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Low-Carb Conversations (Episode 38): Ash Sierra & Whitney Ross On High-Fat Research & UK Fat-Cutting Campaign


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In Episode 38 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” my co-host Mindy Noxon Iannotti and I have yet another fun-filled chit-chat session with two more of our awesome friends in the low-carb/Paleo community. Paleo and yogilicious blogger Ash Sierra from the “PALE(y)Ogini” blog and MS overcomer Whitney Ross from the “Nutrisclerosis” blog help us rock the podcast today with some nutritional bombs in response to several recent health headlines making news. Listen to us discuss a study that claims eating a high-fat diet leads to brain injury (and what one of the study authors Stephan Guyenet had to say about this portrayal of his research) as well as a new campaign in the UK called “Change4Life” dedicated to promoting ways to cut the fat out of your diet. Uhhhh, no thanks! Plus we’ll have our favorite part of the show where we share some delicious, mouthwatering low-carb recipes and more fun than you can shake a stick at. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about it on the Virtual Porch where we have a gabfest about all things low-carb! Join in on the conversation with us.

Listen to Ash Sierra & Whitney Ross chime in on these health stories:

  • “Texas Drought Takes Cow Numbers Down By 600K”
  • It seems like everything low-carbers like to eat tend to go up in price
  • Ash’s interesting background into veganism and yoga
  • How she ate a “clean” diet but started having health issues
  • Why working with sustainable farming opened her eyes to food
  • She cut out wheat and decided to get her foods locally
  • Her “total health and well-being meltdown” that led to low-carb Paleo
  • How she was introduced to the Paleo world and changed forever
  • Whitney’s multiple sclerosis that was “reversed” by Paleo
  • How CrossFit introduced her to the nutritional concepts of Paleo
  • Why it didn’t take long for her to notice her MS was “going away”
  • She now has created a “knowledge center” to help others with MS
  • The enormous energy she has now when she previously needed support walking
  • Why she thought she’d rather have MS than to give up her bread
  • How she finally gave up the bread and pasta and got her health back
  • The “inspiration” of Dr. Terry Wahls who beat her MS too
  • The “street cred” Dr. Wahls lends to using nutrition for treating MS
  • All the new drugs that are coming out for MS, but no mention of diet
  • The “pure marketing” that happens with medications on every disease
  • “High-fat diet ‘injures brain'” in RODENTS
  • Ash’s concern that people will unnecessarily cut their fat more
  • The poor quality oils that people use that are decidedly unhealthy
  • People who are predisposed to get fat will move in that direction
  • Study co-author Stephan Guyenet’s take on this study
  • Whitney’s “predisposed” opposition to mouse/rat studies
  • Why “it doesn’t take much brain power” to know there is an agenda
  • The role India plays in “keeping the pharmaceutical industry alive”
  • The vegetarian diet and genes that lead to poor health in India
  • How she hates when people “cherry-pick” studies that push propaganda
  • Mindy’s belief this is “sensationalism” just to grab headlines
  • Why low-fat doesn’t really need any help getting their message out
  • How older women especially are so resistant to eating fat
  • Increase in Google search trend for “Paleo diet” since 2009
  • Why it was appreciated to have Stephan Guyenet correct the headlines
  • What would happen if they used coconut-based foods in the study
  • “Easy Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Fat In Your Diet”
  • Whitney’s problem with UK’s NHS promoting this “misguided” message
  • Ash’s concern that they don’t want to promote truly healthy foods
  • The “bad fat” that is included in factory farmed meats
  • Mindy asks “don’t we know this already” about cutting fat
  • Why the “handwriting is on the wall” about the low-fat lie
  • Whitney’s “Primal Meatball” recipe
  • Why she chooses to use just “pure ground beef” in her meatballs
  • Parmesan cheese is the key in making the meatballs delicious
  • Whitney’s “Dutch Oven Fail Safe Beef Roast” recipe
  • Ash’s “Sugar-Free, Super Simple Key Lime Mousse” recipe

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    Today we heard from Ash Sierra & Whitney Ross commenting on “High-fat diet ‘injures brain'” in RODENTS, study co-author Stephan Guyenet’s take on this study, the UK’s NHS promoting “Easy Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Fat In Your Diet,” Whitney’s “Primal Meatball” and “Dutch Oven Fail Safe Beef Roast” recipes, Ash’s “Sugar-Free, Super Simple Key Lime Mousse” recipe, and so much more! Give us your feedback about what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 38. Never fear, we’ve got more “Low-Carb Conversations” coming up for you in the next few weeks:

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