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LCC (Episode 40): Laura Caruso & Crystal Fieldhouse On McNuggets, Weight Watchers & School Lunches


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In Episode 40 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends,” it’s time again to bring on a couple more friends to chit chat about healthy low-carb living with me and my lovely co-host Mindy Noxon Iannotti. Today we have Missouri girl Laura Caruso and from the land of Australia we welcome Crystal Fieldhouse from the “Eat. Sleep. Move.” blog. We have some rather interesting news stories to discuss today, including Weight Watchers declaring McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets as “healthy” (nope this is NOT a joke!), how to make REAL chicken nuggets without all the garbage and made from real chicken (imagine that!), Weight Watchers spokesman Charles Barkley not taking the diet plan he peddles too seriously, and students in the Los Angeles Unified School District roundly rejecting the “healthy” school lunches they have been served after British TV chef Jamie Oliver changed the menus in 2011. Oh, we’ve got so much to talk about with these health news stories as well as some oh-so-yummy recipes like egg pancakes and a one-pot meal as well as other fun stuff in store for you. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about it on the Virtual Porch!

Listen to Laura Caruso & Crystal Fieldhouse talk low-carb:

  • Teenager has been on a Chicken McNugget diet for 15 years
  • Mindy’s sign: “Two choices for dinner: take it or leave it!”
  • Laura lost 70 pounds ten years ago on a low-carb “diet”
  • Her shift to low-carb Paleo lifestyle over the past year
  • A “progressive” doctor who put her on low-carb
  • Crystal came to Paleo through CrossFit to improve health
  • The “30-day challenge” to do Paleo that convinced her
  • Her husband’s support and success doing this plan
  • She’s becoming “totally immersed” in this way of eating
  • The health improvements she and her husband experienced
  • The “holistic approach” they take to their health now
  • Why wouldn’t a mother take action with the nuggets kid
  • “McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets branded ‘healthy’ by Weight Watchers”
  • It’s unfortunate Weight Watchers carries such “power”
  • Weight Watchers is “missing the point” on weight loss
  • It’s not about the quantity but the quality of food
  • REAL “Chicken Nuggets” recipe by Maria Emmerich
  • Weight Watchers think people can’t live without McDonald’s
  • How many people get Chicken McNuggets thinking it’s meat
  • Even grilled chicken at McDonald’s has gluten and soy in it
  • The difficulty in eating at fast food restaurants anymore
  • “Charles Barkley Isn’t Taking Weight Watchers Seriously”
  • They all know it takes low-carb to keep weight balanced
  • When you hungry is when you cheat, WW makes you hungry
  • You are “rarely hungry” when you eat high-fat, low-carb
  • The personal trainer who has to eat every two hours
  • “LAUSD Students Roundly Reject Healthier School Lunch Menu”
  • The adults have to buy into healthy nutritional choices
  • Getting kids growing their own food will “engage” them
  • The problem with the changes made by Jamie Oliver
  • “Strange foods” that they added to the school lunches
  • Laura’s son said he’d like healthier versions of pizza
  • There needs to be a stakeholder’s meeting for consensus
  • The food needs to be more “kid-friendly” yet healthy
  • Laura’s Ground Beef & Veggies recipe
  • Crystal’s Easy Egg Pancakes recipe

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    Today we heard from Laura Caruso & Crystal Fieldhouse discuss Teenager has been on a Chicken McNugget diet for 15 years, “McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets branded ‘healthy’ by Weight Watchers,” REAL “Chicken Nuggets” recipe by Maria Emmerich, “Charles Barkley Isn’t Taking Weight Watchers Seriously,” “LAUSD Students Roundly Reject Healthier School Lunch Menu,” Laura’s Ground Beef & Veggies recipe, Crystal’s Easy Egg Pancakes recipe, and so much more! How did you like what you heard in today’s show in the show notes section of Episode 40. Coming up next Friday we’ll have Joey Cardillo & Sarah Ballantyne to keep the conversations going. If YOU want to be on a future episode of “Low-Carb Conversations” then simply e-mail your Skype username to livinlowcarbman@charter.net. When we’re ready to record again, I’ll be in touch.

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    • Dave Reid

      Dr. Oz just got a million people to sign up with Weight Watchers,  whether they realize it or not. I wonder if he gets a commission?


      And according to this blogger, Weight Watchers will work(lose weight and keep it off for 5 years) for 2 out of every 1,000, and those 2 people will likely only lose 5 lbs. or less.


      Charles is right, what a scam!

      • Anonymous

        Seriously! This is turabull!

      • Michael Plunkett

        I got to cover Charles (I called him Chuck) when he played for the sixers, he was a good guy and brutally honest to a point that offends those not ready for his dose of truth.  And we are as bad as “they” are with playing up the wrong facts. McDs food is processed crap but it wasn’t the chicken nuggets – but a poor diet void of any genuine nutrition. We know that if she eat nothing but cauliflower (a superfood they say), the same thing would have occurred- maybe sooner.And we are as bad as “they” are with playing up the wrong facts. McDs food is processed crap but it wasn’t the chicken nuggets – but a poor diet void of any genuine nutrition. We know that if she eat nothing but cauliflower (a superfood they say), the same thing would have occurred- maybe sooner.

        • Anonymous

          Nobody in the low-carb community is saying for anyone to eat the same thing everyday. Don’t need to repeat this point three times though. 😉

          • Michael Plunkett

            Sorry Jimmy- Ill leave you be.
             But the headline and the voice line to the story was about McNuggets not a single food source diet. 

            • Anonymous

              And that’s exactly what we talked about in this podcast. Thanks for your feedback! :)

    • Peggy Holloway5

      I know I’ve posted this story before, but it is especially relevant: My sister spent a summer religiously following the WW 25 point program (1999) and walked 4 to 5 miles a day. After 3 months, she had gained 10 pounds and got her “diabetes” diagnosis.