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Listen To My Paleo Podcaster Roundtable On Sean Croxton’s UW Radio

It’s a great privilege and an honor to be a part of the huge swell of popularity of Paleo podcasts happening over the past couple of years. The point of critical mass has arrived and people are literally starving for information about not just weight loss but improving their overall health. Simply put, this massive low-fat, high-carb experiment has been an utter and dismal failure and the gig is up! That’s the message we’re hearing on so many fantastic podcasts in 2012, including one that’s been out there for several years called the “Underground Wellness Radio Show” from health activist Sean Croxton.

Many of my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog readers already know who Sean is abundantly well naming him one of their “most trusted health resources” in my 2012 reader survey. My first exposure to Sean’s work was via his uber-popular YouTube video channel where people were first introduced to the “yo, wassup y’all” enthusiasm that has long been his trademark. Sean has been a guest on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast in Episode 260 and Episode 531 and he was gracious enough to have me on his podcast talking about my work in 2009. One thing’s for sure, both Sean and I are super-passionate about educating others with quality information to help them make informed decisions about their health (which is why I named the “Underground Wellness Radio Show” among the top 10 health podcasts every low-carber should be listening to in 2011).

Now we’ve got plenty of company in the podcasting realm with 10 more must-listen-to health podcasts (and many more that are coming down the pike). Sean has been taking some much-needed time off over the past month (and a HUGE THANK YOU to him for counseling me to do the same which I’ve implemented at regular intervals for the first time this year) and he asked if I would take over the reigns of his hit health podcast for him this week. But rather than doing what I always do on my own three podcasts doing interviews with an expert guest about a particular topic, I decided to use this platform to bring in some of the fresh new voices in the low-carb and Paleo podcasting community to have a Paleo Podcaster Roundtable discussion (aka my Paleo Podcast Posse). If you’re not already familiar with the work of these awesome peeps, then I highly encourage you to check ’em out:

  • Stefani Ruper from “Paleo For WomenLink to her podcast in iTunes
  • Dean Dwyer from “Make Shift Happen”Link to his podcast in iTunes
  • Dr. Colin Champ from “Caveman Doctor”Link to his podcast in iTunes
  • Abel James from “Fat-Burning Man”Link to his podcast in iTunes
  • I’ve interviewed Stefani, Dean and Dr. Champ previously and Abel is coming up in Episode 625 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” on October 15, 2012. They’re all AMAZING people who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person at events like PaleoFX and the Ancestral Health Symposium over the past year. Now you get to hear all of us coming together discussing what it’s like to be health podcasters, why we do what we do, addressing concerns that are out there in the community and sharing what we think it’s going to take to penetrate the low-carb Paleo message into the mainstream. I could tell even before we officially started the podcast that this was gonna be a keeper as you’ll hear in these few minutes of preparatory banter before the show actually began:


    This really was so much fun getting together with friends talking about the issues that matter the most right now in the world of low-carb and Paleo living. I highly encourage you to check out the work of each of these wonderful people below by clicking on their photo to go right to their web site after listening to today’s podcast which you can access on iTunes or at the BlogTalkRadio web site (or if you prefer to download the mp3 to listen on your computer or right-click to listen on your mp3 player, simply click here). ENJOY!

    Listen to my Paleo Podcast Posse toss around some hot topics:

  • Sean is still being a slack…er, I mean, on vacation
  • Who’s doing that typing in the background?!
  • Stefani Ruper from the “Live. Love. Eat” podcast
  • She approaches women’s health from a holistic, Paleo perspective
  • Having a positive mentality about diet is as important as food
  • Her podcast interviews people about relationship with food
  • My candid, personal interview on Stefani’s podcast in August 2012
  • Dean Dwyer from the “Make Shift Happen Show” podcast
  • He says he was “not the guy typing” in the background
  • His approach isn’t just about diet and exercise
  • He wore some “really ugly” shorts when he attended PaleoFX
  • Dr. Colin Champ from the “Relentless Roger & The Caveman Doctor” podcast
  • He notes “it was not me typing either” and assumed it was Dean
  • He’s finishing up his training in oncology and cancer treatment
  • His great interest in ketogenic diets for improving health
  • Dr. Champ’s co-host Roger helps “translate” many of the concepts
  • If low-carb is good for cancer patients, it’s good for most people
  • Abel James from the “Fat-Burning Man Show” podcast
  • He stresses the importance of real food and functional fitness
  • His inteview experts, including this podcast’s “knuckleheads”
  • I was one of Abel’s first podcast guests in January 2012
  • No matter your personal beliefs, it comes down to the individual
  • It seems there’s been an “explosion” of Paleo podcasts lately
  • Why they decided to start podcasting to get their message out?
  • Stefani says she started feeling “comfortable enough” to do it
  • She wanted to “maintain that piece of speaking” on women’s health
  • The people she interviews are real people who have stories to share
  • It’s not just about Paleo dieters, but to a variety of people
  • She could have called it the “Paleo For Women” podcast, but didn’t
  • Dean got inspired by Pat Flynn about “being everywhere”
  • It was “unbelievable” how many iTunes listens Pat was getting
  • Dean spoke with Abel at PaleoFX and realized it was time to do this
  • Speaking directly to people is better than a simple blog post
  • He wanted a medium that allowed himself to be himself
  • People will not necessarily follow all of your different content
  • Put out a variety of information so everyone can benefit
  • Dr. Champ did a lot of blogs that “take forever”–20-30 hours!
  • This is “just a hobby on the side” and that’s a lot of time
  • His patients encouraged him to start recording his beliefs
  • Doing a podcast provides “quick hits” to get small points across
  • His mom wasn’t even reading what he was doing on his blog
  • They don’t assume their listeners know anything during their podcast
  • The “funny blip” that happened during one of their recent recordings
  • Who is this Abel James guy with no shirt on in his podcast logo?
  • Former musician who now podcasts (but doesn’t know what it is)
  • He was surprised by his podcast hitting #2 behind Jillian Michaels
  • Abel credits my podcasts for laying the groundwork for them
  • Ooops, forgot to mention Sean Croxton’s contribution to podcasting
  • Why there is such interest in the message of Paleo in podcasting
  • Stefani says Paleo community is “tight-knit, passionate, supportive”
  • We provide quality, are tech-savvy and try to optimize our health
  • How many Paleo dieters have all the Paleo books? Most of us!
  • And, of course, “we’re awesome” aren’t we?
  • There is no such thing as a Vegan Health Symposium like AHS
  • Dean sees a “real sense of community” he’s never experienced online
  • This “doesn’t exist anywhere else online” like the Paleo community
  • People’s characters “really come through” in the podcast format
  • A friend who mentioned to listen to Jimmy Moore and Sean Croxton
  • The fast e-mail response to his request for an interview
  • Stefani said I am “empowering other people to” do this work
  • Dr. Champ’s possible concern about the negativity of low-carb
  • There was a “hesitation” to do a low-carb podcast out of fear
  • But he wanted to “help change people’s habits and get healthy”
  • He knows this works for people to help them get healthier
  • The published research he is bringing out about low-carb and cancer
  • The old guard will argue against it, but the data speaks for itself
  • Abel says Paleo “works and that makes people passionate about it”
  • We now have a label for what we’re talking about under one name
  • All the distinct communities brought together makes us stronger
  • Their response to the unspoken rift between Paleo and low-carb
  • Abel says it all hinges on what your definition of “low-carb” is
  • While there are subtle differences, we agree on most of our message
  • Stefani had “an enlightening discussion” about this at #AHS12
  • She said low-carb loves artificial sweeteners and low-carb bread
  • There are things perceived to be “kinda unhealthy” in low-carb
  • The Paleo community has influenced low-carb to more real whole foods
  • Dean says this “is a clash of egos” for those attached to an idea
  • Just think critically about what’s coming out and sort through it
  • Whatever your diet, you should weigh against basic principles
  • Imagine the people just getting into this with the volume of info
  • How do you help people navigate through all the nuances of this?
  • It seems there’s some negativity about low-carb from Paleo advocates
  • Everybody wants their own niche (i.e. food reward, safe starch)
  • Dr. Champ says if we’re gonna push low-carb, let’s do it right
  • If you’re having low thyroid, then it’s not low-carb’s fault
  • The lean meat and low salt messages on low-carb is “torture”
  • It was “killing me” at AHS12 that there was so many bad messages
  • My interview with Dr. Stephen Phinney in Episode 23 of ATLCX
  • A lot of the Paleo people tend to focus more on the protein than fat
  • Dr. Loren Cordain is changing his tune about saturated fat
  • We’re still conditioned to be anti-fat and cut it unnecessarily
  • Stefani struggles with telling people to follow low-carb rules
  • Encourage people to eat a whole foods diet that makes you healthy
  • There are hundreds of millions of people who need to eat real food
  • Getting people off the crap and on to real foods of any kind is key
  • How do we marry “opposite perspectives” to know what’s right for me?
  • People “don’t know what to do” by hearing dissenting viewpoints
  • Stop appealing to authority trusting everything that’s being said
  • You have to adjust what you’re doing and test to see what happens
  • Just because Robb Wolf says something doesn’t mean you should do it
  • People are overly trusting of doctors without checking for truth
  • Dr. Champ says ignore your doctors (unless he’s your doctor!)
  • Stefani says eating a real, whole foods is 75% of the battle
  • Figure out what the other 25% is to make your diet best for you
  • Dean says embrace a “no-crap diet” more so than calling it Paleo
  • A low-crap diet also just so happens to be a low-carb diet
  • We lost Abel for a while since he’s “living in the Stone Age”
  • We don’t want people to get overwhelmed and say “screw it!”
  • Make it a ladder by going gluten-free first, then no processed foods
  • Paleo can be kinda creepy with organ meats and drinking blood
  • Let’s get people there incrementally and teach them along the way
  • You have to understand why sustainable farming is important
  • We need beginner’s models to allow people to have a good buy-in
  • Paleo can become as bad as veganism if it becomes like a “cult”
  • The purist mentality that can exclude people from embracing Paleo
  • Very few people are dogmatic about purity than is perceived
  • It’s not a big deal if you have a Ho-Ho from time to time (GASP!)
  • Dean was vegetarian and thought he was making best choices for him
  • He saw meat-eaters as inferior and that was “an egotistical take”
  • You have to meet people where they are with their eating habits
  • The story of how Carissa from Balanced Bites helped a client
  • It was “a series of steps” that helped a 299-pound woman make change
  • The biggest thing about the Paleo journey is “confidence”
  • Perfectionism would have ruined me when I started this in 2004
  • It’s the “continued learning” of what’s optimal for you
  • Dr. Champ provides his patients with info about power of addiction
  • His patient who can’t eat a lot of carbs or she’s a “monster”
  • Avoiding the addictive foods (carbs) is what will help them the most

    There are three ways you can listen:

    1. Listen at the iTunes page for the podcast:

    2. Listen and comment about the show at the official web site for the podcast:

    3. Download the MP3 file [54:35m]:

    Special THANK YOU to Sean Croxton for allowing me to use his platform for having my Paleo Podcast Posse on together to discuss these important topics. Do you have any opinions about what you heard from my panel of guests? Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear from you in the comments section below! Connect directly with all the people featured in this podcast on Twitter: Stefani, Dean, Dr. Champ and Abel. I know they’d all appreciate hearing from you, so show ’em some love!

    • Great podcaster roundtable! Nice hearing different perspectives and experiences, and happy to discover some new voices to listen to.

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