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Low-Carb Conversations Podcast (Episode 15): Lynne Ivey And Lisa Osowski Discuss The ‘Disconnect’ About Low-Carb Diets


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In Episode 15 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” we have two more really awesome real low-carb people to share with you. These “friends” are indeed real people who go through all the ups, downs and in betweens of this way of eating. One of our biggest fans who also gets to work with some fascinating practioners in the world of health at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina is Lynne Ivey who doesn’t have a web site or Facebook page but is a wealth of knowledge on low-carb living in the real world from the school of hard knows. We also have Lisa Osowski who is a registered dietitian in Illinois with a sincere passion for being an example for her clients about what healthy eating is really all about. My co-host Mindy Noxon Iannotti are pleased and honored to have these two ladies joining us in today’s conversation.

Listen to Lynne Ivey and Lisa Osowski chat with us about low-carb living:

  • Mindy coming into her own as the co-host of this podcast
  • Jimmy’s own personal n=1 blood sugar experiments
  • Lynne Ivey who doesn’t “get out much” shares her own low-carb story
  • The “great food” that she grew up on–but the “yo-yoing” of her weight
  • How Dr. Eric Westman changed the direction of her life forever
  • The “unhealthy habits” she developed that led her to try “every diet in the book”
  • Those dreaded “rice cakes” on her low-fat diet that failed in a “big way”
  • Her amazing triple-digit weight loss over the past year eating low-carb
  • The Duke Lifestyle Clinic low-carb support group she leads in Durham, NC
  • Lisa Osowski’s experience working with people who want to lose weight
  • How her maiden name means “eat too much” so she felt destined for nutrition
  • Her “insane” sugar addiction that was actually stoked by her low-fat diet
  • How her 2000 pregnancy was a real “game changer” in her life
  • The breastfeeding experience she had with her “hamburger baby”
  • Why she can do her own “evidence-based research” without the USDA’s help
  • The Consumer Reports column promoting low-carb diets
  • Lynne’s understanding that happened after reading the work of Gary Taubes
  • Lisa calling this a “stacked deck” against low-carb diets
  • Why Jenny Craig won the diet comparison and why it isn’t realistic
  • The caveat that Consumer Reports shared about low-carb research
  • How she delicately responds to people who ask about her weight loss
  • The precarious way people respond to you when you say “low-carb”
  • Lynne’s Spicy Pimiento Cheese low-carb recipe
  • Lisa’s food prep ideas for properly stocking your kitchen for low-carb living
  • The “nut idea” to get something smooth into your low-carb diet

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    Today we heard from Lynne Ivey and Lisa Osowski telling us about the impact of low-carb on their lives, their reaction to the Consumer Reports column promoting low-carb diets, how to respond to people who ask about your low-carb success, Lynne’s Spicy Pimiento Cheese low-carb recipe, Lisa’s food prep ideas for properly stocking your kitchen for low-carb living, and so much more! What did YOU think about what you heard in today’s conversation? Tell us about it in the show notes section of Episode 15. We’ve got more brand new episodes to share with you the next few weeks, including:

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