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Keto Talk (Episode 91): Keto Talk Mailbox Blitz – Poopcast Edition


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If you are interested in the low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet, then this is the podcast for you. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on your health. There are a lot of myths about keto floating around out there and our two amazing cohosts are shooting them down one at a time. Keto Talk is cohosted by 10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and Pittsburgh, PA functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole from DrWillCole.com who thoroughly share from their wealth of experience on the ketogenic lifestyle each and every Thursday. We love hearing from our fabulous Ketonian listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and listened to the past episodes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Will answer your poop related questions in Episode 91.

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“You are about ten times more bacteria than human. What researches are finding is that the microbiome is implicated in nearly every chronic disease in the body.” – Dr. Will Cole

Here’s what Jimmy and Will talked about in Episode 91:

– Crazy Things Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Health

– If You Haven’t Pooped In Days, Here’s What You Should Do

– I Mailed This Company My Poop to Analyze My Health. Here’s What I Learned

– Why Coffee Makes You Poop—and How to Delay the Urge

– 5 Things Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Health

NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorship

– STUDY: Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Ulcerative Colitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

1. Is it an issue that I only have one well-formed and easy-to-pass bowel movement every other day since shifting my diet to keto?

Hey Jimmy and Will,

Thanks so much for talking so openly about poop! When you said that all we need is two snakes a day, all I could think of was no way! After shifting my diet to keto, I noticed the amount of food I was consuming decreased with more nutrient dense foods satisfying me. My theory is my body was actually able to use most of the food I was consuming without much waste which explains why my bowel movements went down. I simply generate less waste now, right? My estimation is that I average a poop every other day but it is well formed and passes easily so it doesn’t appear I am constipated. Should I be worried that it is so infrequent and what should I alter in my diet if my bowel habits sound problematic?


“In the next four or five years this is what everybody is going to be talking about. Educate yourself now so that you can make an informed decision about your health.”  – Jimmy Moore

2. Are there any concerns associated with flushing out the colon with water as a means of detoxing?

Hey guys! I’d love to know what Dr. Will Cole thinks of colon hydrotherapy for colon cleansing. Thanks for everything you do!


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3. Why have I been experiencing regular bouts of loose stools since I’ve shifted my diet over to a ketogenic approach?

Hi Jimmy and Dr. Cole,

I’ve been listening to your podcast since I began keto in June. Thank you for all the great information. In August, I began struggling with regular bouts of diarrhea on a daily basis. I can’t remember the last solid stool that I had. I no longer track my macros since I’m at my goal weight. I typically have a Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil powder and butter in the morning and eat leftovers for lunch, an afternoon snack of a cheese stick or almond butter, and then dinner with meat and veggies. I’ve been playing around with my carbs, including adding back in healthy carbs like sweet potato and checking my blood ketones to confirm I’m always in ketosis. I drink lots of water and I’m good about getting in my electrolytes. I’ve even cut back on magnesium to see if that would help. It has not. My stomach isn’t upset and overall I feel a lot better than I did before keto. Any clues on what I can do to decrease the diarrhea?

Thank you for your help!



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4. What is causing my poop to be watery and yellow when I’m eating keto and extended fasting?

Hello Jimmy and Dr. Cole,

I’ve been eating keto with intermittent fasting since mid-April and have been slowly healing my gut from a lot of issues I was experiencing. But here is the issue: my poop is watery and yellowish in color (my liver levels were tested and it came back as optimal on the lab results). I especially see this yellowish loose stool when I fast for longer than 16 hours. My MCT oil consumption is 1 Tbs in my coffee and I did that without issues at the beginning of keto. It kicked in at the three- month mark. My food intake hasn’t changed much since going keto, but I have noticed that when I eat off plan even a little I get the runs hard and furious. One other issue that might be connected to this is I’m dealing with hair loss from thyroid issues as well as high estrogen levels. Can you help me figure this out?

Thanks so much for your podcast! God bless you guys.


5. What can I do to improve my Type 2 on the Bristol Stool chart to the more healthier Type 3 and 4?

Hi Jimmy and Will,

Thank you for all you do for the keto community. In the episode where you discussed the Bristol Stool chart, you commented that any good Bristol chart would include tips to fix each type of poop. I can’t find this information, so please post this in the show notes section of your Poopcast. I seem to constantly have Type 2 poop where it is sausage-shaped and lumpy and I’ve tried various tips to getting it back to normal, including adding salt, magnesium, extra water, and upping my fiber. But nothing seems to help other than doing an extended fast. Any other tips you can give me to help improve this to the more healthy stool?

Thanks for your help,


6. Is there anything wrong with never feeling constipated? And would only pooping once a week be a problem?

Hello you guys,

If you never feel constipated, is this something to worry about? And if you aren’t pooping on a daily basis and only going once a week, why would this be a problem?




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7. Why have my bowels come to a screeching halt since I switched over to a ketogenic diet? What can I do to get my bowel moving again?

Hi Jimmy and The Poopmaster,

I have been doing keto for about a month and ever since I started eating this way it’s like my bowels have come to a screeching halt. I consume 50-60g total carbs with around 30 grams of fiber. I drink close to a gallon of water a day and supplement with magnesium and probiotics. Is this an issue I need to be concerned about? Any ideas on how to make my bowels start back up again?



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