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LCC (Episode 51): Darija Wiswell And William Allen Rebut Recent Negative Low-Carb Health Claims


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In Episode 51 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” it’s a hearty howdy ho, greetings and salutations today as we get ready to rock the house! My co-host Mindy Noxon Iannotti and I are enjoying spending just a little bit of time with you each and every Friday and are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and support from so many of YOU who have expressed your admiration for the show by making a financial contribution to this listener-supported podcast. Since we took the ads away and decided to let our listeners determine if this show will continue, so many of you have stepped up in a big way and helped us keep this thing going. Listen in at the end today’s episode to hear the names of those who have donated (as of June 23, 2012) to make the magic happen here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! If you would like to join the fun in keeping the “Low-Carb Conversations” podcast going, then CLICK HERE to partner with us to make that happen. We are grateful for your support!

Today we welcome two outstanding guest friends to the show with a really rad licensed and registered dietitian named Darija (pronounced DAR-REE-YUH) Wiswell who refers to herself as the “Real Food RD” and William Allen who has quite the weight loss success story and is now inspiring others through his “Transformation Pics” web site. Listen in as the panel takes on claims in a recent Swedish study that a low-carb diet increases heart health risks because it raises your cholesterol (they’re still trying to pull that one?), what Swedish physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt thinks about this so-called study out of his home country, Denise Minger‘s witty and acerbic response to this study, why our food is making us fat, the 9-year school lunch blogger exposing the crappy lunches she’s being served, the confusion about carbohydrates (which was surprisingly VERY GOOD!), and whether or not being overweight or obese is necessarily a condition you have complete control over. It’s a full slate of amazing topics and don’t you know Jimmy, Mindy, Darija and William have quite a bit to say about it all. Plus, don’t miss the oh-so-yummy recipes at the end of this one-hour dive into pure fun! So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!

Listen to Darija Wiswell and William Allen take the low-carb challenge:

  • How I started feeling “icky” before heading to the emergency clinic
  • My fever went from 99 degrees to over 100 degrees and “achy all over”
  • It turns out I had a urinary tract infection (UTI) requiring antibiotics
  • Doubling up on my probiotics while taking the antibiotics
  • Drinking diet cranberry juice and lots of water with medications
  • The recent trend to have RD’s on this podcast
  • Darija has been a dietitian for about nine years as a government RD
  • She works in risk reduction and health promotion reducing disease
  • Running her own program, she has better control over how to do this
  • The teaching that was used in schools to “gross out” kids about fat
  • Aren’t all RD’s about people consuming real food vs. packaged foods?
  • Unfortunately, no. They prefer 100-calorie packs and labeled foods.
  • William and his wife woke up one day and asked if they were happy
  • He was 335 and she was 250 pounds and they were displeased with life
  • His story of going to Six Flags and being sad over the safety harness
  • He went “cold turkey” and cut out all the bad carbs beginning in 2009
  • Growing up he played sports and was involved in power lifting
  • He knew how to diet from his bodybuilding friends
  • The amazing stories that he features on his weight loss success web site
  • He “kept it quiet” about weight loss and didn’t want to promote himself
  • That’s why he wanted to put the focus on others who have been successful
  • Why he chose a low-carb approach vs. a high-carb, low-fat approach
  • If you ever want to learn how to get lean, watch a bodybuilder
  • How the support of his wife was vital to his success
  • Darija said she didn’t tell her husband about her low-carb change
  • “Atkins diet ‘raises risk of heart disease’ because of a surge in cholesterol levels”
  • Sweden is seeing these kind of headlines because of LCHF success
  • Having high-cholesterol in and of itself really doesn’t mean anything
  • The study is assuming that high-cholesterol is a death sentence
  • How it’s easy to “fall for it” when you see a headline like this one
  • But the actual study has very little to do with the Atkins diet
  • It’s incredibly “misleading” to lead people to believe it’s about Atkins
  • There’s always gonna be a lobbyist pushing for industry interest groups
  • Unless you watch what is being consumed, there will be flaws in the data
  • Food log studies are horrible because they’re incredibly unreliable
  • Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt: The Swedish Diet Revolution and the Resulting Hysteria
  • Can you imagine in America if we stopped vilifying butter?
  • Isn’t it incredible butter and high-fat foods are embraced in Sweden?
  • Margarine in Sweden is about a nickel a tub and is “a good shoe shine”
  • As education continues about fat being, it could come to the United States
  • Sustainability is the key to making it work in each person’s lifestyle
  • William’s post-workout meal tends to be higher-carb than other times
  • Outside of that he keeps his carbohydrates at around 20g daily
  • This has helped him live a sustainable low-carb lifestyle
  • My blood sugar testing of sweet potatoes after a workout
  • You have to “earn your carbs” before being able to consume them
  • Denise Minger’s “Is It Time to Retire the Low-Carb Diet ‘Fad’?”
  • She playfully mocks this study using Justin Bieber and Facebook
  • Denise is “totally the queen” at looking at intricate, dry material
  • This study is “not proving anything” despite what the headlines say
  • Constantly calling low-carb a fad is laughable with legitimate fads out there
  • The “cut out entire food groups” claim apparently doesn’t apply to vegans
  • It really all comes down to bringing education and facts to people
  • Look for Denise Minger’s upcoming Death By Food Pyramid book
  • “Why our food is making us fat”
  • Foods are so much more palatable these days
  • Cereals, flour, HFCS has literally been added in to everything
  • The focus on sugar has been a good thing after long getting a “free pass”
  • Dieting success is a direct result of cutting your carbohydrates
  • Vegan diets tend to work so well early on by dropping processed carbs
  • “The Men Who Made Us Fat” documentary series happening in the UK
  • We’ve been marketed to eat more and more sugary, carby foods
  • People like Dr. Robert Lustig are pointing the finger of blame at sugar
  • The optimism that people are showing that cultural change is coming soon
  • Great Britain has followed America on nutrition–BAD DECISION!
  • More and more people are cutting out bread from their diet
  • Scottish council concedes food fight, lifts gag on 9-year-old school lunch blogger
  • It was great that she “took the initiative” to show what they eat
  • This has happened in the United States with a kid in Georgia
  • The school actually made changes to the food they were serving
  • This was “adorable” that the kid wanted to do this unique project
  • It was “a shame” that they came down so hard on her
  • She was “so innocent” and ended up raising a lot of money for charity
  • Questioning where her food is coming from and “even cares” about food
  • What are the schools afraid of if they’re serving good food to kids?
  • Schools must be “a little intimidated” about being exposed
  • Jamie Oliver gave her a shout out on his Twitter feed
  • 9-year old Scottish student Martha Payne’s “NeverSeconds” blog
  • Her school lunch photo blog now receives 4 million hits
  • “Confused About Carbs? 5 Common Myths”
  • The various “myths” that this RD discusses are spot on
  • Mindy tends to “get in conversations about food” with everyone now
  • Her discussion with someone about eating “whole grains” for fiber
  • It’s hard for people to grasp why these myths can be dead wrong
  • Cereals being heart-healthy is the biggest marketing scam
  • Kellogg’s and Post spend gobs of money marketing cereal as healthy
  • 46% of Americans start their day with a bowl of cereal
  • An average bowl of cereal is like eating 4-6 slices of bread
  • Many choose to skip breakfast now because they get hungry too quickly
  • Why do people STILL believe all of these myths are true?
  • If you live in a low-income area, all that’s offered in stores is carbs
  • With gluten-free, why not eat meats and veggies instead of products?
  • It’s easy to eat gluten-free cupcakes and other foods, but…
  • Gluten-free flours tend to contain simple carbs that are a problem
  • Realize that bread will never be the same or a part of your life again
  • You can eat gluten-free “really healthy or really crappy”
  • How Mindy gets a gluten-free cupcake for her daughter’s birthday
  • You can’t have them everyday, just as a “special treat”
  • “Overweight or Obese? Maybe it’s not just you”
  • “Relentless Roger And The Caveman Doctor” Podcast
  • William says “you can’t outwork a bad diet” full of carbohydrates
  • The stereotype that fat people are stupid is getting worse and worse
  • The “fat hate” is becoming vicious and it’s incredibly ignorant
  • Prime example: “Who else hates fat people?”
  • You would think there would be more compassion but the opposite happens
  • “Let’s Move” campaign perpetuates the myth that people need to move more
  • People put vegetables and whole grains in the same “healthy” category
  • Telling people to just eat less is not a diet, it’s TORTURE!
  • When you get off track on low-carb, it’s hard to get back on it again
  • If you eat the way the government wants you to, you’ll never get better
  • The “free day” that William and his wife enjoys on Sundays
  • You gotta know in your head that you have to get right back on it again
  • Darija’s “too easy” fresh tomato recipe
  • William’s “favorite” almond butter protein powder smoothie at 4:30AM
  • Mindy’s Paleo Mocha Frappuccino recipe
  • Advertising for sugary/carby foods are literally EVERYWHERE!
  • Mindy tries to make a substitute for her favorite Coolatta drink
  • We’ll be gone the next two week Fridays as I travel
  • Going to Nashville and Indiana (for Dana Carpender’s low-carb meet-up)
  • THANK YOU to all of the people who donated to us this month
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    Today we heard from Darija Wiswell And William Allen talk about “Atkins diet ‘raises risk of heart disease’ because of a surge in cholesterol levels,” Swedish “Diet Doctor” Andreas Eenfeldt Responds: The Swedish Diet Revolution and the Resulting Hysteria, Denise Minger’s “Is It Time to Retire the Low-Carb Diet ‘Fad’?,” “Why our food is making us fat,” Scottish council concedes food fight, lifts gag on 9-year-old school lunch blogger, 9-year old Scottish student Martha Payne’s “NeverSeconds” school lunch blog, “Confused About Carbs? 5 Common Myths,” “Overweight or Obese? Maybe it’s not just you,” Paleo Mocha Frappuccino recipe and so much more! Tell us your thoughts about what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 51. As I shared at the end of today’s show, we’ll be taking the next two Fridays off as I travel to Tennessee and Indiana in the first couple of weeks of July. But we’ll be back on Friday, July 20, 2012 with more health headlines being discussed by our friends Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton and Dr. Michael Tremba. SEE YA THEN!

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