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Get Keto Clarity & More Low-Carb Kindle E-Books For 99 Cents On March 3, 2015

I wanted to let you guys know about an exciting low-carb book event taking place on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. For this ONE DAY ONLY, you can get your choice of the following list of Kindle e-books that are all about the healthy low-carb lifestyle for just 99 cents each. This Low Carb Event is presented by Buck Books and will only be available for 24 hours. Here are the list of books you can snag when the promotion begins at midnight tonight through 11:59pm tomorrow night:

As you can see, this includes my 2014 bestselling book Keto Clarity at the lowest price you’ll ever see, Maria Emmerich’s fabulous Keto Adapted, and Sam Feltham’s new Slimology book. I hear from people who say they can’t afford to get any quality low-carb, ketogenic books because they’re too expensive. With this special sale on Tuesday, that’s simply no longer true. Please take advantage of this exclusive deal while it lasts and enjoy the incredible information provided in these awesome books. Stock up on all your favorites during the Low Carb Event from Buck Books.

  • monkeysworth

    Jenny Ruhls book is very good.
    Diet 101:

  • Johnjel Totten

    Nice and thanks for the heads up. Purchased Keto Clarity again and most of the other books on the list.