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LCC (Episode 65): Kelly McCausey And Lynn Terry Discuss Why Diabetics Probably Shouldn’t Eat Beans


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In Episode 65 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” we present to you our final show of 2012 as I take the next two months off from podcasting. But before we go on sabbatical, my co-host Dietitian Cassie and I along with our two guest friends chime in with more opinions on the latest and greatest health headlines to give their unique low-carb perspective on them. After today we’ll be gone until January 2013, but we will come back refreshed and ready to roll again in the new year with many more new low-carb and Paleo bloggers. We are a LISTENER-SUPPORTED podcast and appreciate all the fantastic donations that so many of you have provided us. If you enjoy what you hear on “Low-Carb Conversations” and want to help us out, then you can make a donation to keep us on the air over the next year.

We’re loaded with an awesome hour-long conversation for you today as me and Dietitian Cassie welcome two fellow low-carb podcasters with opinions to spare. They are Kelly McCausey from the “Low Carb Mom” blog and Lynn Terry from the “Traveling Low Carb” blog who are the co-hosts of a brand new podcast called the “90 Day Low Carb Challenge.” Listen in as we talk about some dubious “signs” you’ll live to be 100 years old, vegan Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s nonsensical nutritional advice for being healthy, whether beans are a good option for controlling diabetes, how new research shows moderate weight loss does very little to lower heart disease risk in people with diabetes, whether heavy statin drug use can actually lead to greater vascular calcification and whether obsessing over your exercise routine is doing more harm than good. Plus, don’t miss the recipe time at the end of today’s episode. It’s our final episode of the year and we invite you to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!

Listen to Kelly McCausey and Lynn Terry share their experiences:

  • I found a headline that I couldn’t wait until 2013 to share
  • German doctors remove 28-kg tumour from woman
  • A 62-pound tumor that doctors thought was obesity
  • They thought she wasn’t eating less, exercising more
  • Removing the tumor made her normal weight instantly
  • This 60-year old woman has to be ticked off about this
  • Some people have bodies that aren’t cooperating with them
  • The low-fat, exercise-until-you-drop advice that stinks
  • Be encouraged that your doctors don’t know it all
  • Kelly has been as heavy as 360 pounds at one time
  • She’s tried every diet and gotten “fatter and fatter”
  • She got serious in 2012 to give low-carb a shot
  • She dropped from 317 to 280 pounds this year
  • Her hope is she’s “low-carbing for life” now
  • The small blog network she’s been running with interests
  • She shares honestly and lots of pictures on her blog
  • Unless she’s shared something on her blog, it’s not real
  • It’s not about perfection in your journey, it’s pursuit
  • Did I just make a Cheryl Tiegs reference?
  • Lynn started low-carb in 2011 to control emotional eating
  • She never paid attention to what she was eating before
  • Her mom did Atkins diet in early 1970s post-pregnancy
  • She enjoyed that she didn’t have to change much on this
  • All she did was change the food choices of what she ate
  • Listen to Jimmy’s LLVLC Show interview with his mom
  • I had no idea my own mother was on the original Atkins diet
  • Why they decided to create another low-carb podcast
  • People have trouble during holidays, colder weather months
  • Their very active Facebook page offering support
  • The way Kelly has had to “bite” people sharing splurges
  • Lynn isn’t bothered by people eating whatever
  • But this is a huge downfall for a lot of people
  • Brand new low-carbers need extra resolve than most
  • Splurging during the holidays can derail you
  • Let’s take our health series and make it work
  • Kelly and Lynn have taken over “Low-Carb Conversations!”
  • Surprising signs you’ll live to 100
  • Raspberries in your oatmeal? Is this a SPOOF?!
  • People think they have to do all-or-nothing to change
  • They do mention getting healthy omega-3 fats in your diet
  • Whole grains, fat-free milk and lean meats are pushed too
  • But they do recommend giving up sugary and diet soda
  • Kelly says she really likes exercising at the gym
  • But she doesn’t have anything in common with this column
  • Longevity is a lot different goal than weight loss is
  • Lynn says: “You can lose weight eating badly”
  • She’s in a weight loss stall for several weeks
  • Adding in extra water into her diet and removing diet soda
  • Lynn doesn’t count calories on her low-carb diet
  • Eating real foods will help keep calories managed well
  • My journey started as weight loss and moved to health
  • Eat your way to winter health!
  • Read my review of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live
  • His diet is all about micronutrients, but very little meat
  • Low-carb meats and cheeses are consumed “rarely”
  • There are some incredible micronutrients in meats
  • Food combining is fascinating to Lynn as a healthy thing
  • Dr. Fuhrman’s recommendation of 6-fruits-a-day
  • For carbohydrate sensitive people, fruit should be limited
  • Fruit turns to sugar in the bloodstream and spike BS levels
  • Dietitian Cassie says to always eat a fruit with a fat
  • Whether fruit is a required food in the diet or avoided?
  • Supplement with a multivitamin to cover any deficiencies
  • 6 servings of fruit daily is “a lot of sugar” consumed
  • Opt for vegetables instead as “the better choice overall”
  • Can your body tell the difference with natural sugars?
  • My favorite fruit has got to be bacon!
  • My blog post on Dr. Fuhrman’s influence in Whole Foods
  • He’s pushing a very high-carb diet with beans, legumes
  • Refined carbohydrates “comprise our immunity”
  • He compares meats, cheese, eggs with processed foods
  • Veganism has issues all to itself that cause problems
  • Beans show promise in diabetes
  • Maybe they’re talking about green beans…uhhhh, no
  • You know, if it’s on the Internet it’s got to be true
  • The content on the article was very “anticlimactic”
  • If I eat beans, my blood sugar and insulin will spike
  • Beans have three times the amount of carbs as protein
  • People with Type 2 diabetes don’t need to eat any beans
  • The Internet spreads a lot of “misinformation” to people
  • Kelly says Wheat Belly makes her more suspicious
  • Moderate weight loss alone doesn’t lower heart disease in diabetics
  • Weight loss can be good for a lot of reasons
  • Drinking sugary Slim-Fast shakes isn’t healthy for diabetes
  • Dr. Rena Wing has been a huge proponent of calories
  • They left a lot of information out of this story
  • The only real change in their diet was the Slim-Fast shake
  • My foray into Slim-Fast when I was in high school
  • What is a “moderate” amount of weight loss after all?
  • 37 pounds makes a huge difference in most people’s health
  • Drinking Slim-Fast “goes fabulous with a cheeseburger!”
  • Progression of Vascular Calcification Is Increased with Statin Use
  • Biggest concern with medications are the side effects
  • Kelly has never taken a statin drug because of risks
  • It’s easier for doctors if they prescribe a drug
  • They don’t trust patients to follow lifestyle changes
  • Calcified arteries is “not a pretty side effect”
  • You can refuse a diagnosis from your doctor
  • Lynn refused to believe she had fibromyalgia
  • Low-carb living almost completely took care of it
  • Carbs increase inflammation, so cutting carbs relieves it
  • She’s greatly reduced her visits to the chiropractor
  • Listen to Dr. Mary Vernon in Episode 8 of ATLCX podcast
  • People don’t fill prescriptions and low-carb works
  • Doctors don’t get “kickbacks” from pushing food, exercise
  • Are you sure doctors don’t get a “cow kickback?”
  • How Not Exercising Obsessively Is Improving My Life by Neely Quinn
  • Kelly lost muscle tone when she had hypothyroid
  • She has been able to get to the gym this month
  • Her weight loss was identical from exercise vs. no exercise
  • “The Biggest Loser” makes people think you must exercise
  • Cutting calories in diet and burning calories isn’t true
  • Lynn never did very much exercise on her low-carb diet
  • People think you need to exercise to burn fat (not true!)
  • How Lynn plays with her dog Slim as getting “exercise”
  • Exercise doesn’t have to be running for 40 minutes a day
  • Cassie is “an exercise junkie” but it’s not for everyone
  • So many people have an obsession about getting exercise
  • How Cassie gave up sleep in order to feed her exercise
  • High-carb foods tend to dominate the diet exercise fiends
  • Listen to your body and respond accordingly
  • That applies to both your diet and your exercise routine
  • If you need “a day off” from exercise, take it
  • Kelly’s “Low Carb Cream Cheese Pancakes” recipe
  • With the cinnamon alone, it’s probably a delicious dish
  • Lynn’s “Low Carb Bread” recipes
  • Don’t you dare talk about splurges on their FB page
  • We’re going away for the rest of 2012 to “recharge”
  • 2013 is going to be a really big year for low-carb
  • Stay in touch with us on Twitter: Cassie and Jimmy
  • Cassie’s plans for the holidays–“cookin’ up a storm!”
  • Until 2013, we’ll see ya!
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