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Low-Carb Conversations (Episode 28): Wendy McCullough & Franziska Spritzler On Denmark’s ‘Fat Tax’, GMO Labeling And ‘Safe Starches’


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In Episode 28 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” it’s that time again where we get together with a couple more of our low-carb “friends” to chat it up about what low-carb living is all about in the real world. We’ve got an Indiana-based mom of two boys named Wendy McCullough from the “Low Carb Mom” blog who turned to low-carb in 2008 to help her manage her weight and health. Our other friend today is “The Low Carb Dietitian” author, certified diabetes educator and California-based registered dietitian Franziska Spritzler. We’ve got some great topics to talk about today, including the recent “fat tax” implemented in Denmark on October 1, 2011, the ballot initiative in the state of California to require mandatory labeling of genetically-modified foods, their thoughts on the so-called “safe starches” and some truly mouthwatering low-carb dishes for you to enjoy.

Listen to Wendy McCullough & Franziska Spritzler opine on low-carb:

  • Mindy’s 19-day update on her Skogg System challenge
  • Michael Skogg teaching Penn State football players on kettlebells
  • Wendy McCullough’s low-carb story after having candida
  • Franziska Spritzler’s change from conventional wisdom to low-carb
  • How her blood sugar was spiking very high after meals
  • Why she made the decision to cut down on her carbohydrate intake
  • Why so many dietitians are hellbent on promoting high-carb, low-fat
  • “Denmark’s ‘fat tax’ targets butter, burgers”
  • Wendy’s concern that taxation didn’t impact smoking
  • Mindy’s thought that once this tax is implemented it’ll never go away
  • The close proximity Denmark is to the LCHF movement in Sweden
  • Franziska’s belief that taxing saturated fat is a very bad idea
  • How this will lead Danes to consume more grains, vegetable oils
  • “Mandatory GMO Labeling Could Be On 2012 Ballot In California”
  • “It’s Our Right To Know” 2012 California Ballot Initiative
  • Mindy’s thought that it’s hard to know where your food comes from
  • Her doubts that this initiative can get passed against Monsanto lobbying
  • Wendy’s belief that people need to have a choice about what they eat
  • Whether or not this could possibly be a trend for all 50 states
  • Franziska says mandatory labeling of GMO’s is already in Europe
  • How 90% of the soybeans grown are genetically-modified
  • Is There Any Such Thing As ‘Safe Starches’ On A Low-Carb Diet?
  • Wendy’s requirement to avoid practically all starches because of fatigue
  • Franziska has an issue with “safe starches” for metabolically damaged
  • How white rice raises blood sugar more than a half cup of peanuts
  • Mindy says if you workout a lot, then these “safe starches” might work
  • Wendy’s “Low-Carb, Slow-Cooked, Italian-Styled Peppers”
  • Franziska’s “Roasted Salmon” recipe

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    Today we heard from Wendy McCullough and Franziska Spritzler talk about “Denmark’s ‘fat tax’ targets butter, burgers”, Franziska’s belief that taxing saturated fat is a very bad idea, “Mandatory GMO Labeling Could Be On 2012 Ballot In California”, the “It’s Our Right To Know” 2012 California Ballot Initiative, Is There Any Such Thing As ‘Safe Starches’ On A Low-Carb Diet?, Wendy’s “Low-Carb, Slow-Cooked, Italian-Styled Peppers” recipe, Franziska’s “Roasted Salmon” recipe, and so much more! Share your thoughts about what you heard in the show notes section of Episode 28.

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    • Anonymous

      GMO labeling is an absolute necessity! It’s crazy that it has slipped through the cracks all these years… Nearly everyone supports it!

      • Anonymous

        It’s criminal.