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IMS Lecture With Slides And Q&A: 'Why We Get Fat' By Gary Taubes

One of the most in-demand speakers in 2010 on behalf of the science supporting high-fat, low-carb living isn’t a medical doctor, cardiologist, nutritionist, or even a medical professional at all. It’s a science journalist named Gary Taubes who has transformed his love for good scientific truth into a personal crusade to impart on others why they’ve been lied to about what healthy nutrition looks like. From his now infamous July 2002 New York Times Magazine column “What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?” which catapulted him right smack dab in the middle of the diet debate to his bestselling nutritional blockbuster released in September 2007 called Good Calories, Bad Calories, Taubes has become a bona fide hero in the low-carb universe–whether he wanted to or not.

His “rock star” status has earned him the opportunity to be the keynote lecturer at some top-notch obesity and health conferences over the past few years (including the American Society of Bariatric Physicians TWICE and even at Dr. Andrew Weil’s annual event) and that shows no signs of slowing down. Now with the impending December 28, 2010 release of his brand new consumer-focused book entitled Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It, that prestigious position he finds himself in will undoubtedly become even stronger. With interest in Taubes at such peak demand, educated laypeople who frequent my blog are always excited to learn about new audio featuring the man himself. And today I’ve got a lecture and exclusive Q&A session with medical professionals that Gary Taubes recently participated in.

One of the fine organizations Taubes has affiliated himself with over the past year or so is one you’ve heard me blog about often: Innovative Metabolic Solutions (IMS). I recently featured an interview with Jeff Clinger, vice-president of client relations for IMS, on my podcast show to share more about what they are hoping to achieve with this group. Along with leadership from low-carb physicians and researcher Dr. Mary C. Vernon and Dr. Eric Westman, Taubes is seeking to educate physicians about implementing with their patients the scientific evidence he has uncovered in his research for his books to counter the dismal failure of the conventional wisdom regarding diet.

To that end, Gary Taubes participated in the recent IMS Summer Module Series on August 12, 2010 presenting the lecture “Why We Get Fat” followed by some spirited question and answer time with the medical professionals participating in the call. The lecture included some fantastic slides and the Q&A time offered insight into Taubes’ day-to-day professional life attempting to share these concepts with the people in positions of power and influence who could help shift the paradigm towards low-carb nutrition. The lecture itself is around 75 minutes long followed by nearly 45 minutes of questions ranging from Taubes’ reaction to the recent Foster study to whether he feeds his children bread. It was an enlightening conversation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy from start to finish.

Special thanks to Innovative Metabolic Solutions for providing access to this lecture:














DON’T MISS my podcast interview with Gary Taubes coming up on Monday, September 13, 2010!

  • Cool! Thanks for highlighting this, Jimmy. I’m looking forward to Taubes getting back in the limelight with the publication of his new book.

  • Great Jimmy, As always you are on top of the important stuf.

  • Even if you have listened to all the other versions of Gary Taubes lectures online, this version offers new insights. There is more detail and discussion here than previously and I liked the lecture hall analogy.
    I also enjoyed the discussions in the Q&A sessions though it is somewhat depressing to see how hard it is to change consensus opinion.
    Still it’s promising the joint Taubes/Lustig project is moving forward, that will be something to look forward to.
    Many thanks to all concerned.

  • Nina

    Jimmy you’re brilliant. Thank you so much for this. So informative and clear.

  • Most informative and comprehensive! Thank you for sponsoring this lecture, Jimmy, and my thanks to Ted Hutchinson for posting a link to it on Active Low-Carber forums, else I would not have known about it!

  • Helen Grond

    I’m very interested in “spreading the word” in my community. I would love to have a dvd of this lecture. Is it possible to get one somewhere….? cheers

  • Nina


    Oh dear it looks as if grass fed beef may not be so safe in the future:


    Let’s feed cows on grass in the cereal grain family. More ‘nutritious’ and less gas = higher carb?

    This is the family of grass referred to in the article:


    • Not at all surprising, Nina. It’s why we must stand up for real food every chance we can get.

  • Wow, the Q&A sessions were awesome. Can’t wait to see Taubes’s new book.

  • Mary Fultz

    As always, Mr. Jimmy, I am thoroughly impressed with your website. To have Gary Taubes’ lectures “on tap” is simply the best. -I was particularly impressed with his emphasis on the high fat/ moderate protein/low carb diet as optimal and the difference between this and a solely high protein diet (which so many confuse Atkins to be). This distinction was so imperative to make and is a big help to anyone researching the benfits of the purest form of low carb eating, which is to say, chewing the fat as well!
    Your Canadian friend,

  • Dennis Hastings

    Apparently, losing weight is even more difficult than quitting smoking or drugs. I have found that getting ones resolve up so as to want positive results MORE than wanting to keep the bad habit is the key to action and ~ success. Learning Atkins, Taubes, etc., and mixing in some of our own common sense & experience is the only way I’ve found that gets enthusiastic resolve high and results that last. We only seem to actually do what we WANT to do. Therefore, work on the resolve ~ not the habit, and the bad habit will be “resolved” as in ~ disappear!