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LLVLC On YouTube (Episode 57): 10-Day Update On December ‘Sweet’-Free Challenge

An update on my December 2008 “Sweet”-Free Challenge

At the beginning of the month I decided to start what I’m describing as a “Sweet”-Free Challenge for the entire month of December where I committed to giving up ANYTHING with a “sweet” taste on my tongue to see what impact it would have on me. As you know, I’ve been dealing with a pesky 30-pound or so weight gain for most of 2008 that has refused to budge despite most of my best efforts. But I’ve never been discouraged from continuing to try, try again until something worked.

Well, in November when I did my original “sweet”-free challenge that lasted for 18 days, I think I found my answer at last. Although I didn’t make it an entire month that last attempt, the weight loss was still significant–10 pounds in 18 days! So when I began again with another stab at this “sweet”-free thing, I knew it would work. And work it has!

In Episode 57 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube,” the “Sweet”-Free Challenge is in full force and I offer up my 10-day update with how it is going. You can follow my daily menus and see how my weight is progressing at my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Menus” blog. Other than a bout with some food poisoning on Monday that threw me off my eating plan a bit along with a slight weight gain after eating out at Ruby Tuesday yesterday, everything has been going GREAT! My cravings for “sweet” have all but subsided, I’m NEVER hungry, and I feel I can eat this way for much longer than the month-long duration of the challenge. This has been a VERY good experience for me.

See my 10-day “Sweet”-Free Challenge update in today’s video:

If you are following the “Sweet”-Free Challenge and need support from people who understand what you are going through, then be sure to visit this thread at my forum where others like you are going through this in December with me. They are an amazing group of individuals who are doing this willingly and reaping the incredible benefits.

You can watch any of our previous YouTube videos anytime to see the past episodes that you may have missed. My wife Christine and I have covered a lot of subjects, so go back and watch the past shows. Then, be sure to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe so you’ll receive all the new “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” episodes within moments of being uploaded. Christine and I LOVE your feedback, so please e-mail us at livinlowcarbman@charter.net.

  • Jimmy,

    Very happy to hear that you’ve been willing to test this. I’m not surprised that it’s worked. I have seen others be sensitive to sweet tastes even if it’s a non-calorie item. I do think just the sweet taste can stimulate insulin in some people.
    You are a good example how low carb products can be over done. Everyone is an individual and tolerance may vary.

    On induction diet soda, caffeine-free is best limited to 3 daily if at all and 3 packages of sweetener daily at most. No low carb products. It is important especially at the start to be eating whole foods.

    Looking forward to seeing the new you on the cruise.

    Jackie Eberstein

    THANKS Jackie! My clothes are fitting better again and it looks like this is the answer I’ve been looking for. I didn’t think I could make it without the taste of “sweet,” but like low-carb you can adopt very quickly. Can’t wait to see you on the cruise to Mexico next month!


  • martha

    Super video! I love watching the two of you together (Christine is so cute!). Great going on the sweet free challenge! Your face looks different from the last video of y’alls I saw — much leaner! Keep up the good work!

    THANKS Martha! The best part is when my clothes started fitting better. I’m so keeping this going! THANK YOU for your encouragement!


  • You got me doing summersaults for you Jimmy! — You got it! — It will never leave you! – Do you realise how close this is to Dr. Jay Wortman’s “Traditional Diet”? — It is right on!

  • Jimmy, I’m excited to be doing the low carb menu blog entries ! YOU have encouraged us in a way you cannot imagine. Weight loss IS the key.

    I want to try the sweet free challenge, but well, I’m from down South and we love EVERYTHANG SWEET HERE DARLIN ! :)

    Well, Dahlin, I’m just as much a part of the South in South Carolina as you are there in Louisiana. 😀 And I’m doing it, my dear. YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!


  • I also wanted to mention, perhaps doing a ‘followup’ to everyone who is LO CARB MENU ‘blogging.’ –whether on you tube or your own website would be nice. It was great of you to check up on us today. THanks for visiting my site :)

    Patience, my dear, patience.


  • I wonder if you realized just how big a nut you were cracking here when you started your “sweet free” eating cycle. — There is no doubt that this is the “big daddy” of them all that you are sitting on here, and you are doing it perfectly.

    I’m going to congratulate you on your discovery. — It sounds like Christine is right on board with you.

    You guys make a great team.

    THANKS Tom! Christine has been very supportive (just as she was in 2004 during my Atkins diet experience). Although she’s not doing it herself, she has been good about keeping the “sweet” away from where I could get my grubby hands on it. :)


  • What is it that Isabeau always says?
    I watched the video and never found out.

    By the way….my attempt at this challenge ended today.
    I am miserably sick with a bad cold…and am consoling myself with Diet Soda…

    That’s okay, Ab! Get right back on it in January when you are feeling better.

    As for Christine’s shirt, we had those made up after FitCamp in August…

    As Isabeau always says, “You can do ANYTHING for [insert time increment here!]”

    It was an inside joke with the FitCampers. :) Hope you feel better soon.


  • Sue

    Has Christine ever been tested for celiac’s disease because of all her symptoms?

    You’re doing well Jimmy.

    Not yet, but we’d like to soon.