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Gary Taubes Treated Fairly In Radio Interview On ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

Last week I shared with you information about the New York Times bestselling author of Good Calories Bad Calories Gary Taubes appearing on the popular syndicated daytime television program Dr. Oz Show coming up on March 7, 2011. The taping of the show itself took place last Wednesday and Gary told me that he thought he did pretty well grading himself a B+ for his efforts in communicating the message.

However, he did admit there were some rather “interesting” questions asked by Dr. Oz which we’ll have to wait and see whether they make it in the final cut of the show next Monday–but I firmly believe ANY publicity for the concepts shared in Taubes’ new book Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It is GOOD publicity! The fact remains The Dr. Oz Show is the top-rated syndicated health program in America and millions of people will be exposed to the message of livin’ la vida low-carb like never before. It’s gonna be a good day for healthy low-carb living when that interview airs next week.

But we may have an encouraging precursor to how the television interview will go based on how Gary Taubes was treated by Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Dr. Oz Show on Oprah Radio last Thursday. Taubes noted this interview took place by telephone a couple of weeks before it aired on February 24, 2011. You’ll notice how complimentary Dr. Oz is of Gary’s work and agreeing with him on key issues such as insulin being the root problem with obesity and chronic disease. Regardless of what you think about Dr. Oz based on his previous statements, you can’t help but be encouraged by what he says in this interview. Listen in and decide for yourself whether you think he’s truly changing his tune or if he’s merely playing to his guest:



Sounds impressive, right? But do you buy it that Dr. Oz has this sudden realization that carbohydrates are the real culprit in the weight gain and health decline of Americans? Share what you think in the comments below. And be sure to tune your DVR to your local listing on Monday, March 7, 2011 to watch Gary Taubes make a major national television appearance on The Dr. Oz Show to share about what’s in his latest book Why We Get Fat. Look out America, you’re about to get hit upside the head with nutritional truth and reality!

  • Maybe he has learned the error of his ways, but has to change slowly and then claim he knew it all along.

    There are a bunch of mainstream scientists jumping on the low carb wagon without mentioning the low-carb / paleo / primal sphere.

    Unfortunately you won’t ever get your “I told you so moment”. They’ll forget they were ever wrong.

  • I’m a little stunned. That was a great interview. Probably not much argument from Dr. Oz because the subject of saturated fat hasn’t come up.

    Personally, I think the low carbers are starting to win the carbohydrate argument (maybe I’m biased but..) but I think the next battle ground will be over saturated fat.

    • Mike, I definitely agree about saturated fat…and that battle is already here.

  • That was interesting! It sounds as though Gary is swaying Mehmet to the low carb side! I wonder how Mehmet can agree with him on this show (and on TV, too, in a few days), and then go back to giving the advice he always has – low calorie, low fat, high carb?

    • Expediency. He’ll say whatever he has to say to appeal to one audience and then deny it the next day.

  • I think those were very interesting indeed. I think that a lot of people (including Dr. Oz) have he attitude of “do what works for you”. And there are a LARGE group of people that low carb would be revolutionary for them… but I dont think we’re going to hear Dr. Oz saying everyone should do low carb.

  • Patricia

    I just found out what the episode with Gary Taubes is titled! And I LOVE the title: The Man Who Thinks Everything Dr. Oz Says is Wrong! I would hope Dr. Oz would go to the trouble to read Mr. Taubes books and many of the papers referenced there.

    I am doing Atkins after reading the Readers Digest article titled “Eat This to Lose Weight”. It was a wonderful interview with Mr. Taubes. I’ve been on Atkins for a month now and lost 14 pounds.

    • WOW, Patricia. That’s pretty wild. Welcome to the healthy low-carb lifestyle and I wish you well in your journey.

  • My daughter (16yr old) and I both can’t wait for Monday! My daughter heard Gary Taubes for the first time on youTube last week (it was a 2007 Larry King interview). She walked away saying “Mom, I have a new hero!” (meaning Mr. Gary Taubes). I say you’ve got to be pretty “epic” (teen age word there!) to appeal to my teenage daughter – Go Gary!

    • That’s cool, Lucy! That 2007 video is Gary’s appearance on Larry King LIVE with Oz, Joy Behar and Dr. Andrew Weil.

  • Joanne

    I have been following a low carb diet since 2002. I had a super fast heart scan last year and the technicians proclaimed my heart was ‘text book’. I was 54 at the time. I use butter, eat nuts and avocados, use olive oil and enjoy a grass fed steak and wild caught salmon on a regular basis. My over all cholesterol is 220; but triglycerides and bad cholesterol were very low. So I do believe that the low carb way is the correct way of eating for me at least.

    I find I gain weight when I add processed carbs. I also run and strength train regularly also.

  • Jack Kruse

    Jimmy you know some of us fellow docs think Oz is creation of Oprah and his beliefs follow corporate america.
    When he stops taking advertising from cereal makers and carb loaded foods and admits he was dead wrong about saturated fats this doctor will stop criticizing him. The message to the American people must be consistent and factual not riddled with messages from the food industry.

  • Katy

    I just want to point out that while Dr. Oz does advocate the consumption of those “healthy” whole grains, he has also said on his show that low carb is fine for some people. And that’s fine with me, as I believe that everyone doesn’t necessarily require a low carb diet. He could, though, get on the natural saturated fat bandwagon. Sure, hit hard on the trans fat, but c’mon. But strictly avoiding carbs is not necessary for some. I’m living with a man who eats oatmeal with bananas and raisins every day, along with a large glass of orange juice. He also consumes lots of vegetables and fish, along with substantial quantities of high quality dark chocolate. On the “bad” side, he loves jelly beans and will have doughnuts on the occasional Saturday morning. He’s also 96 years old and in very good health!

  • js290

    Michael Phelps may ingest 12k calories a day, but I bet 8k of it may be undigested and secreted. For high level athletes, it’s safer to err on the side of consuming more energy than is needed.

  • tim bloomberg

    both weil and oz follow what is politcally correct. weil is still a fan of fakin bacon. those true health icons are those who mainstream knows nothing about.it will never change.no one addresses the quality of food. we are still hung up on protein carb and fat and not the important aspect, minerals in food, how nutient dense it is.

  • Michelle

    Amazing interview…
    I’m skeptical about the motives of Dr. Oz ..Magically getting on board or at least not disagreeing with Taubes…
    so far Oz has preached the conventional wisdom to the cameras but I believe as a physician and a man of science he has known otherwise
    so why the change? ratings?
    either way if great news at least the word is getting out there, I sure can wait for monday.
    Jimmy we don’t get Dr. Oz show in the UK is there any ways you can post the show or at least a transcript

    • My plan is to post it after it airs on Monday.

  • Katy

    No one addresses the quality of the food? Seriously?? And it will never change? Wow, I’m stunned by the negativity here. The fact is, they HAVE changed. Perhaps not as fast as you’d like, but Dr. Weil has come out in favor of lower carb food, as has Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz recently had a seqment on the show about the health benefits of coconut oil. Did all of you believe that low carb was healthful when Atkins launched his program? In 1972? People DO change their minds!

  • TheQuickBrownFox

    I agree with Katy. Change is possible. Just give people time and space.

    Do *not* demand a public apology and retraction of all previous advice. *Do* let them get away with pretending they were right all along. This will make them much more likely to change their public views which is good for everyone. That’s much more important than being able to say “I was right and you were wrong!”.

  • chuckpen

    i wonder if dr. oz is actually coming around? he had some positive things to say about paleo.

    • I blogged about Oz’ comments on Paleo in last Friday’s post. But I still think he says what he thinks people want to hear and I haven’t heard him take a strong stance about supporting saturated fat yet. We’ll see after Monday’s show with Gary if that happens. I doubt it since the subtitle of that show is gonna be “The man who thinks everything that Dr. Oz says is wrong.” HOO BOY!

  • Galina L.

    I am so happy to see myself proven wrong. I predicted before in your blog that Dr. Oz would castrate GT’s message into “avoid sugar and white bread” one (like he turned Dr.Agatson into the whole grain guru). We will see how it turns out. On the down side, Dr. Oz advises what works for him, unlike Dr. Weill, and has no idea how a hunger feels for IR human being on a low-fat diet.

  • Katy

    He also had Dr. Mercola for a guest, and the title of that show was something like, “The Man Who Your Doctor Hates.” The interview was very informative, and Dr. Oz did not dismiss anything that Dr. Mercola said. He asks good questions. “[H]e says what he thinks people want to hear”? What people? All those paleo people? Most people want to hear that the doughnuts they eat every day are ok. Most people were shocked about his stance on coconut oil.

    • No, he says what will get him the most audience at the time. I’d for once love to know what he REALLY believes about nutrition and health.

  • Mary

    I just saw the ad for the Oz show on Monday. Looks like Gary and Oz get a good debate going. Can’t wait till Monday.

  • Patricia Goldberg

    Unfortunately you will never get a doctor to go against the general mainstream medical platform in reference to the suggested eating food groups. There is a very big financial support system in for the grain / agricultural systems in the US. I agree with Gary in reference to his scientific findings along with the late Dr. Atkins. I do appauld Dr. Oz for at least having Gary on the radio broadcast and having him on his show. Ultimately, it will be up to the individual to always do what is right for them even if it goes against the general population.

    • Actually, Patricia, I disagree with you. I’ve interviewed and know PLENTY of medical doctors who are beginning to understand the conventional wisdom they’ve been teaching their patients on dietary fat as it relates to heart disease and obesity was just plain wrong. And that domino effect will continue in the coming years as more and more of them become exposed to the great work of people like Gary Taubes. I certainly understand the financial support system in place with the grains keeping Dietary Guidelines right where they are as well as from the pharmaceutical industry on the medical side pushing a pill for any and every ailment. Again, this is changing…but it’s gonna take years to unravel it all. Regarding personal responsibility for your health, that’s been theme song of this blog from its inception.

  • chuckpen

    well, what an abomination. gary barely had time allowed to support his stance. people are going to walk away thinking he is whack job and not even consider reading his books. taubes was not given a fair chance. what, a 10 minute segment to debunk conventional nutrition? ridiculous.

    • I disagree, Chuck. What a radio/TV interview does is it allows people to become introduced to someone and their concepts so that people can go get that person’s books or learn more about them through a Google search. That’s what will happen for Gary being on Oz.

  • chuckpen

    The radio interview was much more favorable but reached a much smaller audience (I am guessing). If the radio and tv interviews were switched, do you think Gary would have sold more books? I would say HECK YES! IMO, the lack of time Gary was given on TV was a slap in the face and a total disrespect of low carb nutrition.

    • I hear ya. But in this day and age of Google, anyone interested in learning more about this “nut job” will simply put his name in a search engine and learn MUCH more behind the man they saw on TV. Not everyone will do this, but a good many will. My blog has been lit up today with traffic from people putting in “Gary Taubes on Oz” in Google. There they will find my recent 100-minute podcast interview with Gary where he gets into much deeper conversation about these concepts. It’s a GOOD thing my friend.

  • Mary

    I hope you are right Jimmy! I was quite dispointed in the show myself. I hated the props. I was hoping to see a conversation about science, history and reseach Gary has been working on for 10 years. Yet, I understand the entertainment value in it all. I just think it was the wrong platform for Gary to be on.

    • Well, you gotta know they’re gonna do stuff that makes for good television and don’t care about the science of it all. I think Gary held his own well despite the “ambush” of sorts on him. In the end, this was VERY good for low-carb living!

  • John Myers

    I hope you’re right. Currently WWGF is at #73 in Amazon bestsellers.

    • GCBC is also climbing the charts…I’ll be blogging about this either later today or tomorrow.

  • bs

    As someone who is not a low carb true believer, but respects the arguments I would say that Dr. Oz could have given Gary more time but daytime tv is about entertainment not in depth discussions about insulin metabolism. But Dr. Oz respectfully disagreed, praised Taubes, showed some agreement and told about allowing Taubes to lecture his students. He also put a link to with the intro to Taubes book on his web page and promoted the book itself! For people who don’t watch daytime tv, Taubes just got his biggest publicity ever and will sell more books from this appearance than any other. He should be thanking Oz with a big steak dinner.