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Fun-Filled Friday: Toilet, Obama Seal, Sleepy, Airline, Volcano, Chicken Nuggets, Halladay, IVF, TV, $666

Bring it! It’s “Fun-Filled Friday” time and as usual I’m loaded for bear. Let’s get started with a political sign I have driven by quite often during this 2010 election season and I just had to take a picture of it to share here in my Friday post. This one speaks for itself!

Is it just me or does the image of a toilet on a political sign just seem so apropos? I’m sure this Manning Lynch is a nice guy and all, but a toilet? Really? If you’re running for a post like the “Sewer Commission” then I’m pretty sure most of us know what that is without having a visual image of it. Maybe he thought he was being cute with the imagery, but it makes me not want to vote for him. Sorry dude!

Regardless of what you think about President Barack Obama, he’s one cool customer when it comes to making light of what could be an embarrassing moment. Did you see what happened when his presidential seal fell off the podium he was speaking from while delivering a speech on October 5, 2010? This was classic!


“All of you know who I am…they’re sweatin’ bullets back there right now…” Funny stuff, Mr. President! You know, it could have been a lot worse. Look what happened to Congressman Ted Poe from Texas speaking on the floor of the House recently with his “sleepy” grandson sitting behind him.


HA! Cute kid. He reminded me of Macaulay Culkin from the Home Alone movies. Something tells me grandpa won’t be bringing him to work with him anymore. Something tells me the kid wouldn’t sleep through the safety demonstration on Cebu Pacific Airlines in The Philippines, though. Check this out!


Nothing like flight attendants dancing to a little Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to spice things up in the friendly skies. If you thought that was “hot,” then check out this amazing footage of an active volcano with boiling lava and a filming crew that got closer than anybody has ever been before!


I don’t even want to imagine how hot it must have been that close to a volcano. What would they have done if the thing suddenly erupted with an explosive blast? Well, let’s not think about that one too much. That would be a sudden death, but there are ways to slowly kill yourself. Just watch this footage from one of my favorite shows that aired earlier this year called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution where you can see exactly how chicken nuggets are made. EWWWWWW!


Does it really surprise anyone the kids would eat the chicken nuggets made from chicken byproducts? In our nutritionally uneducated society, this is par for the course…and a sad commentary on the state of “food” in America today. At the same time, we’ve got things like this bill in Michigan that seeks to penalize people who want to grow and sell their own fresh foods by making it more difficult on them without the strong arm of government stepping in to intervene. We live in a messed up world sometimes. And it’s not just with nutrition either.

Did you hear what a prominent Southern Baptist leader said about yoga this week? He said Christians (which I am one) should not engage in yoga because it’s “not Christianity.” Well, no, it’s not. It’s yoga and is a great way to relax the mind and the body as part of a healthy lifestyle. I have no problem engaging in and enjoying the benefits of yoga without getting all caught up in the “zen” part of it. I’ve just signed up with a local gym and will not hesitate to engage in regular yoga classes as part of my regular routine. With all due respect to Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler, you’re wrong to chastise Christians for engaging in the physical act of yoga because it’s not a threat to my Christian faith. This kind of legalistic argument is what turns so many people off to organized religion and does not represent the views of most of my fellow Christians. What do you think about this?

In the sports world, it’s been a major year for pitchers in Major League Baseball and that continued into the playoffs that began this week when Roy Halladay from the Philadelphia Phillies threw only the second no-hitter in postseason history (Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1956 being the other) and his second no-no this season (he threw a perfect game earlier in the season). He also became the first pitcher in major league history to have more hits as a batter (1) than he gave up to the opposing team (0). Here’s a video from the Associated Press about this historic achievement.


In science news, Robert Edwards won the Nobel Prize for Medicine this week because of his pioneering work on the development of the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology.


While I’m happy for those couples who have had difficulty conceiving being able to turn to IVF to help them have a baby, it’s certainly not successful most of the time–as was the case when we attempted and failed to have a baby through IVF in December 2007. The greatest travesty of the IVF process is all the emotional pleas the doctors use with couples to convince them to try it by putting pictures of babies all over their walls but not all of us are blessed with a baby in the end. But that $18,000 bill not covered by any health insurance doesn’t go away. Thankfully we’ve been able to pay that bill off in full just last month, but the pain of being childless continues. Christine and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will not be having kids and that we have a greater purpose in life that children would prevent us from fulfilling.

Here are some tidbits that caught my attention this week I thought you’d enjoy:

– If you live in Fall River, Massachusetts, there’s a new low-carb diabetes support group that’s been formed. Just make sure they don’t try to slip in any low-fat nonsense on you!

– Did you know you shouldn’t eat low-carb and ski at the same time? This one’s a laugher!

– My low-carb buddy Dr. Joe Leonardi from “Fat Then Fit Now” did an impassioned motivational podcast this week you DON’T want to miss!

LowLow Nutritionist Dr. Evelyn Hannon needs a spankin’ for her response to the question “Are low-carb diets the way to go?” Not balanced? Missing nutrients? Carbohydrates not fattening? Increased heart disease risks? Yadda yadda yadda! She’s just regurgitating the same old idiocy we’ve heard time and time again. Dr. Hannon could stand to read my book 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb where I dispel all of those myths about healthy low-carb living!

– Did you catch my Paleo friend Robb Wolf at the beginning of his recent Episode 46 of “The Paleolithic Solution” podcast talking about my review of his fabulous new book? Check it out within the first minute of the show. I’m happy to help you promote one of the most amazing books I’ve read in a long time!

– Have you ever wanted to know the history behind insulin? The New York Times had a fantastic article about it on Monday called “Rediscovering the First Miracle Drug” that speaks very kindly towards its use in diabetics. While it is indeed a miracle drug for those stricken with diabetes, I think far too many diabetics are using it to cover their overconsumption of carbohydrate rather than taking the proper steps to control their intake of carbs to control their disease (I’m referring to Type 2 diabetics, of course).

– Speaking of diabetes, have you heard what’s causing it now? AIR POLLUTION according to a new study by researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston. Seriously people? Is that the best you can come up with? Gimme me a break!

– Kudos to the investigative reporting of NBC-LA for uncovering some unscrupulous shenanigans taking place in local farmer’s markets there where some vendors claiming to sell “local” and “pesticide-free” crops were lying through their teeth. This is such a shame because it cheapens the good work of honest farmers who are doing the right things. Buyer beware, though!

– I interviewed her in 2009 on my podcast, but Jody Smith is using her platform on BlogHer.com to spread some amazing messages supporting the concepts of high-fat, low-carb living. Be sure to read “Saturated Fat: Could We Have Been Wrong?” WAY TO GO JODY!

– Two of my favorite fellow health podcasters are Sean Croxton from “Underground Wellness” and Jon & Cathy Payne from “Our Natural Life” and they got together for an interview this week that I think you’ll enjoy!

As I shared last Friday, I was privileged to be on a local news show called “Scene On 7” to offer up opinions on various topics of the day as part of their “Main Event” segment. This is always a LOT of fun! ENJOY!


It’s funny seeing people in the community and they stop you to say, “Hey, weren’t you on television recently?” Yep, sure was! I’m honored to have the privilege of local exposure. Heck, even my name is getting exposure in a new film called Rust: A Journey Home. A Faith Restored. The lead character is a minister named Jimmy Moore who’s lost his way and seeks to rekindle his faith in God. Neat stuff! So what does it mean if I’m playing some free online Texas Hold ‘Em poker on Facebook and my chip total reaches a certain number?

Loo loo loo loo! Hurry, go “all in” before the lightning strikes! And finally, I shot some video footage of an event at my church called the “Westside Community Fall Festival” which attracts 2,000+ people in the area every year. It took place last Saturday on a gorgeous October day which was quite a switch from the rainy weather that usually plagues this event.


Alright, that’s probably enough for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday.” THANKS so much for reading and enjoy this wonderful Fall weekend! Be sure to celebrate on Sunday the event 10-10-10! That doesn’t happen everyday ya know? SEE YA!

  • Dan

    Jimmy, I love your website … especially look forward to ‘fun-filled Fridays’! Thanks so much for all your research, podcasts, insights, etc.

  • Sara

    Jimmy, I recently was wondering about yoga myself. My mother-in-law has a very strong opinion about yoga–yoga being bad for a Christian–and I wasn’t so sure myself. I decided to do a little Google-ing on the subject and came across some articles that I’ll list for you.


    I just wanted you to know that I disagree with you, and suggest that maybe you should look into the history and practices of yoga a little more. I would have thought the same as you until I started to dig a little deeper. I believe my eyes have been opened because of what I read about the poses and the history. In fact, I now believe that practicing it can lead to demon possession (for those who are not born again). Because of these things, yoga is dangerous.

    Please try to understand, this is not so much about legalism. I do believe that Christians have the freedom to do many things. It may be possible to practice yoga without the “spiritual” elements, but if you unwittingly show someone else that you think it is OK, you may be putting a stumbling block in their way. The danger is that Satan is out there working, and this is one of his tools.

    By the way, you can still disagree with me. I’m sure the majority of your listeners/readers will, and I guess I just wanted to take my stand with the other side. God bless you!

  • Don

    re: Dr. Mohler’s comment on yoga

    Technically he is correct: Yoga *as it was originally conceived and intended* is not compatible with biblical Christianity because yoga was intended to produce spiritual effects on the user – even unto contacting spirits, if I recall correctly. This is something which the Bible flatly forbids. If you’re curious:


    WESTERNIZED yoga, however, has been repackaged for consumption by generally nonreligious and antireligious folk, and so is largely devoid of those elements. Mohler addresses this, too, by saying something to the effect of, if that’s all you’re practicing (“yoga” without any spiritual components) then call it exercise or stretching or whatever you want, but technically it is not true yoga as it was intended to be, and is still practiced in many parts of the world.

  • Rozi

    I loved your appearance on sceneon7 It shows just how open and knowledgeable you are. Thanks for showing it to us.

    • Thanks Rozi! I love doing that show…so much fun!

  • Bev

    Hi Jimmy- So since seeing you just now on sceneon7.com, you do NOT look overweight – I bet you might be the right weight for your height, metabolism etc. Great videos – thanks once again!

    • THANKS Bev! My belly is bigger than I’d like…working on it. 🙂

  • It’s actually a funny thing about the nuggets. Usually we are all for using the whole animal, cooking broth on the bones and cartilage, sucking out the marrow, utilizing the fatty skin and so on and so on. If the manufacturers would just add spices and say finely chopped carrots or some tapioca flour it would be a fine, sustainable meal IMO.

    Jamie is saying ‘bits of bone marrow’ like it’s a poisonous thing. If kids ate a little more bone marrow they would all be healthier. Of course, the chickens used for this are probably caged and tortured in all kinds of horrible ways, so on the whole it’s a no-go. It could be good, is what I am saying.

  • R Dunn

    I had to do a double take when I saw the freeze frame of your “Scene On 7″ appearance.

    I thought I was looking at an old scene featuring John Cleese.

  • johbeak

    On the chicken nuggets issue-I have to agree with budzinski. I loved that show too but I was wondering what the problem was with using the leftover parts of the chicken (fat is not bad, after all!). These are only perceived as inedible in our western culture. I grew up in the Philippines where it was not uncommon to eat just about every part of the animal. What really makes the nuggets bad are as budzinski said, animals that are treated badly, who do not have outdoor access and therefore feed only on cheap corn meal, resulting in meat (and eggs) that are not as nutritious as they REALLY could be. That, and of course the plethora of additives, preservatives, and high-carb fillers, finished off by a nice thick coat of breading deep fried in trans-fats. Now THAT is what’s truly disgusting.

  • Mandy

    Regarding IVF, you hit the nail on the head. The child becomes a prize to win, a lottery draw. Are there ever any pictures of tantruming six-year-olds or moody scowling 15-year-olds or slacker basement-dwelling 24-year-olds on the walls of fertility doctors’ offices? Nope, it’s all the cute widdle babies, selling the fantasy. Your family is what you choose to make it. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a believer, but perhaps your creator intended for you and Christine to mentor children, or maybe adopt an older or special needs child who needs a loving home. A child doesn’t have to be biologically yours to be … yours.

  • Pjnoir

    The state of Christainity is very sad lately. Christain leaders have called the Nobel science prize for in-vitro fertilization as unGodly, that God doesn’t see that a real baby. what BS.

    • These people making these statements don’t speak for most Christians.