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Is There A Low-Carb Cooking Show Coming To Television?

People are always asking me, “Jimmy, when are we going to see a low-carb cooking show on television?” Ever since George Stella was taken off of The Food Network and Blaine Jelus had his “Blaine’s Low-Carb Cooking” show removed from FIT TV in the past few years, the healthy low-carb message has been eerily silent. With high-profile cooking shows on television now like Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” Bravo’s “Top Chef,” and “The Next Food Network Star,” I’m very surprised we haven’t seen a Paleo or low-carb chef featured on any of these shows. What an opportunity it would be to take dishes that have traditionally been full of carbage and make them into something that tastes amazing while maintaining the nutritional integrity of a carbohydrate-restricted lifestyle change. Surely there is SOMEBODY out there who can deliver the goods and make this happen!

Well, it just so happens there is! A promising new television cooking show is in the works featuring the most widely-recognized name in low-carb cookbooks in the world teaming up with a rambunctious and highly-knowledgable practicing physician who understands the proper role nutrition plays as a therapeutic measure for people desiring weight loss and improved health. They are the bestselling author of a series of low-carb cookbooks named Dana Carpender and the low-carb “Shock Doc” himself Dr. James Carlson. Both Dana and Dr. Jim have been guest speakers in the past few years on the Low-Carb Cruise as well as on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast (listen to Dana in Episode 158 and Dr. Jim in Episode 145, Episode 146, Episode 215).

Now these two are taking their combined passion, knowledge and experience to create a brand new television show they are calling “Your Doctor’s in the Kitchen.” Go right now to the official Facebook page for this TV Show and press “Like” to help them capture the attention of television stations and networks that desperately need to be sharing this message with frustrated television viewers who are obese, diabetic and need someone to show them how easy it is to cook and eat healthy–the low-carb way! Paula Deen is missing her golden opportunity to create a show like this to educate her fans, but Dana and Dr. Jim have gotten creative making two video samples of what their new low-carb cooking TV show would look like. Check this out!

Your Doctor’s in the Kitchen Promo


Your Doctor’s in the Kitchen – How To Make Rice-A-Phony


WOW, wouldn’t this be incredible to see on cable or network television someday? It’s both educational and entertaining that reminds me of the wackiness of somebody like Alton Brown on The Food Network. And yet it maintains the dietary integrity of what high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb living is all about and passing on that message to the television viewers at home. Here’s our chance low-carb community to rally around an exciting new project that could penetrate the truths about the low-carb lifestyle into our culture. Show your support for “Your Doctor’s in the Kitchen” by CLICKING HERE and hitting the “Like” button. This could very well make a REAL difference in helping make that paradigm shift in thinking about low-carb living happen. On behalf of Dana Carpender and Dr. James Carlson, THANK YOU for your support of this exciting new venture.

  • Sandragillanders

    Gee, this would certainly be wonderful but I am worried that big agribusiness would fight this show. They need to pick up some sponsers like the meat, egg, cheese, and vegetable growers. All I want as a low carber is to be validated by main stream media that what I’m eating isn’t going to kill me, like they have you believe. Wonder was Blaine and George’s shows disappeared? Hmmm?

    • Anonymous

      I agree on getting the right sponsors…there are good ones out there. The validation would be nice and Blane and George certainly provided that. Their shows were removed because the networks they were on decided low-carb was dead. Listen to my podcast with George Stella for all the dirty details. 😀

  • marilynb

    I’d love to see a low carb cooking show but this promo was pretty bad.  Biker Doc just doesn’t do much for me.

    • Anonymous

      LOL! I hear ya Marilyn. But the concept of a low-carb cooking show on television is what we need to support. They can always tweak it to make the show commercial later on.

      • Galina L.

        Not everybody in the TV audience (less loyal that you and your audience toward LCarbing) will be able to see pass the middle-age spread which is associated with the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, not  health. So, please, Jimmy, pass out reactions on Dr. Carlson, because it is better he would look appropriate to say “Fat doesn’t make you fat”.  If he is fit but it is his outfit to blame,  than it is an easy fix.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I understand that image is everything in television. But it should not prohibit the message from being shared. Dr. Jim is tiny and DC looks awesome. None of us are where we once were.

  • Gattamom

    They better not broadcast in North Carolina or the Nutrition Nazis will come after them!

    • Anonymous

      I know, right? Steve Cooksey will prevail. :)

  • Galina L.

    I was also annoyed with Dr.’s outfit, besides having limited aesthetic  appeal it also looks like it is designed to hide a pouch.  It is better to look fit if he wants to attract attention to the idea that eating LCHF diet is beneficial to ones waistline.

    • Anonymous

      LOL! The last thing you can call Dr. Carlson is fat…but okay. I’ve met him in person and he’s pretty thin himself.

      • Laura

        Then it must be the outfit he’s wearing, because he looks like he’s got quite a paunch going there.

        • Anonymous

          The point of low-carb isn’t all about whether you have a “paunch” or not. It’s primarily about health and these two are fine examples of that. :)

  • Michael Plunkett

    money talks, then corrupts.  I know you promote products and have sponsors and I’m happy that you were a front runner in this area, but Paleo and a lot of low carb is about honest real food and cooking. Madison Av can twist anything to sell us Paleo or low carb in a box…and will.   IE/ Dreamfields….and when will some misguided host have a light bulb go off and push it low fat to kick it down a notch?  
    “Grasses grow in become MEAT.” 
    btw-  NC has some great doctors, like Dr Eric Westman, a leader in the field, so to say that NC are Nazis is a far too easy cheap shot, the same kind of doctors are everywhere. What we don’t need in this movement is BS from Animal types that can’t see the forest before the trees and report with less likewise

    • Anonymous

      She’s referring to how a group of RDs are going after low-carb blogger Steve Cooksey. Listen to my Monday podcast to learn more. As for Dr. Westman, he’s a great friend and highly respected for his research and medical practice.

      • Michael Plunkett

        That is not how the story came across in another’s blog but this is good as facts need to trump myth. We preach to the choir too much
        AND… yes some LCHF advocates do have a waist line as it is the toughest place to lose weight ( fat).  Fasting is the only way to get that stubborn fat to burn and that occurs only after at least 12 hrs of no carb continuous fasting, 12- 18 hours twice a week works wonders on waist, love handles and moobs.

  • Anonymous

    So why are all these lowcarbers so pudgy?

    • Anonymous

      He’s a biker…and I don’t think they’re “pudgy.” They’re HEALTHY!

      • Dana

        Jim isn’t rail slim.  Nor am I, nor are you, Jimmy.  All of us have dealt with genuine obesity, not just a few extra pounds, and all of us have managed to win the battle long-term.  We’ve defeated our gene structure, but we continue to fight that battle every single day.  It scares me to think how quickly I could be morbidly obese.  Eighteen months inattention to diet and exercise and I could be a size 24 — at 5’2″ — no problem.  Every single day I work to keep that from happening.  So far, so good.

        For that matter, you know, Jimmy, just how short and stocky I am — short waist, big rib cage, big chest.  You could put me in a concentration camp for a couple of years and I wouldn’t come out willowy, I’d come out looking like an emaciated fire hydrant.  I can fight my body’s tendency to become obese, and I can fight my hinky blood sugar, but there just ain’t nothing I can do to change the fact that my waist is so short I can touch both my hip bone and my rib cage at the same time with one fingertip.


        • Anonymous

          LOL! Nope, it ain’t easy. But it’s no reason for me to give up my healthy low-carb lifestyle. I’m healthier and more fit than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

    • Dana

      Gee, thanks, King Homer.  Seeing as I used to be a size 20 and I now have to yank my size ten jeans up constantly, I feel that I’ve been pretty successful at this.  But if you’re only interested in what a size 0 has to say, that’s fine.

      • Anonymous

        He’s just jealous Dana! :)

  • Michael Plunkett

    Lo and behold, I think.  Jimmy, ever hear of Gerge Stella?  He has a low carb cookbook dated 2006, so some of the info is dated, like moderation in use of grains, things like that. But he is or was a chef that lost a lot of weight, once weighing close to 500 lbs, even is children lost a ton of weight(family lost a total of 560 lbs)  and the book says that he was a host of a food network show ‘Low Carb and Lovin it’.  I don’t remember the show at all. The book is EAting Stella Style and the recipes seem to be in the under 10 grams of carbs, many around 3-5. I’m only flipping thru the pages. I p[lan on trying some and see if they make it on my blog.  have ya heard him/

    just google him- his site appears at top with a new book,’ still low carb’ and i see he was on drOz (gulp).  Perhapos everyone knows him, maybe a guest I misse-  sorry if I wasted your time, I just wanted to share


    • Anonymous

      Did you read the first paragraph of my blog post, Michael? I’m well aware of Stella and he’s a good friend of mine. I know about his books too and he’s now on QVC. Listen to my podcast interview with him:


    • Michael Plunkett

      Well you know im an idiot, but that light grey link doesn’t show up as well on this old monitor.  i did have a chance to read some of the book and im afraid this book from 2006 has a fear of fat and butter and a use of soy products.  Still some nice recipes.    I’ll drop back into my lurk. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes, listen to my interview with George and he still thinks you should have margarine with your low-carb food…but isn’t disagreeable if someone wants to eat butter. It’s too bad he doesn’t EMBRACE fat and butter and ditch the soy. He’s a neat character and I appreciate his appeal to a mass audience. But how much more effective would he be if he applied all that we’ve learned about livin’ la vida low-carb to his recipes. WOW! Good thing is there are others who do it very well.

  • I’m trying to step up to the plate! What do you think of this? http://bit.ly/lowcarbthis

    • Anonymous

      Awesome Darren! We should have you on my Low-Carb Conversations podcast. Email me.

      • Thanks and sounds good! I don’t know your email but mine is my first name at my last name dot com.