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Introducing The All-New Livin’ Low Carb Meal Plan

If there’s one question I’ve received from people over and over again in the past nine years since I started eating and sharing about healthy low-carb living, it’s this: “How exactly do you eat low-carb?” I suppose it can be a bit mysterious to people who are new to this way of eating or even those long-term low-carbers who get stuck in a rut about what they can eat. That’s why I’m so happy to tell you about a brand new service addressing this question that begins TODAY called the Livin’ Low Carb Meal Plan.

What is the Livin’ Low Carb Meal Plan? Quite simply, it’s an easy-to-use, comprehensive way to enjoy your low-carb lifestyle without worrying about the details of counting or measuring anything to make sure you get the desired results. You’ll get specific low-carb meal plans, accompanying shopping lists and mouthwatering recipes, so all you really have to do is shop, cook and reap the benefits that livin’ la vida low-carb will give you. I’ve been wanting to provide this service for a while and now it’s here for you to use and enjoy.

Here’s what is included in the Livin’ Low Carb Meal Plan:

  • Low-carb friendly recipes
  • How to customized the plan to YOU
  • How to shop for the best low-carb foods
  • What you can expect following the plan
  • Frequently asked questions regarding the plan

    With the new year coming and people seeking to recommit to their low-carb lifestyle change as a mean to shed pounds and improve their health, the Livin’ Low Carb Meal Plan combines the best of a real foods-based Paleo/primal diet plan with the appropriate carbohydrate-restriction that’s right for you. We want you to be as successful as you can be doing this, so feel free to Contact Us anytime with your questions or feedback about this program.

    You can SIGN UP NOW for $9.99/month with a special 14-day FREE TRIAL ($49/6 months with the 14-day FREE TRIAL or $89/year with the 14-day FREE TRIAL) and get your low-carb diet optimized to experience the very best weight and health benefits it has to offer. Let’s get your low-carb diet back on track again with the Livin’ Low Carb Meal Plan.

    • Margaret

      This is a great service. I’m thinking of signing up after the holidays, once the extra expenses settle down. I like the idea of getting out of my rut and having someone else plan my meals and count calories for me once in a while 😉

      • LLVLCBlog

        Enjoy Margaret!