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‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 401: Gary Taubes Update With Sneak Peek At His New Book


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In Episode 401 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back to the show the most-requested podcast interview guest of all-time–journalist and bestselling author Gary Taubes. His September 2007 blockbuster release Good Calories, Bad Calories has directly impacted the lives of so many medical professionals and laypeople alike and as such he’s had the unique opportunity to share the results of his research at some of the top nutritional conferences and universities around the world the past few years. His new consumer-friendly version of Good Calories, Bad Calories is set to release in December 28, 2010 called Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It.

Take a listen to Gary as he shares what has been happening in his life since the release of Good Calories, Bad Calories, why he decided to write the more consumer-friendly Why We Get Fat based on a popular lecture he has been giving, the details about what’s in the new book including evidence for carbohydrate-restriction for both weight loss and health, why he doesn’t think we need to refer to low-carb as a diet, why it’s been so difficult for low-carb to be accepted, his unique smoking/low-carb analogy, the depressing revelations he uncovered during his research for his book, the vilification of researchers who ran counter to conventional wisdom, why there is greater hope for spreading low-carb truth now more than ever before, the pending “compromise” in nutrition that he sees coming, the possible book on sugar he’ll be writing with Dr. Robert Lustig, what he thinks will change the paradigm regarding healthy diet, the curious story of a negative Amazon review by a former college classmate, his lecture at a nutritional institute in Louisiana and how the science is so blatantly ignored, the hostility the low-carb message receives from mainstream health experts like Marion Nestle, why there is an us vs. them mentality in nutritional writing, the positive impact that Good Calories, Bad Calories has had on people like Dr. Andrew Weil, why it is so incredibly difficult for medical researchers to shift their hypotheses on dietary science, the painfully slow process of research studies, why he has no plans to stop talking about nutrition in the near future, whether there’s anything he regrets writing in Good Calories, Bad Calories and would do differently in hindsight, the possibility of updating the book in future editions to reflect the most current science, what his research says about whether insulin is produced from consuming dietary fat, why he is calling his book Why We Get Fat instead of How To Lose Fat, why the leanest an individual can be may not be lean, the folly of trying to look like Jillian Michaels or the gym rats, whether there are any plans to translate his books into Spanish, why the UK version of his book called The Diet Delusion bombed commercially, whether he plans on finally starting a blog associated with Why We Get Fat, and his reluctance to respond to incendiary columns with bad science. You asked for me to have him back on my show again and I’m happy to share this brand new interview with you today!

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How did you like what you heard from Gary Taubes and his preview of the new book? Give us your comments in the show notes section of Episode 401. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories, then definitely add this to your low-carb library. And be one of the first people to own the brand new Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It set to release on December 28, 2010. One of these days Gary will start blogging and you can be assured we’ll tell you about it when he does. Coming up on Thursday, we’ll get to hear from another journalist named Mark Schatzker who wanted to find the perfect steak and detailed his journey in the book Steak: One Man’s Search for the World’s Tastiest Piece of Beef. If you love steak, then you’re gonna adore what you hear from Mark Schatzker later this week!

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  • Nancy

    LOVE GARY TAUBES!!!!!! He’s such a Godsend!
    I wish he’d consider doing his sugar book with Dr. Richard Johnson of “The Sugar Fix”.

    Thanks Jimmy!!

    • Nope, it’s definitely Lustig. Taubes and Johnson don’t see eye-to-eye.

  • Very interesting interview. I’m looking forward to reading his book and listening to more pod-casts!!

  • I am still slogging my way through Good Calories Bad Calories, which is totally worth it, but very dense. I’m so excited about his new book and about having something more consumer-friendly to refer people to!

  • Californian

    I do hope Gary Taubes writes a book about kicking SUGAR ADDICTION. I can easily follow the dietary principles he elucidates … PLUS my sugar of course. 😉

    H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it’s every bit as difficult (maybe more so?) to kick sugar as any other substance.

    There I’ve said it.

    Thanks. : )

    • Well, don’t count on it since he’s a journalist. But check out Connie Bennett’s SUGAR SHOCK!

  • ben

    Would like to hear his opinion of someone who sees his data a little differently:


    • He may not have time to respond, but I’ll pass the link along to Gary.

    • Here’s how Gary responded to this link:

      In the same way that some people hear what they want in my lectures and interpret it as they please, they will see what they want in my responses and twist it. It’s a no-win game.

  • I can’t wait to get my patients copies of the new book. Gary always has a great message! I have been telling my patients for years that we are redefining healthy nutrition. Shifting the balance away from dietary carbs to protein and fats. I invite Gary and others to see how we teach these concepts to our patients on a daily basis in our family medicine office here in Denver. Great interview Jimmy

    Dr Jeff Gerber

    • E-mail me Dr. Gerber and I’ll forward your request to Gary directly.

  • Thanks Jimmy,
    I sent you an email with my request

    Dr Gerber

  • Karen LaVine

    Thanks for sharing this interview, Jimmy.
    I hoovered up GCBC in 2007, but the past 2 years have been leaning more towards page 397, and seeing where people with diabetes have been able to improve blood sugars without “the cost of increasing fat accumulation and obesity.” So I wanted to hear what Gary has to say 3 years later.

    Gary does briefly discuss basal insulin levels and macronutrients in response to a question you asked:
    “The key fact here is, it’s not just the short term insulin secretion, it’s the long term level of insulin in your blood and the relative sensitivity and resistance of the different tissues to insulin.”

    I believe dietary fats do increase insulin resistance, and it can be seen especially easily in people with Type 1 diabetes who monitor BGs closely. People with type 1 diabetes are unable to compensate for increased insulin resistance by upping their insulin production, so when they are more insulin resistant, their BGs run higher. Hours after eating a high fat meal, people with type 1’s often find their BGs remain higher than expected. For many years, this has been unofficially termed “the pizza effect”, and this hyperglycemia extends through the night and shows up as an elevated fasting BG the next day. Here’s just one example from the internet:
    “Seeing a graphical depiction of blood sugar after a high fat meal was shocking. We could see the blood sugar start to spike hours after we expected.”

    This review (link below) of recent published research illuminates a fascinating immune/metabolic connection between dietary fats, inflammation and insulin resistance. This may be what causes “the pizza effect” and may also explain why some people who are, as Gary says, “beyond the point of no return” and do not lose a significant amount of weight when they follow a very low carb/high fat diet. (Dr Lustig will like the first sentence on the top of page 4.)


    Karen LaVine, RN CDE