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LCC (Episode 42): Lydia Shatney & Dusty Roop Offer Sweet Truths About Sugar


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In Episode 42 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” we’re bursting at the seams today with yet another super-duper dippity doo podcast featuring our friends Lydia Shatney from “Divine Health” and Dusty Roop from “Diatruth!” My co-host Mindy and I were jazzed up and ready to go with an awesome conversation with Lydia and Dusty about eating chocolate cake for breakfast (?!), why cereal is so sugary these days you might as well be feeding your kids Twinkies, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” viral video star Dr. Robert Lustig’s idea to regulate and tax sugar as a toxin, and the overall evils that come from the dastardly sweet white stuff. Plus you won’t want to miss the Ribeye with Salt & Pepper and Asian Infused Lettuce Wraps recipes from our guest friends at the end of the show. So what are you waiting for? Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about what’s making health headlines and have a conversation about them from the healthy low-carb lifestyle perspective.

Listen to Lydia Shatney & Dusty Roop talk about sugar:

  • The horrible snacks they offer when you give blood
  • Mindy has never given blood because of anemia
  • A great way to lower iron levels is to donate blood
  • Lydia was “sick and tired of being sick and tired” in 2009
  • She “went crazy” embracing the high-fat, low-carb life
  • The shifting around to gluten-free, low-grain, low-sugar
  • Ditching processed foods alone made her “a new person”
  • Dusty figured out low-carb early in life from grandparents
  • His drinking problem shifted to an eating addiction
  • By the age of 50, he reached 400 pounds and diabetic
  • He struggled with eating less and exercise more
  • He was taking 150-200 units of insulin daily
  • He discovered low-carb and lost 170 pounds
  • Now he takes very little to no insulin
  • ADA pushes foods that require diabetics to use insulin
  • “Chocolate cake breakfast could help you lose weight”
  • Mindy has been on a “sugar kick” lately craving it
  • Indulging sugar early in the day “sets me off”
  • Who can eat chocolate cake for breakfast and move on
  • Lydia said this is “stupid” and only for “controversy”
  • Great unknowns of what they were eating in the study
  • Dusty thinks the researchers need to have funding pulled
  • It’s “beyond the pale” that a study like this is published
  • The unintended consequences of the study headlines
  • “Forget Cereal – Feed Your Kids Twinkies”
  • Our “Health Claims Gone Wild” YouTube videos
  • Sugary cereal is 52% sugar, so why not eat cake?
  • It’s a shame cereal promoted as a “healthy” breakfast
  • Why not teach your kids how to play Russian roulette?
  • With diabetes on the upswing, our kids in trouble
  • It’s frustrating raising kids in a cereal culture
  • Cereal is not real food because it’s highly processed
  • Because of cereal, it takes a while to get your health back
  • The “ongoing trail” of deep health problems that happens
  • “Sugar Should Be Regulated As Toxin, Researchers Say”
  • Denmark now taxing high saturated fat foods
  • We don’t need to have our choices taken away from us
  • Who is going to regulate this sugar bureaucracy
  • The government needs to “be silent” with our bodies
  • Public schools are educating kids with the Food Pyramid
  • Forget the government, we need more “revolutionaries”
  • Lydia’s Valentine’s day story about her kid at school
  • “Evil is among us. And it’s called sugar”
  • Ribeye with Salt & Pepper recipe by Dusty
  • Asian Infused Lettuce Wraps by Lydia
  • A sneaky way to get liver into your diet
  • The YouTube video of how someone eats liver

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    Today we heard from Lydia Shatney & Dusty Roop discussing “Chocolate cake breakfast could help you lose weight,” “Forget Cereal – Feed Your Kids Twinkies,” “Sugar Should Be Regulated As Toxin, Researchers Say,” Lydia’s Valentine’s day story about her kid at school, “Evil is among us. And it’s called sugar,” Ribeye with Salt & Pepper recipe by Dusty, Asian Infused Lettuce Wraps by Lydia, and so much more! Tell us what YOU thought about what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 42.

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    • Dusty has helped me out immensely. He is one of my early mentors.If I have a question, he usually has the answer or will find it

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