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Fasting Talk (Episode 7): Fasting Not An Eating Disorder, Heightened Senses, MCT Oil, Insulin Response, Lowering Tension, Insomnia


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Veteran health podcaster, blogger, international speaker, and bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” teams up with Toronto, Ontario Canada-based nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung from IntensiveDietaryManagement.com and Dr. Fung’s Clinical Director at his Intensive Dietary Management Program clinic Megan Ramos on this podcast dedicated to answering YOUR questions about intermittent, alternate day, and extended fasting. Jimmy and Dr. Fung are the coauthors of the 2016 international bestseller The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting and, along with Megan, are happy to provide this podcast as an additional resource for anyone curious about going on a fast to improve their health. We love hearing from our listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Megan are joined by Special Guest Patient Mark Dorley to talk about the real world benefits of fasting and answer your questions in Episode 7.


Mark is a 41-year old 6’2″ man that came to Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) as a long distance patient in October 2016. After reaching a weight of over 470 pounds and dealing with joint pain, heel spurs, sleep apnea and full blown diabetes requiring multiple injections daily. Mark was slowly dying, and he knew he needed help.

Mark’s mother sent him a copy of Dr. Jason Fung’s book The Obesity Code in September 2016 and warned him that it might be considered controversial. But after reading it, he felt the message was exactly what he had been missing. In the short four month span since starting fasting and eating keto, Mark has lost 100 pounds! More than the weight loss, he has been able to remove the diabetes and other medications from his life and he sincerely believes fasting saved his life. His health markers are continually improving and he now enjoys more energy, mental clarity and better sleep.


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KEY QUOTE: “You arrive at a point in your mind where it’s not a question of whether it will work for you. You just have to set your mind to do it.” – Mark Dorley

Here’s what Jimmy, Megan and Mark talked about in Episode 7:

1. How do I convince friends and family that fasting isn’t an eating disorder?

Hey Jimmy and Megan,

I love the Fasting Talk podcast. I have been keto for over two years losing 70 pounds with stellar blood work and I have dabbled in 24-hour fasts. But I have reservations about trying a 3-day fast. My biggest concern is about the social backlash I think I’ll experience. I have never had an eating disorder but my family and friends cannot (even after all this time) fathom that I’m cutting sugar and grains out of my diet—much less doing a fast! They were so resistant to my ketogenic lifestyle describing it as an eating disorder that the thought of fasting around them intimidates me.  What do you suggest?

Thanks so much!


KEY QUOTE: “If you have trouble sleeping, get up and do something productive. Your body will adjust and reset.” – Megan Ramos

2. Do your senses become more heightened by Day 4 of an extended fast and why?

I’ve noticed that when I fast for more than 3 days, my senses seem to become more heightened. Is there any explanation for this or similar experiences reported by other people who are fasting? Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!


3. Is adding fat such as MCT oil to my tea going to stoke an insulin response during my fast?

I’m trying to use an eating plan Megan posted where she broke her fast with bone broth, salad with little or no protein, and green tea for lunch and then a small serving of meat with cooked non-starchy vegetables for dinner. My question stems from something Dr. Fung said about fat. Will having tea with MCT oil in the morning mess up my fast and produce an insulin response? I’m asking because obviously I don’t need insulin to not be released when I’m not eating.

Appreciate your response!


4. How can you lower the tension that comes from fasting?

Hey guys, I’ve read The Complete Guide To Fasting and have watched a lot of Dr. Fung’s videos. I feel an increased amount of tension when I’m trying to fast that it depletes me of my willpower so much that I give up on it. I’ve suffered from varying degrees of clinical anxiety most of my life and being in ketosis is the closest to calm I’ve ever felt. I know that fasting would be extremely useful for controlling my weight and my anxiety, but I’m guessing the rise in adrenaline and cortisol are what make me feel so tense. Do you have any tricks for alleviating this feeling? I really want to keep fasting.

Thank you,


KEY QUOTE: “The more you fast, the more you’ll build up that fasting muscle a little bit each time.” –  Jimmy Moore


5. Does extended fasting lead to insomnia?

Hi Jimmy and Megan,

I’m on a 7-day fast (currently on Day 5) and I’ve found that over the last 3 nights I’ve had trouble sleeping. Is insomnia a common thing during fasting? If so, does it fade over time or the more you fast? I hope to move into an intermittent fasting protocol for long-term use and don’t want to spend a couple of days per week with insomnia.

I’m not having any withdrawals from caffeine or anything else that would be keeping me awake. And I’ve been in a state of ketosis for over six months, so I’m already in fat-burning mode. My blood ketones were 3.8 mmol/L and blood glucose was 3.4 mmol/L (61 mg/dL) this afternoon and I feel great during the day without cravings or hunger pangs. Any help you can provide on this would be appreciated.

I absolutely love all your work and extend a heartfelt thanks for everything you’ve shared. It makes a huge difference and spreads beyond your direct audience.

Kind regards and enormous gratitude,

Andrew from Australia



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