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'Health Claims Gone Wild!' Video Series Exposes Dastardly Marketing Agenda Of The Food Manufacturers

We’ve all see it happen in television commercials, in magazines, and even right there on the front packaging of foods–HEALTH CLAIMS of all shapes and sizes flung around as a way to market products to consumers. It’s as if food companies are eager as a beaver to put something positive about their products in an effort to woo consumers into purchasing their products, even if those products are not what anyone would ever consider “health” food. While I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with the capitalistic idea of marketing and selling to the buying public, sometimes the envelope gets pushed just a wee bit too far with some of these messages being spread about foods. That was the inspiration behind why Christine and I embarked on a 10-part video series over the past couple of weeks we call “Health Claims Gone Wild!” as part of our “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” videos.

In Episode 89-98, we visited local grocery stores in our area to walk up and down the aisles looking for any health claims that looked kinda funny and they were a-plenty! What we found on some of these packages was nothing short of astounding (Fruity Pebbles promoted as “an excellent source of Vitamin D” with a mere 100IU per serving, for example) and we documented all of it in the following videos. In total, we went to four supermarket chain stores, a health food store, and even a pet food store to show how egregious the health claims being made on the foods we eat has become. We end the series with a video we call “Health Claims Gone Right!” showing how to discover the truly healthy foods that will nourish your body (hint: most of the time these foods don’t contain a label at all!). Hopefully you will find this adventure we took both entertaining and educational as you discover why the food manufacturers don’t have your best health in mind when marketing their products. ENJOY!











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  • Laurie

    Enjoying your reports from the grocery store. I`ve gotten through two already, and yes…. I used to use apple sauce instead of butter. This is why I can`t wait to meet you guys on the cruise. We started low carb in much the same way; being duped into low fat first! So much to talk about 🙂

    Great work on the vids!

    • THANKS Laurie! We can’t wait to meet you too! May 2011 can’t come fast enough. 😀

  • Great series, Jimmy.

    I just finished reading “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan. I don’t agree with him on all his views (specifically the “importance” of plant-based diets and caloric restriction), but he is otherwise providing a lot of people with a ton of valuable information. One of the “a-ha” moments I had reading the book was when he pointed out that the more health benefits are touted on the label, the less healthy it is likely to be. These “health claims” are really just the product of powerful food companies trying to sell more food products and misinformed standards and justifications from the government.

  • Bubba29
    • THANKS Bubba! That’s a BIG joke indeed. And nobody’s laughing.

  • Diane Cooper

    Loved the video, but also enjoyed finally seeing Christine after listening to half of your podcasts and hearing you talk about her. She’s a very cute gal. I’m glad she’s no longer married to a 400 pound guy.

    • THANKS Diane! She’s my darling. And today is our 15th wedding anniversary. 🙂

  • That’s why it’s such a huge and tragic indignity for all of us when corporations and banks and insurance companies took over our government. They in turn write and interpret and enforce our laws as well as our health, not to mention fight wars for their own behalf. Bottom line profit mentality see’s only bottom line. That’s why they make such enormous sums of money and wealth. Their ability to manipulate. They are psychotic and they call us neurotic. Fathom that! Republican Christians(where they have nested) call us commies and homosexual baby killers if we try to say anything. They are all suckered in themselves and haven’t a clue because they are kept focused on the commie, godless liberal devils who are destroying our country. Win, win for the fat cats. Public be damned, they don’t know anything anyway! It’s ancient but very prevalent today. Jesus threw them out of the trading center but they don’t think that’s them. They eye of the needle you know is a big cave like entrance that a camel must bend and crawl through rather than trot or gallup his merry way.

  • I love your videos! Great job! I watch them with my kids, my husband, well he is in denial! And loves bread too much to watch this, but will gamely try all my low carb inventions…

  • Dan (aka Renegadediabetic)

    Jimmy, haven’t you seen cats & dogs in the wild cooking up brown rice and grinding wheat???? Where you been?????? 🙂

    It’s all about marketing and making $$$$$. The government, ADA, AHA, etc, ad naseum, makes it all possible.