
  • Why she decided to give up her low-fat nutritional habits for good
  • Patty’s decision to start primal low-carb living with exercise
  • The “low-carb” Dreamfields pasta controversy that’s ensued in 2011
  • The February 2011 Diabetes Care study by Dr. Mary Gannon
  • Cindy’s refusal to eat “imitation foods” that are supposed to be low-carb
  • Her decision to stick with foods that are naturally low in carbohydrate
  • The cauli-“rice” that she makes when she wants some like pasta
  • What her friends, family and co-workers think about her low-carb diet
  • Patty’s experience with Dreamfields wanting macaroni & cheese
  • How she has been recommending this pasta to her diabetic friends
  • Mindy’s daughter Macy being disappointed about the Dreamfields scam
  • Cindy and Patty’s desire to start testing their blood sugar levels
  • Cindy’s desire to test what impact fruits would have on her blood sugar
  • Patty’s Low-Carb Jalapeno Poppers recipe
  • How you can make the jalapenos less spicy by removing the seeds
  • Cindy’s Hot Bacon Dressing recipe
  • Cindy’s inspiration for cooking in the kitchen “from scratch”
  • Patty’s experience growing up eating everything that “came from a box”
  • A reader question about adding in more carbs to fix a thyroid problem
  • Patty’s distrust of conventional wisdom regarding health fixes
  • Cindy’s belief that a patient can comply with eating carbs even on low-carb
  • Mindy’s thyroid strategy while eating on her low-carb plan
  • Another reader question about cycling on and off low-carb nutrition
  • Cindy’s recommendation to maybe eat more carbs when fruit is in season
  • The carbohydrate-cycling concept to keep your body guessing
  • Patty’s plan to “listen to her body” when she thinks she needs more carbs
  • Why planning a high-carb day is a plan for failure
  • Why it’s best to avoid using food as a reward rather than nutrition
  • Patty’s avoidance of the scale that’s key to staying sane on low-carb
  • Cindy’s belief that she needs to weigh often to keep herself in check

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    Today we heard from Cindy Sneed and Patty Pittman discussing their path to low-carb living, the Dreamfields pasta controversy in the low-carb community, blood sugar testing ideas, Patty’s Low-Carb Jalapeno Poppers recipe, Cindy’s Hot Bacon Dressing recipe, their inspirations for cooking, a reader’s question about adding in more carbs to fix a thyroid problem, another reader’s question about cycling on and off low-carb nutrition, to weigh or not to weigh while losing weight, and so much more! What did YOU think about what you heard in today’s conversation? Tell us about it in the show notes section of Episode 16.

    Yes, we WILL be back next week (had to cancel my MovNat trip that was planned and discussed at the end of today’s show) so be sure to tune in. We’re set to bring you FOUR MORE brand new episodes in the month of July before taking the whole month of August off. Here’s the line-up of fabulous “friends” coming up:

    Episode 17–July 8, 2011: Bill DeWitt & Anne Robertson
    Episode 18–July 15, 2011: Eric Schmitz & Kim Eidson
    Episode 19–July 22, 2011: Tony Kenck & Kim Bosold
    Episode 20–July 29, 2011: Misty Humphrey & Rachel Flowers
    NO PODCASTS IN AUGUST 2011 (we need to take a month off!)

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