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LCC (Episode 85): Mary Vance And Caitlin Weeks Ponder Implications Of Labeling Obesity A Disease


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In Episode 85 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” we are so thrilled to welcome Paleo nutrition experts and health podcasters Mary Vance and Caitlin Weeks joining me and Dietitian Cassie for yet another health headlines gabfest! We’ve got a very special treat in store for you in today’s show as we welcome fellow health podcasters Mary Vance and Caitlin Weeks from the brand new “Health Nuts Podcast” sharing their nutritional experience with the Paleo way of life.

They are happy to share their opinions with me and Cassie in discussing several of the biggest recent health headlines, including the infatuation with the new watermelon Oreo cookie flavor, the American Medical Association’s insane decision to classify obesity as an official disease, how it’s possible people in the UK are gaining weight despite eating less calories, what the new calorie counts listed on the menu at Starbucks will mean, the one dietary change various health experts think average Americans should make, whether sitting is the new smoking, a critical look at the low-term effects of the low-fat diet experiment and so much more! Plus, don’t miss Mary’s “Meat Cookies” recipe and Caitlin’s “Mediterranean Chicken Salad” recipe that will pique your curiosity. Now it’s time to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk.

Listen to Mary Vance and Caitlin Weeks gab about the headlines:

  • I’m on hydrocodone after having major dental surgery
  • I got caught up on a few of my podcasts during the surgery
  • The soft-scrambled egg meal I’m having to eat
  • If I say something stupid, blame it on the drugs
  • Caitlin grew up as a “chubby” kid living in the South
  • She got up to 240 pounds and got healthy moving to CA
  • When she got Hashimoto’s, that made her look into Paleo
  • Her Mediterranean Paleo Cooking e-book she’s working on
  • So who’s following who between Caitlin and Mary?
  • Mary is in the “middle of the woods” during the podcast
  • She has always been interested in what you eat, how you feel
  • Her vegetarian diet of rice and Ramen noodles at 15
  • She started feeling anemic and her hormones went crazy
  • She moved to CA, she learned about impact of food on health
  • Her e-book Three Weeks To Vitality that’s coming
  • Enjoy listening to their “Health Nuts Podcast”
  • They’re always talking, so they decided to start a podcast
  • Having a podcast allows people to be “a fly on the wall”
  • Watermelon Oreos Are Real And On Sale At Target For A Limited Time
  • Back in the day, this would have been appealing to me
  • How about eating a REAL watermelon instead?
  • If you’re gonna spend $3 on this, why not buy real foods?
  • People see fruit in the title and think this is healthy
  • If you want a cookie, then just make one yourself
  • Make a Paleo-styled Watermelon Cake Recipe
  • Watermelon Oreos are the perfect example of “fake food”
  • The blogger who said these didn’t taste artificial
  • A.M.A. Recognizes Obesity As A Disease
  • There are a lot of mixed opinions about what this means
  • Obesity as a disease means we will prescribe drugs for it
  • Doctors will not look at the things that lead up to it
  • We’re still missing the forest for the trees in this
  • The underlying causes are completely ignored now
  • Health insurance is not affordable for high cholesterol
  • Why be told to just lose weight and you’ll be healthy?
  • BMI is totally bogus as a means for determining health
  • Obesity is so subjective and there’s no definition of it
  • Obesity is merely a symptom of other things happening
  • The AMA is giving drug companies permission to act
  • A lot of people think obesity is a disease…
  • Until they can figure out how to bring it under control
  • People like to be labeled as something with their health
  • Britons Getting Fatter Despite Consuming Fewer Calories
  • Sam Feltham’s nearly 6000-calorie-a-day experiment
  • The focus on calories is so ridiculous on the face of it
  • A traditional English breakfast is healthy sans the toast
  • The meal was very filling and gives you nourishment
  • Brits choosing skim milk are getting more carbohydrates
  • People in the UK still consume a lot of alcohol
  • We’re not designed to sit and stare at a screen for hours
  • Eating refined foods as the primary sustenance not ideal
  • People have obediently followed the advice–no success!
  • Calorie-counting just doesn’t work and people realize it
  • Starbucks Is Adding Calorie Counts, But Will It Curb Consumption?
  • Why eat something totally frivolous at Starbucks
  • You can sub out nuts or even the diet soda
  • The story of the lady at Starbucks who ordered skim milk
  • Cassie’s Egg Beaters story of a patient ordering
  • Calories aren’t as important as food quality in health
  • These bits of information aren’t making a difference
  • Failure to plan means you’ll take whatever you can get
  • If they posted the sugar amount, people would be amazed
  • Calories are like cholesterol, you don’t know breakdown
  • Starbuck’s prices will curb your consumption
  • The Starbuck’s Passion Tea that is more Paleo-friendly
  • The trend of adding butter to coffee is coming
  • Isn’t butter just cream with the liquid removed?
  • What’s the One Dietary Change The Average American Should Make?
  • It was disappointing to see a lack of good diet advice
  • Macronutrient focus to know what your body does with them
  • Controlling carbs that turn to sugar in the body is good
  • People see sugar and think sweet foods and candy bars
  • No mention by anyone of eliminating vegetable oils
  • Flour breaks down to sugar in the body and causes disease
  • There’s never a one-size-fits-all diet, it won’t work
  • People think nutritionists have to be a vegetarian
  • Vegetarians are susceptible to having health failures
  • Sea salt is one of the most nutrient-dense foods there is
  • There’s a sugar backlash online now with pro-sugar stuff
  • The Sugar Association is spending a lot of money on this
  • They are desperate to turn the tide around on negativity
  • The crazy notion of “balance” in a healthy lifestyle
  • It’s ambiguous advice and doesn’t really mean anything
  • Not everyone can have a little bit of some things
  • There was some good advice from people like Leah Binder
  • A “plant-based diet” can have you eating junk all day
  • People think vegetables and fruit are solely healthy
  • What about protein and fat being a part of health?
  • A full spectrum of nutrients needed to be healthy
  • People still are so fat-phobic, need to embrace fat
  • Cassie’s client who wants “permission” to eat fat again
  • Has Low Fat Failed the Test of Time?
  • This reminded Mary of first low-fat diet at 9 years old
  • She was scared of eating mayonnaise because of fat
  • Health statistics getting worse because of guidelines
  • The Dietary Guidelines dominate how people eat
  • People on Food Stamps have to follow these guidelines
  • What does it take when people have obesity, diabetes?
  • These recommendations on MyPlate are lacking in fat
  • I testified for the 2010 USDA Dietary Guidelines
  • There were 2 real people out of 50 people testifying
  • We need 500 real food advocates testifying for 2015
  • The Advisory Committee ignores the low-carb practitioners
  • Sitting Is The New Smoking
  • Listen to Dr. Joan Vernikos in Episode 606 of LLVLC Show
  • Mary’s stack of Paleo books that make her standing desk
  • Sitting wrecks your body and is bad for your posture
  • Human bodies are not designed to sit for long periods
  • The harder you work, people think that’s a good thing
  • Working hard and not sleeping makes you unhealthy
  • Can sitting in the chair be worse than smoking cigarettes?
  • Lipase (fat-burning enzyme) turns off after you sit down
  • Get up and get out during lunch and as often as you can
  • Caitlin has seen clients lose weight without exercise
  • Some people go to the gym, but they won’t cook healthy
  • You can’t work off a bad diet, so get food right first
  • It’s not half exercise, half nutrition as people think
  • Sitting can lead to insulin resistance, then diabetes
  • It depends on what you definition of sitting is
  • I make myself get up at least once or twice an hour
  • They don’t talk about the enjoyment of doing your job
  • People in a cubicle are highly-stressed that harms health
  • There’s something about getting fresh air to feel happier
  • It’s so easy to get caught up in your day, but break it!
  • The best ideas happen when you remove yourself from work
  • Mary’s “Meat Cookies” recipe
  • She got this idea from a fellow Paleo blogger
  • Her own version with bacon, ground lamb and more!
  • They are ready in 20 minutes and don’t last long
  • Caitlin’s “Mediterranean Chicken Salad”
  • This is a preview of the type of recipes in her e-book
  • The e-book will feature all original recipes
  • People consume mayonnaise but you can make your own
  • Once you learn how to make mayo, it’s pretty easy
  • People want their chicken salad to be low-carb friendly
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    Today we heard from Mary Vance and Caitlin Weeks sharing their thoughts about the health headlines Watermelon Oreos Are Real And On Sale At Target For A Limited Time, A.M.A. Recognizes Obesity As A Disease, Britons Getting Fatter Despite Consuming Fewer Calories, Starbucks Is Adding Calorie Counts, But Will It Curb Consumption?, The Experts: What’s the One Dietary Change The Average American Should Make?, Sitting Is The New Smoking, Has Low Fat Failed the Test of Time? and so much more! We’d love to know what YOU thought about what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 85. Coming up next Friday, we will be off in celebration of the 4th of July weekend. But never fear, we’ll be back again on Friday, July 12, 2013 with registered dietitian and real food activist Mary Trenda and freelance print/web graphic designer Allie Lehman from the “Be Up & Doing” blog as our two special guest friends in Episode 86.

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