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LCC (Episode 63): Stefani Ruper And Dr. Brad Fackrell Examine Why Americans Are So Fat


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In Episode 63 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” it’s Friday and that means it’s time yet again for another ripped-from-the-health-headlines show for you today! My energetic and enthusiastic co-host Dietitian Cassie and I are locked and loaded with a plethora of opinions to share about these headlines and more with two more of our friends from the low-carb and Paleo communities. If you’re new to this podcast, we are fully LISTENER-SUPPORTED and are grateful for the donations of listeners who enjoy what they hear in this fun-filled weekly podcast that airs on Fridays. Your generous and faithful financial support allows us to stay ad-free while bringing just a bit of sanity to the sometimes insane world of nutrition and health. We are so very appreciative of our listeners who make a donation so we can continue giving you high-quality low-carb podcasting excellence week after week. THANK YOU again!

Today we are privileged to welcome two more guest friends joining me and Dietitian Cassie on the Virtual Porch with popular Paleo podcaster and blogger Stefani Ruper from the “Live. Love. Eat.” podcast and Paleo For Women” blog (who released her long-awaited project PCOS Unlocked: The Manual For Your PCOS this week) and chiropractor and Paleo coach Dr. Brad Fackrell from the “Paleo 30 Day Challenge”. Listen in as you’ll hear us take on the latest health headlines, including the impact of the requirement in the new healthcare law to post calorie counts on soda vending machines, the very real differences in the kind of fats you can consume, a closer look into the latest American obesity statistics, why Americans have become so fat, whether low-carb diets might actually be a viable therapy for obesity and chronic disease and an exciting new Canadian government health guideline promoting meat and eggs as baby’s first food (YES!). And don’t miss the invaluable cooking tips from our guest friends at the end of the show. It’s time now to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!

Listen to Stefani Ruper and Dr. Brad Fackrell give their point of view:

  • I’ve been practicing frisbee golf after Tom Naughton taught me
  • My updated weight loss pics from my nutritional ketosis experiment
  • I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen five months from now
  • Even little changes show up big when you take a photo of yourself
  • The big picture perspective and seeing weight loss as side effect
  • Stefani Ruper on The LLVLC Show podcast in Episode 564
  • My appearance on Stefani’s “Live. Love. Eat.” podcast in Episode 5
  • She’s researched female hormones and wanted to bring them to light
  • Her passion for psychological health to be physically healthy
  • Her brand new manual about PCOS and what it’s all about
  • Brad has been a chiropractor for 16 years and has “seen a lot”
  • He had allergies and more which led him to chiropractic
  • But there was no education in nutrition with chiropractic
  • He’d never heard of Paleo before, but knew about the “innate” life
  • His kids who have gluten issues that led him to learn more on this
  • Too many people are gluten sensitive and don’t have any answers
  • Listen to Dr. Brad Fackrell’s interview with me on his web site
  • New Soda Vending Machines To Display Calories, Increase Availability Of Lower Calorie Drinks
  • McDonald’s recently started putting calorie counts on their menu
  • Don’t they already have the calories listed on the products?
  • And do we really think calories tell the whole story about food?
  • The soda companies are developing more diet drinks–REALLY?
  • Diet Coke is equivalent to water if it’s all about the calories
  • New healthcare law requires calories posted on vending machines
  • Seeing caloric counts could make some people “panic”
  • It can be helpful to have something that will make people think
  • The other “crap” that is put into diet soda that’s harmful
  • Epigenetics can “change the way your body” functions
  • Report: Some dietary supplements illegally labeled
  • Know the source of your food…but also your supplementation
  • Citing Wikipedia isn’t a great source for promoting your products
  • This speaks to how profitable supplements are as a “quick fix”
  • People hear Dr. Oz talk about something like raspberry ketones
  • These “scammy” kind of supplements overshadow good supplements
  • Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, echinacea are all great supplements
  • Don’t think the FDA has to approve one for it to be good
  • How taking Glycosolve has helped me normalize my blood sugar levels
  • Buying quality supplements from trustworthy sources
  • Cassie’s high-quality vitamins available on her web site
  • Listen to Dr. Jonny Bowden in Episode 26 of ATLCX podcast
  • Why Some Fats Are Worse Than Others
  • They’re dismissing saturated fat too quickly in this column
  • The “pro-inflammatory” vs. “anti-inflammatory” responses
  • But who is to say that one is good and one is bad
  • Inflammation can be a good thing under the right circumstance
  • Saturated fats are healthy and unsaturated fats can be unhealthy
  • Saturated fat is only inflammatory in the presence of high-carb
  • Trans fats tend to be the biggest culprit in health with fat
  • This column acknowledges there are some fats that are good for you
  • The “healthy” fats are ones generally found in Mediterranean diet
  • Why We’re So Fat: What’s Behind the Latest Obesity Rates
  • Read my 2005 blog post “Is Poverty Promoting Pudginess?”
  • It’s not just low-income, but educational and so much more
  • Red states have higher obesity rates than blue states
  • The SNAP (Food Stamps) promoted to buy the healthier options
  • It’s “incredible” that one-third of our nation is considered obese
  • The hyperlinked word “nutrition” was an ad for crappy drink product
  • People think health food is expensive and junk food is cheap…
  • But have you seen the price of a box of cereal lately?
  • Metal filing found in cereal lead to giving it up
  • Why Americans Are So Fat
  • Advertising is pretty “insidious” and influences too many people
  • The strange relationship of sneaky marketing and miseducation
  • We use advertising as excuses for not fixing underlying problems
  • Foods are designed to “make us go crazy about them”
  • But this makes us think it’s “not our fault” from eating them
  • Advertising is so “subconscious” that you don’t notice them anymore
  • “Willpower” and “calories in, calories out” are both BIG MYTHS
  • Health isn’t just about developing a serious illness
  • It’s great that they “kinda make fun of the BMI” in the column
  • When someone gets sick of being fat, they’ll do anything
  • Unfortunately weight loss is at the expense of good health
  • If we “just eat real food” and define what that is
  • Fast food companies are “great at marketing” but need education
  • Changing your lifestyle and do what it takes to make change happen
  • Dr. Zorba Paster: Low-carb diets might have something
  • The physician promoting lean proteins, beans, tofu and legumes
  • When people catch on to low-carb, they’re not doing it correctly
  • Low-carb and low-fat mixed together is “a big disaster”
  • People need to understand the importance of dietary fat
  • We’ve been “indoctrinated” that fat is bad; people have hard time
  • The challenge is to get people where they are and educate
  • Why do people think adding more protein to their diet is good?
  • A high-protein diet isn’t necessarily the healthiest kind of diet
  • That’s why dietary fat is a healthy part of the Atkins diet
  • Read Neely Quinn’s take on Dr. Oz co-opting the Paleo Diet
  • How can you suggest beans, tofu, legumes is even low-carb?
  • Atkins has always been a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet
  • New Health Canada Guidelines Advise Meat as Baby First Food
  • Eat meat and eggs over rice cereal which babies should never eat
  • “Babies love Cheerios…no they don’t, no they don’t guys”
  • You go to nutrition web sites and they downplay nutrition in foods
  • Meat has automatically been cut out of the calcuations
  • Mat Lalonde did a great presentation on this topic at #AHS12
  • Listen to Dr. Neal Barnard in Episode 415 of The LLVLC Show
  • Watch my hilarious “Babies Don’t Want Meat” YouTube video
  • It makes you wonder if a Paleo/low-carber is on the Canadian panel
  • Rice cereal gets kids addicted to carbs at such a young age
  • Why not go with real food if you want them to be optimally healthy
  • Perhaps eating low-carb foods can help with colic in babies
  • Where’s the research for feeding solid food at 4-6 months?
  • Fruit snacks and juice boxes are given mindlessly to young kids
  • If you don’t introduce it to your children, they’ll never know
  • Brad’s child who was served sugary soda and it was “offensive”
  • Stefani’s German friends who thought American root beer was horrible
  • Stefani is a big believer in healthy eating on limited time/money
  • Her dream to maybe write a book on cooking with a microwave only
  • The frozen veggies and fresh products bought in bulk she purchases
  • You can cook eggs in the microwave–my illustrated instructions
  • A microwave pear or apple with cinnamon on top–SO GOOD!
  • You can microwave sweet potatoes in the microwave too
  • Brad’s “How To Make Quick & Easy Paleo Meals” blog post
  • Everything tastes better by adding some bacon to it
  • When you eat enough fat, you can go a long time between meals
  • Brad’s Thanksgiving $3 cookbook that is coming up in November
  • Look for Brad’s “Passionate Paleo” podcast hitting iTunes soon
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    Today we heard from Stefani Ruper And Dr. Brad Fackrell giving their thoughts on the the health headlines, including New Soda Vending Machines To Display Calories, Increase Availability Of Lower Calorie Drinks, Report: Some dietary supplements illegally labeled, Why Some Fats Are Worse Than Others, Why We’re So Fat: What’s Behind the Latest Obesity Rates, Why Americans Are So Fat, Dr. Zorba Paster: Low-carb diets might have something, New Health Canada Guidelines Advise Meat as Baby First Food and so much more! We’d love to know what YOU thought about what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 63. Dietitian Cassie and I can’t wait to share two more fabulous guest friends with you on October 26, 2012 in Episode 64 with Jeremy and Louise Hendon from Paleo Magazine and Louise’s Foods. Then in Episode 65 on November 2, 2012, we’ll be pleased to have an outstanding visit with Kelly McCausey from the “Low Carb Mom” blog and Lynn Terry from the “Traveling Low Carb” blog who are the co-hosts of their own brand new low-carb podcast called the 90 Day Low Carb Challenge. This will be our final episode of 2012, so be sure not to miss it! We’ll start lining up lots of great new friends to share with you even more dissecting of the health headlines beginning again in 2013!

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