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Filmmaker CJ Hunt Releases First Trailer For ‘The Perfect Human Diet’

Have you ever anticipated something so badly that you were bursting at the seams waiting for it to happen? That’s the way I feel about a brand new documentary currently in post-production called In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet. I’ve been telling you about this film since I first blogged about it in 2007 and I even had the filmmaker CJ Hunt on my podcast for an interview about it in 2010. It’s been a long time coming for this film and the long-awaited release of this film is drawing near for an anticipated release later this year. But as I shared in a blog post a few months back, YOUR HELP IS STILL NEEDED to push In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet to completion and get the very clear message this film is set to deliver out there into the mainstream. Now more than ever our world needs to hear the truth about human nutrition, what it looks like historically, how diet has evolved into something it was never intended to be and how we can get back to the “perfect human diet” were were intended to eat all along. CJ Hunt has done a masterful job of traveling around the globe seeking out these answers so he can report on the findings through this documentary.

Here is the first trailer just released for In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet:


Paleo diet blogger, podcaster and bestselling author Robb Wolf chimed in on this film recently describing it as “an exploration into what it means to be human and what our history tells us about optimized health and wellness.” That’s the message we try to share here at my blog and on my podcast on a daily basis and I highly encourage all of my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” friends to consider making a donation to help CJ Hunt finish this film and bring it to the masses. I’m constantly asking my podcast guests what it’s going to take to make high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb living more accepted by our society and I truly believe a film like In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet can be a part of that reeducation process that is already underway. The time is right for a film of this caliber to be out there promoting a return to the traditional diet of our early ancestors. Are you ready, willing and able to help spread this message?

  • Looks very interesting. I’ll have to serious consider a contribution. I haven’t seen FatHead yet, but based on Tom’s humor, I’m guessing I know what that one feels like…and there should still be room in the market for a more straightforward approach like this.

  • Real Food RD

    I wish the trailer offered a little more. I appreciate that one of the quotes was from an RD, so hopefully that means the film doesn’t take to bashing us. I do tend to get tired of that in paleoworld. πŸ™‚

    • It’s just a teaser for now…there will be more in due course and I’ll definitely share when it’s available. E-mail me a little more about yourself…perhaps I should interview you for my podcast sometime.

  • Greg

    I hope this comes across as professional once it’s done. The previous teaser had a low-budget late-night infomercial vibe to it, unfortunately. And this trailer has two missing apostrophes out of four or so title cards! I hope he ditches the “With CJ Hunt Reporting” tag too…movies don’t have people “reporting” in them…just sounds odd, or again, like an infomercial. I just hope it’s as professional as possible to have a chance to compete with something like “Forks Over Knives”!

    • Thanks Greg. I know CJ is working hard to make it the best it can be.

  • workoutprof

    What’s with the lack of apostrophes?

    • I’ll pass along your thoughts to the filmmaker.

  • Caitlin

    Yes, I hate to bang on this too, but have him change mans to man’s and weve to we’ve in the opening sequence. Maybe he’s trying to be trendy but it brings the professionalism down several notches. Otherwise it looks very intriguing and I’m hungering (ha!) for more!

    • He told me it’s intentional…I’ll see if I can get him to chime in.

  • Hi Jimmy,
    Good to hear from you, and thanks for the ongoing support. Nicely enough, when the current promo trailer was shared by Robb Wolf last Thursday, it helped raise over $10,000.00 in just 4-days via the Paleo Diet network, even though some folks (like the above) wish it had apostrophes.

    Honestly, I wish it did too, but in the end it was an legibility decision based on the limitations of the Apple template I was able to use at this time. I have no doubt that when a ‘real’ theatrical trailer is produced there will be no missing apostrophes ;).

    Thanks again. It’s getting closer to completion everyday!

    PS Greg might feel better if he understood it’s an investigative documentary inspired by the work of Peter Jennings former ABC News Anchor, and that (at least according to my resume)I really am a Broadcast Journalist/Reporter.

    • Thanks or the explanation CJ!

    • “legibility decision based on the limitations of the Apple template I was able to use at this time”

      Well there’s your problem LOL I don’t get why everyone likes Mac stuff so much πŸ˜›

      Personally, on the first missing one I was like, what? but then after the second one was missing, I figured it was intentional πŸ™‚

      Can’t wait to see this film.

  • I just sent CJ another donation. Go CJ!
    Dr Jeff Gerber, Denver’s Diet Doctor

  • the filmmaker is on both carb & apostrophe restriction, apparently! πŸ™‚ thanks for the heads up about this

  • Greg

    I got that you were a reporter, Mr. Hunt. Some things just popped out to me while watching it that I thought it would be helpful to mention. I’ve seen a lot of documentaries presented by a central narrator/investigator, but they never seem to use that language (“With … Reporting”). I see that in TV investigative pieces, of course, but also often in infomercials that are pretending to be TV investigative pieces, so I wanted to pass along that that language might put some people off – for me it immediately evoked the infomercial reference. Also the lack of apostrophes, of course, as others mentioned – it just doesn’t work at all. I think also the title card with your name on it seven times and iTunes/iMovie credited as co-creators will be off-putting, too…and having quotes inside the gold-leaf-crest thingies – that’s almost always reserved for listing awards/nominations movies have won in movie trailers, not quotes about the movie’s subject…just a convention of movie trailers that your alternate use made kind of confusing.

    I’m not trying to attack your project, I just wanted to point out a few things that might help your trailer look a lot more mainstream and get more people to forward it around without hesitation. Good luck!

    • CJ appreciates the feedback immensely, Greg! THANK YOU for supporting the cause and wanting to make this film the best it can be. πŸ™‚

  • Torstein

    I added a small $20 donation πŸ™‚ We should have a friendly competition with our friends from the Paleo-world, they did 10K, can’t we do better? πŸ˜€

    I don’t know if this is an interesting link or if its already covered? (am too lazy to search this site :p )

    Its sort of within the same topic. “Loren Cordain – Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet: Health Implications for the 21st Century” :



    • Thanks buddy! We’re all on the same team. πŸ˜‰