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Have You Tried The Easy And Innovative New ‘Carb Tracker’ Application For The iPhone And iPod Touch?

Dr. Brian Young’s “Carb Tracker” app from Healthy U Technologies

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a very nice gentleman named Dr. Brian Young, a periodontist who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, who wanted to tell me about a brand new iPhone/iPod Touch application he developed that he thought would be of great interest to my readers. At the time, he had submitted his software idea to Apple for inclusion in the Apple iTunes store for consumers to download what he had developed. The resulting product which is now available for purchase is called Carb Tracker.

Carb Tracker
helps you keep up with your net carbs, water, and weight

This handy dandy little application is the first one for the iPhone that allows users to be able to track their net carbohydrates, water consumption and weight loss progress all in the same program. The very extensive database of foods includes well over 65,000 food items–and growing! This really impressed me how you could type in something as basic as sausage and eggs or even an Atkins bar and it’s listed there.

The easy-of-use of this application is incredible!

Once you download this $4.99 application to your iPhone or iPod Touch, there is no need for an Internet connection to access the food database which shows you the total number of net carbs you have consumed for the day automatically. The app allows you to program how many net carbohydrates you want to budget daily and tracks it for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. You can visually see exactly how many carbohydrates you are consuming at any given meal. And this even includes when you eat out at a restaurant, too.

You can see your daily progress at the touch of your fingers

You receive access to the net carbs, calories, fat, fiber, and total carbohydrates on your screen when you look it up. Then the Carb Tracker keeps up with the net carbs which is most important. Additionally, you can mark off each 8-ounce glass of water you consume with the simple touch on the screen. And when you weigh yourself, the Carb Tracker app gives you a chance to see your progress and know that you are inching closer to your goal weight.

You can track your weight loss down to the tenth of a pound

All in all, I must say I’m quite impressed with this application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’ve been using it for a little over a week now and I’m struck by how simple it is to use. Many of these kind of diet trackers are very difficult to navigate, but not the Carb Tracker. If you can type and use a search box, then your low-carb lifestyle can benefit greatly with this thing. The best part is for less than five bucks, you can keep up with your carbs, water, and weight without any annoying ads or extra fees. Sweet!

Dr. Young says he will continue to enhance this app even more, so feel free to post your suggestions about how to improve upon it. I know I could have used this when I was in my original weight loss mode in 2004. Writing down all this information on little sheets of paper was helter skelter, but this makes it so much easier. Try the Carb Tracker in the iTunes store and see what it can do to help you in your healthy low-carb lifestyle!

  • Ailsa Washington

    Wow this looked so good I’ve just downloaded it onto my NEW iPod touch, can’t wait to get started on it but my battery is almost dead!! I’ll let you know what it’s like!!

    ENJOY Ailsa! 😀


  • Eric

    Hi Jimmy–

    I bought it and it looks great in many ways. But I think the search function could be made less complicated, maybe with a browse-by-category feature added. Put in “beef” or “steak” in the search function and the choices are overwhelming, with reams of baby foods listed for beef, and hundreds of chuck cuts listed for steak. I was really surprised to find that when I searched for “ribeye” (my favorite kind of steak) all that came up was bison. Then I found that I needed to search for “rib eye.” Live and learn. Obviously, I’l get better at how to best use the search function, but I think as the app evolves there is potential to make it easier to navigate.

    Finally, I was frustrated that the (meat) weights are listed in grams, not ounces. I don’t know metric equivalents. I can learn them, of course, which will be a nice challenge. But it terms of marketing the app, making the weights available in ounces, which is how we buy and sell it here in the U.S., would be more user-friendly. If I’m in a restaurant, say, trying to quickly enter data, I don’t want to have to go on the web for a conversion. (Although I imagine there’s an app for that, too!)

    Anyway, thanks for letting us know about this. I’m looking forward to using this app regularly, even if there’s a learning curve.

    THANKS Eric! I’ll share your comments with the app creator so he can improve it.


  • OK, one more suggestion. As I was deciding whether or not to add a slice of swiss cheese to my lunch, I found that “swiss cheese” turned up but two results, both for “Swisswurt, Pork and Beef, With Swiss Cheese, Smoked.” When I then searched for “cheese, swiss” there were lots of options.

    I’ve been falling off the low-carb path quite a bit since Thanksgiving and gained about 20 pounds (was once 272, got down to 204, and am back to 225). This is my first day of really doing Atkins by the book, staring with induction and actually counting my carbs, and I’m finding the app very helpful if a bit frustrating at times.

    THANKS Eric! Brian is working on all these suggestions, so be sure to see the updates as they come out.


  • Looks like a great app. Unfortunatley, I’m a BlackBerry Storm user so i can’t use it. Would be great if it could be submitted to the Blackberry App World

  • Derri

    This looks wonderful, but I own a Droid. There is NOTHING useful for carb counting on the Droid. Please consider adapting this to help out those of us without IPhones (preferring Verizon’s service.)