Remembering Kevin Moore

I Will No Longer…

I was talking to a trusted friend this week about what’s been happening in my life over the past year that has had a direct impact on my weight. I’ve been very open and honest about this and working diligently behind-the-scenes to create strategies that will help control the stress that is raising my cortisol and blood sugar levels making it next to impossible to lose weight right now despite faithfully eating low-carb, high-fat. With so many people writing to me sharing their own frustrations about the lack of weight loss despite everything being right in their diets, I wanted to offer up some encouragement to them and myself that all hope is not lost. Keep in mind there are so many non-diet reasons why your weight is stuck or going up, including stress-induced cortisol spikes (what I believe I’m dealing with), lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, getting older, and more. I’m always amused by those who say the ketogenic diet must not work because people like me don’t have the “perfect” body and weight. Despite our cultural obsession with this, there are many other markers of health besides weight–triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, minimal small, dense LDL particles, A1c, fasting insulin, hsCRP (key inflammation marker), CT heart scan, and many other tests. The fact that these markers are still all excellent for me is what keeps me motivated while still working through the weight challenges.

While there are those who believe I don’t have a right to talk about diet and health because I’m not their definition of healthy because of my weight, I disagree. The value I bring to my blog readers and podcast listeners is not at all impacted by what’s happening to me personally. The information stands on its own regardless of the person providing it for public consumption. What’s most interesting and revealing about the people who enjoy criticizing me and others who don’t live up to their lofty standards is a common truth about all of them–they are never the ones who are also adding value to the community helping others in their own journey. Instead, they choose to look down their noses at people who choose to be vulnerable, open, honest, and forthright about their journey. Perhaps encountering people with integrity frightens them because it’s a foreign concept to them. Regardless, their actions are nothing more than a show of superiority over the ones they criticize while simultaneously hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. That’s pretty gutless and revealing of a lack of respect and honor for a fellow human being attempting to make the world a better place. Nobody is helped by this kind of unnecessary and vengeful act of personal destruction.

That’s why I choose to be a light in the darkness giving people education, encouragement, and inspiration in their own personal health journey. Although I have been at this for the past decade, I only now realize thanks to that discussion with my dear friend this week that there are certain things I will no longer feel guilty about anymore. I’m in a far better place where I am in my weight and health now than I was before 2004 at 410 pounds. And continually reminding myself of that fact helps me have the proper perspective on what is true. To that end,

I will no longer…

…worry about my weight and how I look in the eyes of others.

It’s not the business or concern of anyone about what I weigh. I choose to share about it openly with my followers to let you know what’s happening with me, but I’m under no obligation to share. I feel good and live well and that’s all that really matters to me.

…let others make me feel bad for sharing about healthy living.

I have committed the past decade of my life to continuously sharing quality information at no charge (except for my two bestselling books Cholesterol Clarity and Keto Clarity) to give people solid information they can use to make informed choices about their health. The positive impact my work has made on the lives of people around the world makes the tens of thousands of hours I’ve invested in blogging, podcasting and all my other work totally worth it. Now I am mentoring others to use their talents and gifts to help spread the healthy living message even further. We’re changing the world!

…be hurt by judgmental people who have never met me before.

I am one of the most happy-go-lucky guys you would ever meet in person. And yet I’ve seen and heard some of the most vile, ugly, personal attacks against me, how I look, my motivations for doing my work, and worse. It’s fascinating how invested some people have in spreading hatefulness about me and I’m honored to know I give them some semblance of purpose in life. But these faceless attackers haven’t got a clue who I am. So their opinions about me are pretty useless.

…give credence to the haters who really have no life worth living.

Haters gonna hate and when you become prominent online it gets that much more intense. Not everyone who criticizes you is a hater, but when they resort to being ugly towards you it’s time to cut the ties with those kind of people. Disagree with me all you want, but if you make personal attacks against me or my friends then you will be banned, blocked and forbidden from sharing on my platforms. When you’re in my house, you play by my rules or you’re gone.

…allow diet assumptions to keep me from doing what’s right for me.

Yes, I proudly eat a low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet and make no apologies for it. It’s the way of eating that has given me the most incredible health I’ve ever had and it’s the diet that is right for me. Some have assumed that the reason I’ve gained weight is I must be sneaking in some doughnuts, fast food, or sugary soda into my diet. How absurd! I know how I eat and it’s healthier than 99% of the population I can assure you of that. If something else works for you, then good for you. Keep doing it. And I’ll keep doing what works for me to have incredible health.

…forget how incredibly far I’ve come from where I once was.

Those who berate me for my current weight seem to conveniently forget that I once tipped the scales at 400+ pounds at one point in my life. You don’t get to weigh that much at an early age without some lasting consequences to your metabolism as you get older. For me, that means I have to fight insulin resistance and a propensity for weight gain much more than most people. I completely understand that and am grateful that I am in a much better place today than I would have been. Walk a mile in my shoes and you’ll feel what it’s like to deal with the challenges I face.

…go back to crappy carbage because real food is amazing.

Anyone who follows my Instagram page knows how committed I am to exposing the crappy carbage being peddled to consumers as healthy by food companies while sharing the amazing delight of embracing real, whole foods that nourish your body. Anyone doing a well-formulated low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet should be a big fan of making real foods the basis of their diet. Getting your carbohydrate tolerance and protein threshold levels right with healthy saturated and monounsaturated fats to satiety is first and foremost. Using the best quality grass-fed, pastured, and organic foods takes it to the next level for your health.

…worry about dying at an early age like my brother Kevin did.

When my only full-blooded brother Kevin died at the age of 41 in 2008 from heart disease, diabetes and morbid obesity, it increased my desire to get the word out there to the world to help save the other “Kevins” who desperately need to change their lifestyle. I remember both my mom and dad telling me to do what I have to do to keep that fate from happening to me. I assured them that’s EXACTLY what I did when I changed my life in 2004 and that healthy low-carb lifestyle is still keeping me healthy to this day. I don’t have to worry about dying early like Kevin did because my health markers are spectacular.

…get hamstrung in my passionate desire to share with others.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that sometimes I have some down days in my life. It’s rare when that happens because I try to stay pretty happy and positive in all that I do. But when it does, I remember all of you wonderful people who send me e-mails telling me how much my work has impacted your life and it lifts my spirits. Most of the time, I’m motivated to share, share and share some more (maybe too much sometimes) because this world needs passionate people with a fire in their belly to share the truth with them without pretense. I hope I never lose the motivation to share that I have now because I don’t ever want to be deterred from the mission at hand.

…be anything other than who I authentically am, warts and all.

All I can be is Jimmy Moore. The moment I try to be anything other than that is the day I no longer exist. I am who I am and all that comes with that. Am I perfect? Nope and never claimed to be. But what you will always get from me is a real person with real struggles just like you who is a voracious self-educated empowered patient looking to help other people become better in their health and life. It’s who and what I am all about and I will never apologize for being that.

And now that you know what I will no longer do, it’s time to move on with life completely confident in who I am and proud of the person I’ve become at this point in my life. Here are a few of my favorite songs to uplift your spirits and make you proud to be YOU! Thanks for all of your amazing support of me and my work.

Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Pharrell Williams – Happy

  • holmes12001@yahoo.com

    Frankly I am still overweight…and don’t care..if the weight comes off it comes off ..if it doesn’t it doesn’t.I too fight insulin resistance….I have lost about 60 pounds…I look great…I feel great..My A1C is 5.4 and I expect it to go down lower because my numbers are improving..My fatty liver is gone and all of my other health markers are picture perfect…..life is good…if someone feels the need to judge me because I may carry around some extra weight….May I suggest they sit on a pineapple and rotate…..

  • Anne Watts

    Hi Jimmy, thanks for your inspiration and hard work. At 20kg down and stalled I am still obese but thankful to be free of hypertension, asthma and with a normal HbA1c. Happy to continue with the low carb lifestyle and freedom from gnawing hunger.

  • Jethro Bodine

    Way to go Jimmy. Don’t let these idiots depress you. You have lost more than 10% body weight – the standard of weight loss success – have kept it off for years and have excellent health markers. There are numerous NFL linemen that weight much more than you (i.e. Ndamukong Suh). How come your critics never talk about them?

  • Linda

    I needed to hear this message today. Thank you. Thanks for all you have taught me and the example you have given to all of us.

  • WBB Fan

    Jimmy, I’m reminded of an Eleanor Roosevelt quote, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. There are a lot of small minds out there. You’ve been an inspiration and great source of information. Thank you.

  • Holly Higgins

    Way to stake your claim, Jimmy! This was an excellent and inspiring read. Keep changing lives and kicking butt. Haters gonna hate.

  • Peggy Holloway

    Great post, Jimmy! You know Ken and I support you 100% and can’t wait to meet you in a little over a week!

  • Sylvia Keyser

    Thank you so much for all the information you have shared.. Thanks to you I understand how I must tweet my diet to lose weight.. The blood ketone meter has helped tremendously.. I also started testing my glucose regularly .. I am pre diabetic and very insulin resistance.. Wanted to see what happens when I eat certain foods like dairy.. Well banting 100% I was shocked to see that it is not the food that I am eating that is spiking my glucose but.. stress and lack of sleep!!! My fasting glucose is usually 5.. One morning after a particular bad sleepless night it was 8!!!.. I actually wanted to cry….The people that was born at the finished line.. As well as the medical profession just don’t get it…All I know that there is no alternative.. Low fat, carbs and glucose spike causes diabetics and eventually heart disease… Wheat and grain causes leaky gut… This is a NO BRAINER..!!! Please just carry on being the revolution that will save thousands of people

  • Mat

    Thank you for this Jimmy!

  • Mariet Hoen

    Wow Jimmy You say it so well. Exactly as it is. I love you Jimmy.

    I meet also haters sometimes, and I am shocked by them. Because I do not understand why they are so hateful.
    I’m going to follow your example. I needed this rigth now πŸ™‚ I want also don’t let me no longer hurt by haters.

    Again, you are my inspiration. I am grateful for this.

    I was crying behind my laptop because it hit the right chord in me. Thanks Jimmy, It gives me the courage to continue.

    ( The fourth year now, HF / LC / Ketogenic, DMT2, 30kg/66 pound down, 15kg/33 pound to go, 72 year, but extremely healthy now πŸ˜‰ )

  • The Calton

    Love this post Jimmy! So proud to call you a friend and your heartfelt words will help so many others who also feel judged and judge themselves unfairly. Your smile keeps the party going!

  • Thanks Jimmy… I am all for eating well and being healthy… I run a company that does just that using only wholefood. Have you tried lower fat eating? Also have you tried intermittent fasting where you only eat for an 8 hour window each day.

    • LLVLCBlog

      That’s cute. I fast at least 12-16 hours daily buddy. Lower fat would defeat the purpose of ketosis and make me hungry. No thanks. But appreciate your input.

      • Joe Koerner

        I wouldn’t assume to suggest you have not explored fasting to its full extent… But have you considered a much smaller window such as 1 to 4 hours?

        • LLVLCBlog

          What purpose would that serve?

          • Joe Koerner

            Well, please take my Laymans’s advice with a grain of salt. But in my personal experience i have been a much longer and stronger state of ketosis when Fasting for as much as 22-24 hours while consuming but one large meal. The additional benefit or side effect seems to be that i consume less food overall, as i simply can only consume SO much in one sitting. It also puts me in complete control of my appetite, as i experience very little hunger until 1 or 2 hours prior to eating at night. The scientific benefits are beyond my expertise and you may be more aware then i am, BUT i would imagine staying in a fasted state for 23 hours ensures that my blood sugar is low and stable, as well as keeping Insulin low. I am told there are other Hormonal benefits as well, such as Leptin and Grehlin efficiency, as well as Peek HGH levels. Anyway thought i’d throw that out there. Maybe it could be a jump start in some way! Good Luck!!

            • LLVLCBlog

              I already do that dude. Your previous comment said to fast 1-4 hours.

              • Joe Koerner

                I’m sorry, i took note that you only Fast 12-16 hours, and not the 22-24 hrs that i was referring to. By Window, i was referring to eating window. Eating but 1 or 2 meals/day inside of 1-4 hours would indicate a fasting period on 20-24 hours… To me, Fasting 12 hours is nothing more then eating dinner, going to bed, and eating breakfast, with 16 hours just skipping a morning meal. Now 20-24 hours is a challenge and where the metabolic fun began for me. But like i said i am but a layman, and just know what worked considerably well for me after a considerable amount of study and research invested. 65 lbs inside of 8 months… 223-158. Only adding weight training for the final 3 months, which actually slowed the weight loss for obvious reasons. I added a small meal pre Workout so as to not weight train fasted but maintained a 21-22 hour fasting period. I wish you but the best in your Journey as you have added value to my own!

              • LLVLCBlog

                My eating pattern is generally once a day around 11am-12pm

              • Joe Koerner

                You have more strength then me! I could never go to bed without eating… My energy levels would be too high to relax… Eating to satiety helps me relax and i have no concerns about being active and digesting…

  • This Old Housewife

    Take a tip from Popeye: look in the mirror and say, “I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam!” Haters can just pay you on Tuesday for a hate-burger today. This is called bias, and it happens to people of other colors, other nationalities, other religions, other sizes, and other sexual orientations. Now you know how they feel when the hate spotlight gets turned on them.

    Rodney King said it best: “Can’t we all just get along?” For now, it seems we cannot. We each need to do more of that Popeye therapy!

  • This Old Housewife

    Larry Wilmore would say you’ve kept it 100%.

  • Bill Graves

    I’ve been on this LCHF journey for a little over a year now. As a type 1 diabetic of 30+ years nothing has helped me more than this way of life/eating. I give special thanks to you Jimmy, my sister, Dr. Bernstein, & Tom Naughton to just name a few who turned me onto this game changer. You truly do make a difference in the lives of people just like me everyday πŸ™‚ I never miss an episode of Low-Carb Conversations. It’s an awesome podcast man!

  • FitOver50Dan

    Jimmy: In my opinion you are a major force in the health community and you and your books have helped my immensely. I applaud your transparency–we are all human! I think we all struggle–I know I do–at times. Please, please keep doing what you do. You helped inspire me to a live a ketogenic life and to document my own dietary and fitness struggles at http://imfitover50.com

  • Helgi Bjarnason

    Thank you Jimmy for your great work in spreading the word and science of LCHF. I just love your podcasts, and recently listened to all of the “Ask the low carb experts”. Currently reading Keto Clarity. You are doing an amazing job. Glad to hear that you have decided to ignore the naysayers.

  • Jimmy — It’s a fantasy that someone who has suffered metabolic damage from eating the carb-laden Standard American Diet for years will be able to peel off all the poundage and look like a Greek god forever more. Like you, I lost serious weight eating low-carb, high-fat, but then gained some of it back. Still, my other health markers remain good, and my doctor couldn’t be more pleased with the changes from the old days. There are probably many reasons I gained back weight, and I’m taking steps to address those reasons the best I can. But I’m doing it for my own health, not so that somebody will mistake me for Chris Hemsworth. (Of course, at my age, nobody would be likely to make that mistake, anyway!) Keep blogging and podcasting, Jimmy! We need you.

  • Charlotte Vale

    Thoughts are criss-crossing in my mind so this might be a bit rambling. First, to me it is beyond incredible and rude how anyone can comment about anyone else’s size. There’s variations in every physical characteristic so of course there is in body weight and size. I met you a few years ago and you’re a tall guy to begin with. You may just be meant to have a lot of substance to you. Also, we should all know that eating LCHF affects more than just weight. As you’ve shared, it can affect so many health markers. Heck, what it does for blood glucose values alone can be a lifesaver, considering how diabetes can affect pretty much every body part and not in a good way.

    Basically, thanks for what you do, and try not to let the haters stress you.

  • tam

    You may need to face the fact that you need to transition to a more balanced diet (which would also take some time to adjust to), and completely give up or change your blog and your business. However, I think lowering stress outranks weight loss. Just an offbeat thought from an irregular reader.

    • LLVLCBlog

      THANKS, but I’m not really changing anything right now in the diet. It’s what has given me my great health. Working on the non-diet things. Appreciate your comments.

  • Jennifer

    Jimmy, I don’t know you but I love you. Thanks for the article.

  • Ann Patterson

    Dear Jimmy, You have truly formed a community for people trying to find the answers for themselves. It is so difficult to continue to work at health, when all of the “answers” fail to work. God Bless you for continuing the effort and sharing in your journey! XO, Ann

  • Evelyn Parham, M.S.

    Hi Jimmy, my favorite classmate! Your article is inspiring and empowering.

    Continued blessings and success,

  • Aaron Olson
    • LLVLCBlog

      Yep, LOVE Pharrell!

  • Justin B

    I know exactly how you feel. Even though I have kept the weight off, and have remained relatively small since the initial weight loss 12 years ago, I have battled acne (albeit, far less than I was prior) to this day. I’m currently experimenting with cutting out dairy to see if that helps. Regardless, any time something prominently creeps up on my face, I’m embarrassed to face anybody who knows how I eat, for fear that they may try to use it to bash the way that I eat, or even try to be “helpful”.

  • Gaby

    Exactly three years ago I found your podcast through a link in the comments of Mark’s daily apple. I had just found Mark through a link on Gary Taubes’ site, where I had read everything he had ever written (there are links to all his articles). I had also just finished reading Wheat Belly and The Schwarzbein Principle and begun to lead a gluten-free low-carb lifestyle. Although I learned a lot on Mark’s pages (I could hardly wait for the next day’s blogpost), it was through you that I became familiar with all the other paleo people, such as Cordain, Wolf, SanFillipo, Abel James (brand-new then), etc., not to forget all the low-carb experts. It was your podcasts that kept me going when it just seemed too difficult, that gave me information to explore further, info on books to buy, blogs to follow, etc.
    I love it that you have information on all kinds of different lifestyles, including vegan, and that you believe that everyone has to find their own best way of being healthy.
    Having said that, I couldn’t believe how much changing the way one eats can influence one’s health, especially since I have always been a “Real Food” advocate, eating β€œhealthy” my entire life. No packaged foods for me and my family!
    Nevertheless, I got one auto-immune disease after another, and all kinds of other problems, including all the ‘old-age’ problems that are supposedly creeping up on you as you get older.
    Now, at age 66, I am thin again, healthier than I was in my forties, and the only thing that changed is that I’m grain-free and low-carb high-fat (60-80 gr most days, sometimes a bit more)
    I rooted for you through your struggles (including never again reading anyone’s blog if they said a derogatory word about you) because you were there for me in my struggles (including being able to convince my doc not to give me statins: estimated
    190 LDL, but 88 HDL and 56 Tr). Thanks for your blogs, podcasts, wonderful books and all you do. You are appreciated. We need you.

    • I support you,Jimmy. Nikoley, like Colpo , is scientifically illiterate and uninformed. These two are totally abusing and misusing the conservation principles to explain obesity. I have confirmed this with 50 different top physics professors over the last six years. Laws can be right or wrong in science. They are our fallible creations and descriptions of what we believe to be happening. Nature is under no obligation to follow our rules. Nature simply is. It is up to us to figure out what she is doing. Physics is not done by fiat. Our laws are only approximations at very best. All of our theories are wrong as they are all incomplete. Dr. Bray agrees fully with me that conservation of energy cannot explain obesity… it is a state equation only. This will chap the butts of Nikoley and his heroes who are the most scientifically illiterate of all,despite always talking of it. The irony…
      What you are struggling with is predicted by science. It s not your fault.
      Take care, Jimmy. Raz

  • Geoffrey Grinnell

    Way to go Jimmy!! You been there and no one is any more qualified to speak about it. I’ve lost weight and regained and am trying hard but at 64 I am facing some challenges am didn’t have before. So I get it!!! I’m behind you 110%!!

    BTW, I live in your state not far from you. The mortgage broker that we used in purchasing our home goes to church with you and is a low carber. He’s had trouble too. I was wondering what advice you could give me or point me in the right direction to start a support group for LC/HF individuals and those that may be having the same trouble or “hit the wall”, or just for sharing and supporting as they make their way through this lifestyle change?

    • LLVLCBlog

      There are a lot of great support groups on FB, but I am all for you on making one. Let me know when you get it going.

  • Arlene Radasky

    Jimmy, I made this same decision about 6 months ago. After 60 pounds gone, and three years of experimenting, much inspired by you, a switch flipped in my brain. I knew how I needed to eat. You were one of my teachers. I did not want the stress of tracking everything I put in my mouth, I did not want the stress of watching the scale move up and then fighting to get it to move down. My recent blood tests, like yours are perfect. Those are going to be my measures for the rest of my life.
    I am very happy for you. You will feel a bit of guilt in the beginning, we fought so hard to get here, it is like setting up a new habit. It will easy as time goes on.
    Thank you for what you have done to bring healthy eating and living to the world. The information is here, now it is up to each person to decide whether to use it or not.

  • Adam Kosloff

    Jimmy, you rock. We all have your back. Think of the many thousands of people who’ve improved their health and lives by finding what you’ve created. The legacy of what you’ve created not just for yourself but for other people will stand the test of time.

  • Hi Jimmy, Lynda from New Zealand here πŸ™‚ I met you (and gave you a big hug) in Auckland last year.

    I couldn’t agree more with your post. I have a blog and my few readers are lovely – I don’t get nasty comments now. BUT I used to and I still see it all around me on Facebook and other social media. What is it with people? It astounds me the bully tactics and nastiness a so called otherwise “normal” person resorts to online.

    I love what you do and the awareness you bring to others. Do what is right for you and be true to yourself, that’s all you need to do. Delete the haters – life is too short for negativity. I try and live in my little, happy, positive bubble… works for me πŸ™‚

  • Martin

    The problem is real, though: for some people the ketogenic diet (as defined by P&V) works well for energy, endurance performance and… initial weight loss, but after a while, the fat loss stalls and reverts.

    It’s happened to me and it has forced me to experiment further and so I am currently trying Kiefer’s carbnite but I’ve also limited the sat.fats a bit and replaced the fats from butter & lard with coconut oil.

    Also notice the advice that Tim Noakes is giving: if you fail to lose or even gain fat on a HFLC diet then it means that diatery fat does not induce satiaty and you should consciously limit its amounts. Its Tim Noakes’ words, from many of his 5min podcasts.

  • Martin

    I also think that since you are the poster child of nutritional ketosis, the folks like Phinney, Volek and Westman should reach out to you and help you tune the diet once more. They owe a great deal to you, as we all do! It’s one thing that a guy like Peter Attia gets into perfect shape with NK, while exercising like crazy and only getting a bit fat in the previous few years and another to make the diet work for people with less intense workout regime and more metabolic damage, like many of us..

  • Liz Trekkiemaiden Morgan

    Hey Jimmy, sending big hugs and thanks. Just keep on doin’ what your’re doin’ and try to ignore the naysayers. I’m in a similar place, having followed LCHF for the last 13 years or so, but at nearly 53 I’m watching weight slowly creep on, and eating less and less and finding it really hard to get it back off. However, I feel great, I look way younger than my years, so I know what’s going on on the inside is all good. And I have to admit that although I’d like to be slimmer, I am ultimately trying to conform to what society deems to be acceptable shaped. I’m not obese, just stocky and at nearly 53 and 5 children later I still look damn good. There is also evidence that nature compels us to gain extra weight as we age as a protective factor against illnesses, which are always more serious in the elderly. Guess that’s what I’m heading towards LOL. So you are not alone, stick with the programme and know you’re still helping so many people with your advice and real life struggles.

  • Hi Jimmy,

    I forgot to mention regarding your attackers…. Expose to the public their lack of literacy about science. How EMBARRASSING it must be for these idiots. The top physics professors told me not to engage the crackpot communities formed on the Internet. They laughed at Colpo and Nikoley after a fast glance of their sites. Further, 4 independent photography experts came to a unanimous conclusion about Colpo s picture. It is DEFINITELY ALTERED,. They noted the poorly executed HEAD GRAFT. I would bite back to your attackers,Jimmy. They are of exceedingly low intelligence.

  • Jimmy,

    Have you seen the article about obesity from top researchers amfew months back in the Los Angeles TIMES? IT said eat less ,move more was NOT at all a solution for obesity.

    ONLY in the Blogosphere does this PSEUDOSCIENCE remain. Obesity is a BIOCHEMICAL PROBLEM,NOT A PHYSICS one. We CANNOT INFER the regulation.dysregulation of mammalian fat cells using themconservation principles.

  • weilasmith

    jimmy, i am anxious to hear about your experience at the perfect health retreat. when will you write about it? or have you already, and i missed it?

    • LLVLCBlog

      When I get my cookbook finished, I’m writing about that.