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Keto Talk (Episode 71): Genetic Testing For Diet, Raynaud’s Worse On Keto, Sore Spots After Cheating, Adderall Preventing Ketosis, Trouble Staying In Ketosis

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If you are interested in the low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet, then this is the podcast for you. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on your health. There are a lot of myths about keto floating around out there and our two amazing cohosts are shooting them down one at a time. Keto Talk is cohosted by 10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and Arizona osteopath and certified bariatric physician Dr. Adam Nally from “Doc Muscles” who thoroughly share from their wealth of experience on the ketogenic lifestyle each and every Thursday. We love hearing from our fabulous Ketonian listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and listened to the past episodes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Adam return to the regular Keto Talk format and answer your questions on the low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic lifestyle in Episode 70.

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KEY QUOTE: “These studies that perpetuate the myth that laziness equals excess weight do nothing to help the real problem, it only continues to spread false information.” — Dr. Adam Nally


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 Here’s what Jimmy and Adam talked about in Episode 71:

– Fasting Talk has ended….but we’ll address some fasting questions on Keto Talk. What is The Doc’s position on fasting?
Obesity, inactivity could outpace smoking in cancer death risk
Can Folks With Type 2 Diabetes Forgo the Finger Stick?
Israel bans Heinz Ketchup because it’s linked to liver, pancreas, immune system, and brain issues
Kiwi farmers claim creation of low-carb potatoes


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– Is genetic testing that claims I need to be eating a low-fat, higher-carb diet valid if I am enjoying my ketogenic diet?

Dear Jimmy and Doc Nally,

Thank you for doing what you do. My life has changed thanks to this podcast. I have a quick question you guys: I recently got my Pathway Genomics results and the report said that my genes would benefit from a LOW FAT, higher carb diet. I have been keto for a year and I was shocked to see this. The report suggested my fats should be comprised of 20-25% of my diet, protein 20-25% and carbs 50-55%! I shuddered when I read this. It also said my body can process monounsaturated fats better than animal fats. What gives? Do my genes just not lend themselves to a keto diet?

All the best,


KEY QUOTE: “If your low-carb ketogenic diet is working, why would you cheat and put your body through that?”  – Jimmy Moore

STUDY: Submitted by Dr. Dallas Peak, MD who was taken in by the use of the phrase “benign dietary ketosis” (BDK) to describe nutritional ketosis

1. Why did my symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome seem to get worse when I started eating keto?

Hey Jimmy and The Doc,

I went gluten free years ago and Paleo was the next natural step. I have had autoimmune issues my whole life and my doctors couldn’t figure it out. One of them once told me, “we usually only see these symptoms in overweight people”, but overweight I am not. When first going Paleo, I made a drastic mistake without knowing it. The Paleo crowd was all about the bananas and potatoes back then so that’s what I did. Even though I am not big fans of either of these they were the least offensive carbs and it seemed to help. A few months ago I decided to go with a ketogenic approach doing it the correct way this time. I still have fruit in the house for my kids but I have not touched it. I never had the low-carb flu and within a week was sleeping like a rock for the first time in years despite living the stressful life of being a single mom. Joint pain did not flare up as much and my migraines are not showing up as often.

My question for you guys is this: I have always been plagued with Raynaud’s syndrome. It lasts all year long, not just in the winter. I have noticed that since I do not feel hungry on a regular basis it is easy to go many hours without food while out running errands without noticing how long it has been. My Raynaud’s then rears it’s ugly head and I feel it. I’m not sure if it’s going too long on an empty stomach or something else happening, but the Raynaud’s is the only thing that has gotten worse since I started eating keto. Do you know why this is happening? I am already taking a magnesium supplement to help. Even if you guys have no solution for me, I will just suck it up buttercup and deal with it as I have in the past because the benefits I am getting from nutritional ketosis far outweigh the cold hands and feet that I have always had to deal with anyway.

Listening to Keto Talk, it is very clear to me that you guys have a goal of helping people and getting correct information out there. I am so glad I found your podcast. Thank you both for your time and effort and keep up the great work.


2. Why did I start experiencing very sore spots on my skin when I decided to cheat on my low-carb, ketogenic diet?

Hey Jimmy and The Doc,

I recently found your podcast and have greatly enjoyed getting caught up on all the episodes! I have a question that might actually be a new one for you as I haven’t heard it discussed on your show before. I have been eating low-carb, ketogenic with weekly cheat days as Tim Ferriss outlines in his book The Four-Hour Body. After about six months of doing this, I noticed I would wake up with very sore spots on my skin following a cheat day. It seemed to be concentrated on my torso and sometimes on my upper arms, neck, and scalp. This soreness was on the surface of the skin, not the muscles or joints. The best way I can describe it is it felt like a giant bruise that was only painful when you pressed on it. My skin would be so sensitive that I would skip running or other exercise that day because the mere bouncing of my skin was too uncomfortable to bear.

The surface area of skin that would be sore seemed to correlate positively with how much crappy carbage I splurged on the previous day. Interestingly, the first areas to become sore were the areas in which I tend to store fat, such as the love handles, and the soreness would radiate out from there. If I had a really obscene cheat day, then even my upper leg skin would get sore. Very surprisingly, this phenomenon did not go away when I went back to the high-carb Standard American Diet for a period of time. It seemed anytime I indulged in something particularly sugary/carby, my skin got sore. This soreness would only subside after a day of eating low-carb keto again.

So my questions for you guys is this: What could be causing this? Is it just a rapid-onset generalized edema resulting from a significant increase in carbs? Why did it not begin occurring until a good 6+ months into eating low-carb and why did it persist after I went back on a high-carb diet? Have I permanently altered how my body reacts to carbs by going low-carb for so long? Finally, should I be concerned about this?

While trying to find answers to these questions online, I saw this “sore skin” phenomenon mentioned by a couple of people on low-carb diet forums who claimed they never experienced this before going low-carb. But none of these references included any explanations other than “possible edema”.

Thanks so much for your help and your wonderful podcast!



3. Can Adderall be having an adverse effect on getting into ketosis? And does keto do anything to help improve adult ADHD?

Dear Keto Talk hosts,

I am a 62-year old female and have been moving to keto through the usual progression—it started 20 years ago trying to eat local and real food, then on to WAPF, then Paleo, and now low-carb, ketogenic consuming 20-40g carbohydrates daily. Most of my carbs come from salad, kefir, cheese, and kombucha. My blood sugars have been coming down but I am still in the high 90s for fasting blood sugar in the morning. I have only seen .5 once on the blood ketone meter. I am trying to figure out what might be preventing ketosis for me and I have a couple of suspects. Because I have some of the MTHFR family of variations, my doctor has me on 1000 mcg of L-methylfolate and adenosyl/hydroxy B12. I am also taking 10 mg daily of Adderall. Would any of these be having an adverse effect on getting into ketosis? And does ketosis have any positive effect on improving adult ADHD? I’d really love to get off of that medication if at all possible.

Thanks for any insights you can provide.



– Why can’t I stay in ketosis eating what seems to be a well-formulated low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet?

Hey Jimmy and The Doc,

I listen to your Keto Talk podcast all the time and I have been doing keto for nearly 2 months. I am 6’7″ and weigh 220 pounds with 16% body fat. I started keto for all the health benefits, energy, and disease prevention it provides. I eat about 100g protein, less than 20g carbs, and 200g of fat. This all seems right to me and I am being very strict with it. I get lots of sleep, am not stressed, and have experimented with exercising a little and not doing any exercise. There’s only one problem: I JUST CANT STAY IN KETOSIS! I bought a blood ketone monitor and the highest reading I have seen is 1.2 for a very short 2-day period and most of the time I am less than 0.5. Every morning I wake up I am 0.2 and then it’ll rise to 0.6 mid day and once in awhile I’ll get to 0.8 in the evening or sometimes it goes the other way and I’ll drop back down to 0.3. I eat bacon and eggs in the morning with coffee, MCT oil, and full fat whipping cream as well as high-fat meats and cheeses or cream cheeses for lunch and supper. The frustrating thing for me is my wife is getting 2.5-3.5 on the ketone meter eating the exact same thing I am.

HELP! I hope you have an idea why I can’t stay in ketosis.

Thanks so much,

Andrew in Canada


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