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LCC (Episode 68): Sam Feltham And Jennifer Courtney Question Coke’s Anti-Obesity Ads


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In Episode 68 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” we’ve got another funtabulicious Friday for you as Dietitian Cassie and I are in our rightful places ready to tackle the latest health headlines of the day. This podcast is one of the most unique in the low-carb and Paleo communities because you get to hear real opinions from real people living this lifestyle sharing the real deal about the nutrition and health ideas of our day. We give ’em all the white gloves treatment and tell it like it is. If you like what you hear, then remember we are LISTENER-SUPPORTED and your donations really go a long way towards helping us continue bringing you more opinions galore in the weeks, months and years to come. If you enjoy our weekly romp through the health headlines that you hear on “Low-Carb Conversations” and want to help us out, then you can make a donation to keep us on the air throughout 2013 and beyond. THANK YOU for your support!

We’ve got two more awesome guest friends from the Paleo and low-carb blogging community joining us today as we welcome Sam Feltham from “Smash The Fat” and Jennifer Courtney from the “PaleoMomRx” blog. Listen in as Cassie and I start the show talking about what foods RDs would eat and wouldn’t eat, how so many people are diagnosing their health online these day and how listening to health podcasts can actually lead you to lose more weight than those who don’t. Then we invite in Sam and Jennifer to address how a medical doctor gets it all wrong about high-fat, low-carb diets, the absurdity of the new Coke anti-obesity ads focusing on calories, whether “fat genes” determine whether you’ll become obese or not, the viability of BMI for measuring obesity, the negative effect of carbohydrates on the brain and the fact that there is 30% more sugar in cereals sold in the UK than in the US. And then our favorite part of the show is the recipe and cooking tips time at the end with Sam and Jennifer featuring a chicken fajita dish. Now you know what to do: pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!

Listen to Sam Feltham and Jennifer Courtney contribute today:

  • It’s not been too cold in South Carolina in January
  • Minnesota has been quite frigid over the winter
  • Foods Nutrition Experts Will Never Eat
  • What Dietitian Cassie really eats in her daily diet
  • The RDs in that column dismissed some really good foods
  • There are a lot of RDs who are breaking the mold
  • Kudos to those dietitians who spread nutritional truth
  • Twitter Can Make You Less Fat
  • Listening to two health podcasts weekly lose more weight
  • The key is accountability and filling your mind with tips
  • On Twitter, there’s a lot of great information shared
  • Paleo/low-carb podcasts dominate top health iTunes charts
  • Pew: 35 percent of US adults are online diagnosers
  • Newer physicians LOVE having patients who are empowered
  • Watch Jimmy Moore interviewed on Sam’s “Smash The Fat”
  • Sam was a snowboard instructor in CO and VT several years ago
  • But he loved the “coaching element” and was led to health
  • He studied personal training and moved to the UK
  • His fitness and fat loss boot camps all over Great Britain
  • He uses low-carb, high-fat diets with training sessions
  • Smash It Out! TV episode: “What Causes Heart Disease?”
  • He speaks to the general public about important health issues
  • After interviewing them on their thoughts, he teaches them
  • His “I am unstoppable” mantra spoken 10 times in public
  • Jennifer started doing Paleo in 2010 while doing CrossFit
  • Paleo was “all people talked about” in the gym all the time
  • Two years prior to starting CrossFit, she was vegetarian
  • An all-meat diet “mortified” her at first, but she learned
  • In October 2010, they started a Paleo challenge with CrossFit
  • The 30-day challenge that gave her incredible changes
  • She decided to keep trying it and started blogging about it
  • The blog gave her accountability and support in doing this
  • Paleo meals can be elaborate with lots of prep time to do it
  • She can’t imagine eating any other way than she does now
  • She’s never felt better, stronger or healthier in her life
  • She recently started working with a primal bakery company
  • Paleo is not a “crazy fad diet” and “it works”
  • The big turkey leg photo of her gnawing down after a race
  • A lifestyle instead of a diet is such a new concept to many
  • The best diet of all is not even a diet–how about a “live it?”
  • Do high fat, low carb diets work?
  • This was a “frustrating, non-researched” article
  • Restricting carbs and calories is not the same thing
  • Simply cutting carbs doesn’t mean you are in ketosis
  • The supposed nutrients you are missing on a low-carb diet
  • The labeling of low-carb as “high-protein” is dead wrong
  • It doesn’t appear this MD has seen the latest research
  • He claims nobody needs excess fat and protein–what about carbs?
  • Everything was based on calorie restriction, but unnecessary
  • When you eat real foods when hungry, don’t worry about calories
  • Make sure you know what you’re eating and let it nourish you
  • Calorie-restriction isn’t necessary when you eat to satiety
  • He claimed losing weight will delay the onset of diabetes
  • Cutting calories to lose weight will work for a time
  • But this is confusing and leads people in the wrong direction
  • Critics attack Coke’s anti-obesity ad
  • Empty calories are horrible to be putting in your mouth
  • Calories from sugary soda (pop) isn’t doing anything for you
  • Tooth decay is a big problem with drinking Coke
  • Jennifer’s story about her son drinking orange soda
  • Her son to this day still longs for having soda again
  • We’ve grown up through the “Super-Size phase” in life
  • Dunkin Donuts is sponsoring things like diabetes walks
  • The addictive nature of drinking sugary soda is real
  • Isn’t it ironic that Coca-Cola is trying to combat obesity?
  • Coke still sponsors American Idol attracting kids
  • Wouldn’t it be great if Coke execs were challenged on this?
  • If you want to stop obesity, STOP SELLING COKE!
  • Bangor University study showing sugary soda makes you fat
  • Pepsi has launched a new “healthy” high-fiber soda
  • Perhaps putting an age restriction on buying sugary soda
  • ‘Fat Genes’ Determine Obesity, UCLA Study Says
  • Many use genetics as an excuse for doing nothing in diet
  • Cupcakes and pastries are not mostly fat, it’s mostly carbs
  • Not everybody will have a six-pack, but you’ll do your best
  • “Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger”
  • They are looking at the wrong kinds of fats in this
  • People respond differently to sugar than they do fat
  • Some people have to work “really, really hard”
  • People use the genetic “scapegoat” and dismiss change
  • If it was easy, then more people would be fit and healthy
  • Some people like to sit back and just give excuses
  • Genetics may not be on your side, but you can fight it
  • Take control of your life and don’t just let things go
  • The problem with “more research” is it comes as a new pill
  • A Good Way to Measure Obesity? Fat Chance
  • BMI is used in Jennifer’s Paleo challenge at her gym
  • She’s fallen in “the normal realm” but not her husband
  • He’s very muscular and strong, but classified as “obese”
  • Many bigger women who are “solid muscle” are “obese” with BMI
  • BMI shouldn’t be given much validity because not accurate
  • Lumping together all of your weight is absolutely insane
  • There are some who are “fat skinny people” not in BMI range
  • You can be perfectly healthy even carrying extra weight
  • 40% of normal weight people have insulin resistance
  • BMI is a tool but not the be-all, end-all measurement
  • When you get insurance, you get charged more if BMI is up
  • Sam has 10% body fat but is “overweight” with BMI
  • Body adiposity index could be a better way to measure
  • The BMI has been used since the 19th Century
  • We’ve got so much data with BMI that they keep using it
  • BMI is sorta like cholesterol to perhaps “flag” something
  • Carbohydrates: Bad For The Aging Brain
  • Senior citizens tend to have brain-related diseases
  • Older people are eating convenient carbohydrates
  • Age-related diseases are actually metabolic disease
  • Jennifer’s 60-year old mom eats a very carb-heavy diet
  • She already has memory loss issues that have manifested
  • It may be hitting people a lot younger in life than 70
  • What cognitive testing were they using in the study
  • Doctors tend to look to giving people a drug to fix this
  • It’s thought nutrition has little effect, but a pill will?
  • Your cells are completely regenerated over a year
  • Those cells are made from the food you are consuming
  • Things are starting to change slowly but surely
  • Many practitioners are starting to look at Paleo, LCHF
  • Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin
  • This book was written in 1972 and is so important to read
  • Britain’s biggest cereal brands contain 30% more sugar than in U.S.
  • This was a surprising report in Britain’s biggest newspaper
  • Cereal is just “rubbish food” and shouldn’t be eaten
  • Don’t get me started that Cheerios will “lower cholesterol”
  • There’s nothing better than eating fresh eggs with spinach
  • Jennifer’s kids don’t like cereal because she never bought it
  • Her kids like waffles, but working on getting more protein
  • How is it possible a company puts more sugar in UK version
  • Most cereal tastes disgusting whether it has sugar or not
  • Parents need to realize what they are feeding their kids
  • Kids will “crash and burn” after two hours eating sugar
  • They want to cap sugar at 30%–why not 5% or less?
  • Cereals have the “double whammy” of grains and sugar
  • Even “low-sugar” cereals are LOADED with carbohydrates
  • All that carbohydrate will turn to sugar in the body
  • Sam’s “Low-Carb Chicken Fajitas” recipe
  • Jennifer tries to find things to make Paleo easy
  • Once you start cooking this way, you can make anything
  • Prep up your food on Sundays and you’re ready all week
  • It doesn’t have to be difficult with a little preparation
  • She works, goes to the gym, has kids–AND FINDS TIME!
  • Most of the recipes on her blog are minimal and quick
  • It comes back to the basics and easy to do
  • Jennifer’s “Crockpot Breakfast Pie” recipe
  • Follow Jennifer at @PaleoMomRX and Sam at @SamFeltham
  • See the health headlines catching my attention
  • People enjoy hearing opinions on the health headlines
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    Today we heard from Sam Feltham and Jennifer Courtney discussing the health headlines Do high fat, low carb diets work,? Critics attack Coke’s anti-obesity ad, ‘Fat Genes’ Determine Obesity, UCLA Study Says, In Addition To Diet And Exercise, A Good Way to Measure Obesity? Fat Chance, Carbohydrates: Bad For The Aging Brain, Britain’s biggest cereal brands contain 30% more sugar than same products in U.S. and so much more! We’d love to know what YOU thought about what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 68. We’ll keep the good times flowing coming up again next Friday in Episode 69 as we welcome registered dietitian Jenny Westerkamp, author of the new social media-inspired book You Are What You Retweet: 140 Social Media Rules to Eat By and Tyler Bramlett from “Garage Warrior.” This will be the final episode I’ll be appearing in for a while as I finish up work on my book about reading your cholesterol test results. But never fear, Dietitian Cassie and my podcast producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien will keep the show going with all the usual fun-filled times looking at the health headlines in the coming months. If YOU want to be on a future episode of “Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends,” then e-mail your Skype username to livinlowcarbman@charter.net.

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