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LCC (Episode 62): Kaleigh Laventure And Dr. Rakesh Patel Respond To The ‘We Are Hungry’ Viral YouTube Video


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In Episode 62 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” we’ve got a fantastic show in store for you as always! This is the place where my awesome co-host Dietitian Cassie and I chime in on the various health headlines of the day presenting an alternative perspective with opinions from our friends in the low-carb and Paleo communities. We are thrilled to bring to you this LISTENER-SUPPORTED podcast on Fridays thanks to the incredible generosity of the people who enjoy this show the most. THANK YOU for the support that so many of you who have helped us keep “Low-Carb Conversations” going and we invite you to make a donation if you want to contribute to the continuation of this weekly podcast. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who listens, donates and shares this podcast with family and friends each and every week.

Today we have an excellent panel of guest friends joining Jimmy and Dietitian Cassie with the amazing Kaleigh Laventure from “The Paleo Angel” blog and the expertise of Dr. Rakesh “Rocky” Patel from the “Arizona Sun Prevention Center.” Listen in as our distinguished panel takes on some current health headlines, including the recent “We Are Hungry” viral YouTube video by Kansas students protesting calorie limits on public school lunches, the “snack” solution proposed by the USDA for those “hungry” kids, a low-carb diabetic success story told to eat more carbs by his doctor, a pro-Paleo Men’s Health Magazine column, what the real importance of LDL cholesterol is for people on a low-carb diet, Rocky’s blog post about LDL-P and Kaleigh’s story about how intermittent fasting was ineffective for her. Plus, don’t miss Kaleigh’s Paleo Pumpkin Doughnuts recipe she shares at the end of the show. Now it’s time to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!

Listen to Kaleigh Laventure and Dr. Rakesh Patel share their thoughts:

  • The marathon seminar by an RD that Cassie attended
  • It’s “frustrating” hearing an RD spout conventional wisdom
  • The RD wasn’t a runner, but was telling runners how to eat
  • She told them they can eat junk food after their race
  • You’ll “replenish sodium stores” eating pizza, chips, etc.
  • Cassie “wanted to go up and grab the microphone” afterwards
  • She even recommended a runner drink a Diet Coke pre-race
  • It seems carbonated beverage and running don’t go together
  • Kaleigh started her blog last year and been Paleo for two years
  • Her life has changed for the better in many ways
  • I met her during the Ancestral Health Symposium in Boston
  • Rocky is a family physician in Gilbert, Arizona
  • He sees patients dealing with diabetes, heart disease, and stroke
  • His own struggle with weight loss that led him to low-carb living
  • Physicians are leaning towards embracing low-carb nutrition
  • Although there’s still a lot of misconception about health
  • Hungry students protest low-calorie lunches
  • Here’s the “We Are Hungry” YouTube video discussed in this episode:


  • The Kansas students who got fed up with calorie-restricted lunches
  • It’s a creative way to get the message out to the USDA about this
  • The athletes were concerned they needed more calories
  • A good follow-up would be to research the science behind this
  • It’s not about the calories, it’s the quality of those calories
  • The calorie limit furthers the message that calories are all that matters
  • They’re serving more carbs, less fat and no meat? Why?
  • And why are they limiting protein to one ounce of protein per meal
  • The breadstick counts as protein because it has protein in it
  • Cheese is not a quality protein source like meat would be
  • They won’t allow meat in the marinara sauce to keep protein down
  • We haven’t heard the last of this story…it’s not going anywhere soon
  • More info behind the “We Are Hungry” student YouTube video
  • Snacks: The USDA’s Solution To Student’s Healthy Lunch Complaints
  • The choices the kids are given limiting protein is “absolutely ridiculous”
  • Breaded fish, white potatoes–way too many carbohydrates in this lunch meal
  • Give them more healthy fats and protein and they won’t need to snack
  • You gotta snack to fulfill your hunger when you eat a carb-rich meal
  • Rocky said he see patients who are hungry even after eating a meal
  • Making the meal high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb and they’re satisfied
  • Kids don’t have lockers, so there’s nowhere to store food from home
  • Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack claims snacks are normal for kids
  • Teachers said ALL of their students are hungry at 1PM everyday
  • It’s the blood sugar drop response from the carbohydrates consumed
  • Snacks won’t always be packed by parents of kids who need it
  • The “No Kids Hungry Act” bill proposed in Congress right now
  • These calorie restrictions can’t possibly last for very long
  • They’re putting cameras in the trash cans to catch kids discarding veggies
  • Kids will “find an alternative” to the low-calorie foods
  • Diabetic transforms his health with a low-carb diet and his doctor urges him to eat more carbs
  • This is “completely asinine” and will make you shake your head
  • Patients with diabetes have always been told to eat carbohydrates
  • You have to overmedicate because you feed it what it doesn’t need
  • It’s an “uphill battle” to fight this kind of misinformation on diabetes
  • It doesn’t even have to be a ketogenic diet for diabetics to see results
  • The same old tired arguments keep coming up over and over again
  • If you’re seeing results, then who cares how you got there?
  • It’s just “pure ignorance” to tell a diabetic to keep eating carbs
  • Kaleigh got “pretty butchered” in 2011 by her doctor about dairy
  • Her blood work was stellar and she said “it speaks for itself”
  • If something is working for someone, then don’t fix it
  • Having a nutrition degree doesn’t mean they know nutrition
  • Should You Go Paleo? by Lou Schuler in Men’s Health Magazine
  • Listen to Lou Schuler in Episode 580 of The LLVLC Show
  • Eliminating grains, walking and eating fruits and veggies do the trick
  • Paleo “eliminates” a lot of the negative health issues people have
  • What people are dying of today are totally “diet related”
  • It’s good to hear the Paleo diet is promoted as real whole foods
  • People hear Paleo and immediately think it’s a fad diet
  • A fad that’s been around for millions of years–HUH?
  • The inflammation connection is highlighted in this column
  • Men’s Health likes to tease with “six-pack abs” promises
  • The various kinds of inflammation we can be talking about
  • Inflammation is “involved in every disease process”
  • Publicity for Paleo will give it more “credibility”
  • Getting six-pack abs takes a lot more “tinkering” to get there
  • The Standard American Diet “perpetuates” inflammation
  • There’s an increase in mainstream press for Paleo
  • Mark Sisson’s recent appearance on NBC-TV’s “Rock Center”
  • LDL Cholesterol On A Low-Carb Diet
  • I get 10-12 e-mails from readers every week wanting cholesterol interpretation
  • Cholesterol gets a bad rap despite the fact that we need it
  • Cassie got her cholesterol results and her LDL is high at 130
  • The problem with LDL is it’s generally calculated with Friedwald equation
  • When triglycerides are under 100, LDL is usually “overestimated”
  • Arbitrarily lowering LDL cholesterol doesn’t make you healthy
  • Her CRP levels (inflammation) are “practically zero”
  • Her doctor told her to “decrease cholesterol in diet significantly”
  • But then her HDL and triglycerides were all stellar
  • Christine’s LDL cholesterol was up a little and doctor said cut bacon
  • The LDL test can be “inaccurate” requiring better tests
  • If you’re cutting carbs, then your triglycerides are below 100
  • Rocky can always tell if his patients “are cheating or not”
  • Triglycerides should be under 70 and not the 150 level
  • The size of the LDL doesn’t matter, but LDL particles do
  • What we don’t know yet is oxidized LDL information
  • Testing for that is coming up very soon
  • Listen to Dr. Thomas Dayspring in Episode 29 of ATLCX
  • Does LDL-P Matter? by Dr. Rocky Patel
  • This reminded me a lot of my own LDL-P numbers which are high
  • Most diseases, doctors find the disease and treat it
  • But heart disease is treated on “risk factors” and not the disease
  • Rocky looks for plaque in the wall of his patient’s arteries
  • Then he looks at the key disease markers like cholesterol, CRP, etc.
  • He treats the “root cause” and then responds accordingly
  • His family history that makes him susceptible to heart disease
  • The “inexpensive” test that he runs on patients for heart health
  • The “small plaques” he found in his carotid artery
  • He ended up getting the arteries of a 16-year old
  • His LDL-P has been over 2500 despite these improvements
  • You can’t treat risk factors because you might over treat or under treat
  • An LDL-P of 1600+ may or may not need medications to improve
  • It depends on your point of view about how to treat this issue
  • Rocky considers himself an “arterialologist” instead
  • Perhaps Dr. Peter Attia and NuSi can look into this
  • If you have disease, then he’ll treat aggressively
  • But if it’s just a risk factor, he will be more cautious
  • We might be “genetic outliers” that don’t prove anything
  • It’s interesting that changing your diet can increase LDL-P
  • Eating low-carb just “goes all across the spectrum” of disease
  • Low-carb tends to be “beneficial to anyone” with chronic disease
  • Low-carb seems to be a “cure-all” for almost anything now
  • Any time you can improve fatty acid profile, it’s a good thing
  • Maybe me and Rocky are “genetic freaks” with LDL-P
  • Rocky realizes he’s a “hyperabsorber” of cholesterol
  • We need more information before treating patients on this
  • How Intermittent Fasting Saved Me…while Slowly Killing Me by Kaleigh Laventure
  • Listen to George Bryant in Episode 58 of Low-Carb Conversations
  • My spontaneous intermittent fasting while on nutritional ketosis
  • Kaleigh used it as a means to “a better approach” with her diet
  • She lost a lot of weight, but her sleep became much worse
  • Her Paleo helped her “sleep so much better” and IF ruined that
  • She had “horrible acne” all over her chin and forehead
  • It developed into some “body image issues” that popped up
  • IF is “not a good approach” for people with high expectations
  • It can become “obsessive” if you take it to the extreme
  • The natural hunger cycle where she requires three meals a day
  • It was “suffering” so she decided to drop the IF
  • Now she’s “in tune with her body” and eating when hungry
  • We all want to look good, but she’d rather feel good instead
  • Whether this issue with IF is a uniquely female issue
  • Stefani Ruper’s column from the “Paleo For Women” blog
  • Men tend to have more success with IF than women do
  • Be aware of how your body is responding to it
  • If you feel like you’re starving, then DON’T DO IT
  • It freaks me out how long I can go without eating between meals
  • You could feel the pain in Kaleigh’s blog post
  • Overtraining and low-carb can be a “recipe for disaster”
  • DH Keifer’s 3-part intermittent fasting blog post
  • Adding in carbs before or after workouts can be helpful
  • People don’t want to hear about taking a break from workouts
  • If you’re hungry, then that’s your body telling you to eat food
  • Women especially should “listen to your body” more
  • You could “feel the pain” in Kaleigh’s blog post
  • Weight Watchers counts points and not food quality
  • Kaleigh loves cooking food in a slow cooker
  • Rocky loves making mashed cauliflower for potato substitute
  • You can steam any veggie and mix with fats
  • Kaleigh’s Paleo Pumpkin Doughnuts recipe
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    Today we heard from Kaleigh Laventure And Dr. Rakesh Patel discuss Hungry students protest low-calorie lunches, More info behind the “We Are Hungry” student YouTube video, Snacks: The USDA’s Solution To Student’s Healthy Lunch Complaints, Diabetic transforms his health with a low-carb diet and his doctor urges him to eat more carbs, Should You Go Paleo? by Lou Schuler in Men’s Health Magazine, LDL Cholesterol On A Low-Carb Diet, Does LDL-P Matter? by Dr. Rocky Patel, How Intermittent Fasting Saved Me…While Slowly Killing Me by Kaleigh Laventure, Kaleigh’s Paleo Pumpkin Doughnuts recipe and so much more! We’d love to know what YOU thought about what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 62. Dietitian Cassie and I can’t wait to share two more fabulous guest friends in Episode 63 with Stefani Ruper from the “Paleo For Women” blog and Dr. Brad Fackrell from “Straight Chiro.” As always, it’ll be another fun-filled time of opining on the health headlines.

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