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‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 179: Dr. Steven Gundry Takes Low-Carb Through A ‘Diet Evolution’ (Part 1)

Dr. Steven Gundry says his diet is the key to reversing heart disease

I’m always on the lookout for brand new guests on my growing podcast show and many of you have written to me sharing your requests in recent months. One name kept popping up in my e-mail box that quite frankly I’d never heard of before. His name is Dr. Steven L. Gundry, author of a brand new diet and health book entitled Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You–And Your Waistline–And Drop the Weight for Good, and it seemed people wanted to hear more from this heart surgeon. Ask and you shall receive!

In Episode 179 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” Dr. Steven R. Gundry is here for Part 1 of my interview with him. You probably won’t agree with everything he says since he believes people should be eating plant-based sources of protein, although he’s not opposed to people choosing a more traditional low-carb diet plan like Atkins or Protein Power to start out. But in the end you cannot deny his knowledge on the subject of nutrition and health is top-notch. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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How about what Dr. Steven Gundry had to say about his diet? Do you like his 3-step, habit-breaking process for getting people to start eating better? Discuss today’s podcast in the show notes section of Episode 179. Pick up your own copy of Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You–And Your Waistline–And Drop the Weight for Good and see what all the fuss is about! This is indeed an important book for anyone interested in living a much healthier lifestyle and it takes livin’ la vida low-carb to that next level.

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  • Peter Silverman, Ashland, OR

    I loved this interview and ordered the book.

    If you ever run out of questions for your guests, I would like it if you would ask why the Chinese and Japanese traditional high glycenic diets (rice, rice, and more rice) seem to work for them: very little heart disease or diabetes especially before western foods.

    Gary Taubes is always saying we need to look for information that doesn’t support what we believe and try to make sense of it, so that’s why I like that question, it seems an exception to idea that high glycemic eating leads to those diseases, and it isn’t a study of a few people, hundred’s of millions of people for some reason I don’t understand, are much healthier than we are eating huge amounts of rice every day.

    THANKS Peter! Gary Taubes actually answered this question in my interview with him. Check it out!


  • Marcus

    Isn’t the answer that most asians, because of poverty, subsist on a low calorie diet? They’re not eating huge amounts of rice, just enough to get by. I’ll bet they’re chronically hungry and would eat much more if they could afford to. With increased prosperity, we are seeing increases in the “diseases of civilization” in China and Japan. To counter this trend, the Japanese are now imposing fines on men with waist sizes greater than 33.5 inches and on women with waist sizes greater than 35 inches.

  • Peter I totally support your opinion (from Gary Taubes) that one needs to look for info that doesnt support what we believe in and then make sense of it . And that is what makes low-carbing so amazing for me. Everytime I play devils advocate, I get more astounding answers that just prooves once again from a totally different perspective why a low carb (or Insulin Controlled – what I call it) -lifestyle is so healthy and important 🙂

  • Hi Jimmy–thanks for such a great resource. This site helps me out everyday. You’re the best.

    I’m starting my own blog. As I told you recently, I’m doing Dr. G.s plan, and really loving it. The blog is, http://doctorgdietevolution.blogspot.com/ . We’ve already been found by one person! Yea!

    Any tips for a new blog-master? I’d like to learn from the best!!

    thanks for being there!


    GREAT BLOG, Aime! My tips? Consistency, content, and communication. Write often, do your research on the subjects you are writing about and listen to what your readers have to say. They’ll appreciate your honesty, hard work, and genuine interest in THEM more than anything! I’ll highlight your blog at my next update. 🙂


  • I’d love to listen to this interview and the one with Loren Cordain, but they don’t seem to actually be online any more on your website or at the iTunes store.

    Any chance of getting a hold of them? Are they actually available and I just didn’t find them?

    THANKS for writing, Nicole! Actually, ALL of my podcasts are available right now if you’ll visit TheLivinLowCarbShow.com/ShowNotes. Our old web site crashed earlier this year and my producer has been methodically moving all the archived episodes over to this new site. Unfortunately, iTunes has refused to pick up any more than the last nine new episodes for some reason. But you can access the keyword search box at the site ANYTIME to hear the interviews you are looking for.

    Find my two-part interview with Dr. Steven Gundry here and here. And my interview with Dr. Loren Cordain about The Paleo Diet is here. THANK YOU so much for listening and please let me know if you ever have issues listening to a past show.

    –Jimmy Moore

  • Thanks for the reply, Jimmy. I grabbed them today, and I’ll be listening to distract me from some hated cleaning tasks!

    I bought Dr. Gundry’s book, and while I could probably stay on his Phase 1 diet forever, there’s no way that I’d put soy back into my diet. He recommends rather a lot of it, but I kicked it to the curb earlier this year, and I’m not going back!

    And quite a bit of raw food as well, Nicole. I couldn’t do it either…nor would I want to. But the podcast I did with him was fascinating nonetheless. ENJOY while doing those “hated cleaning tasks” today!