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High-Fat, Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet For Cancer Featured On The 700 Club


Did you happen to see this amazing extended CBN News story that aired on “The 700 Club” on December 14, 2012 called Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery by CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson? WOW, what a fantastic segment highlighting the critical role of a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet for battling cancer featuring cardiologist and The Cholesterol Myth co-author Dr. Stephen Sinatra (who was just on The Dr. Oz Show) and Dr. Dominic D’Agostino from the University of South Florida. There were quite a few nutritional truths shared in this 10+ minute story and commentary I wanted to share in bullet form with you from this video:

  • Sugar is cancer food
  • If you cut out the carbs, you’ll kill the cancer
  • A cancer survivor given 3 months to live survived
  • He did “metabolic therapy” eating a ketogenic diet
  • He “stopped eating carbohydrates” that fed cancer
  • If you stop giving cancer cells glucose, they die
  • Removing carbs from lab rats, they survived cancer
  • Dramatically increased survival with this
  • Similar success has been seen in lots of people
  • Cancer cells can only survive on glucose, not ketones
  • We “exploit” the fact ketones are immune to cancer
  • Eating lots of “natural” protein and fat is good
  • Consuming foods in their original form are ideal
  • Carbohydrates are added to processed meats
  • Olive oil, nuts, avocadoes and others are good fats
  • People think fat is bad for your heart
  • But natural fats, even saturated fat, are healthy
  • The real cause of heart disease is inflammation
  • Eating too many carbohydrates leads to this
  • Drug companies are keeping this research squelched
  • Who’s gonna make money off of selling a diet?
  • Children with epilepsy are helped by ketogenic diet
  • Seizures can stop immediately implementing this
  • It’s important to eat a lot of fat on ketogenic diet
  • For prevention of cancer, moderate ketogenic works
  • Average American eats about 60% carbohydrates
  • A moderate ketogenic diet is 25% carbohydrates
  • Trans fats are problematic for your health
  • Almost everything processed has corn syrup in it
  • You have to be more discerning about your food
  • The side effect of a ketogenic diet: WEIGHT LOSS!
  • Learn about the ketogenic diet before doing it
  • The correspondent is “inhospitable” to cancer
  • You use “special ingredients” to make healthy recipes

    AWESOME! I’m happy to see these therapeutic uses of nutritional ketosis getting attention nationally and I expect more of this kind of coverage on mainstream television news outlets at some point. Perhaps they’ll contact me about my n=1 experiment of this concept as I continue to see spectacular weight loss and health improvements eating a diet like this. This message is relevant now more than ever!

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    • Not sure if I am more surprised that Keto diet got a mention or the fact that the 700 club is still on the air 🙂

    • Good for him, maybe he can now cut back on fat calories and lose that belly and enjoy stellar health.

      • LLVLCBlog

        Who are you referring to with your statement Clyde?

        • He looks over weight. Glad to see high fat Keto worked to kill the cancer cells. But maybe cutting calories would help him slim down to a healthy weight, whatever that may be. I haven’t read any studies that excess visceral fat around the middle is a sign of good health.

      • You obviously didn’t watch the video and know absolutely nothing about Nutritional Ketosis.

    • Birgit

      This is a great summary and I know some cancer survivors who I will share this with.

    • I am not sure this doesn’t do more harm than good. This is anecdotal evidence and the benefits of ketogenic diets will not be appreciated if this kind of stuff is taken as where the field is. I think that in show #628k you can see how circumspect Dr. Fine is about this subject. There are numerous examples of spontaneous remission of cancer and miraculous cures from high fiber diets, from curcumin, cinnamon and cucumber. The nutritional establishment is all to ready to consider us kooks. And what is CBN besides NBC spelled backwards. The trashy TV shopping style of the presentation is not going to do us any good. Average Americans do not eat 60 % carbohydrates, a 25 % carbohydrate diet is not ketogenic, not everything has corn syrup, you are unlikely to be able to starve cancer cells for glucose. Many people know this and that will make them not appreciate the isolated truths in this story, in particular how effective ketogenic diets are for epilepsy.

      • js290

        The lay person doesn’t need the dirty details. They just need to be pointed in the right direction. Leave the dirty details to the competent researchers, like Dr. Fine. It’d certainly be interesting to know what the insulin, leptin, blood ketone, etc. levels were for the other cases of spontaneous remission.

        As far as what constitutes a ketogenic diet, that’s what Jimmy’s self experiment is illustrating. Each interested person should be measuring himself on how he reacts to various macronutrients. Those who are more interested in the dirty details will seek out and find Dr. Fine’s (and others) work.

        If being a kook or a “madman” reduces my risks of the diseases of civilization, I’ll be knocking people over to be the first in line to sign up. In the end, it’s one’s health that matters. I know of wealthy sick people probably willing to look like a kook at this point to regain their health.

    • My daughter with mitochondrial disease, severe mental and physical delay, and seizure disorder has been on the ketogenic diet for 10 years under the supervision of her neuro and GI specialists. Her calories, ratios, ketones and nutritional levels are monitored. Medication has not stopped her seizures and we’ve tried every possible seizure medication — and multiple combinations — since her first seizure at 4 months old. The diet does not get rid of all of them but it helps reduce them as does the small amount of medication she takes. It is not a diet to be taken lightl or without doctor and dietician supervision. You cannot cheat on this diet EVER. I don’t know why anyone would willilngly choose to be on this diet for weight loss, but if you need it the way my daughter (now 12 years old) does to function, it is a God’s send. She would probably not be alive today without it.

    • Pat Nighswander

      Makes sense to me.. I have cancer and have been leaning this way for a while… low carbs but something has to end up higher… good to read this..