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Kent Altena Wins 40 And Under Category In Atkins ‘All-Star Competition’

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my fellow Atkins low-carb diet weight loss success story Kent Altena from the “Atkins Diet Geek” blog for being one of the featured $1000 winners in the Atkins.com “All-Star Competition” contest announced this week. Less than a month after I started this blog back in April 2005, I received an e-mail from Kent whose story sounded eerily similar to mine–we’re the same age, started Atkins the same year, are both 6’3″ tall, both lost triple digits, were inspired by our brothers to lose weight and so much more! It was awesome to finally get to meet Kent and his lovely bride Laura this year on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise. Kent totally deserves this prestigious recognition for being an incredible ambassador for the Atkins diet for much of the past decade!

Over the past couple of months, thousands of votes have been cast through the official Atkins Facebook page for one of four categories: Women 40 and under, Women over 40, Men 40 and under and Men over 40. Interestingly, Kent is 40 years old exactly which is what makes his win in the Men 40 and under category that much more astonishing considering he was competing against entries from men 10-20 years younger than him who could perhaps lose weight much more easily than him without the challenges that come with age. The great example that Kent has been about how to make low-carb work over the long-term is an inspiration to all of us who choose to eat this way as a permanent and healthy lifestyle change.

Anyone who has heard of Kent “Bowulf” Altena through his uber-popular YouTube videos already knows he’s an Atkins rock star with an eye-popping 200+ pound weight loss that he’s maintained for 8+ years while participating in a series of marathon races while in a ketogenic state. I’m honored to share more about my friend with you today and to give him the recognition he deserves for winning this nationwide contest from Atkins.com. Get to know Kent more by listening to him in Episode 149 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast and Episode 4 and Episode 56 of the “Low-Carb Conversations” podcast.

Here’s the winning “All-Star Competition” entry by Kent Altena:

  • Carol Lovett

    Congrats to Kent!

  • timshel01

    Way to go Kent! I entered the contest too but only lost 33 pounds. I was in the slightly over 40 age group–I’m 57! LOL!