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Dr. John McDougall On The LLVLC Show With Jimmy Moore – Chipmunk Edition


When I decided to interview a well-known high-carb, starch-based vegan diet advocate named Dr. John McDougall on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” a couple of weeks ago, I was genuinely interested in having a civilized conversation about the role of his diet plan vs. a low-carb Paleo diet in the context of a healthy lifestyle. But what happened during that interview could very easily be described as bizarre, surreal and completely laughable. So, to pay homage to how the interview actually went, enjoy this special chipmunk edition of Episode 686 of The LLVLC Show that aired on Monday, June 2, 2013. If you’ve been putting off listening to this one, then give this special 20-minute version a try to hear why it was one of the most controversial interviews I’ve ever done!

Get a bullet point recap of my interview with Dr. McDougall:

Listen to my original podcast interview at the official web site: http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/7974/686-dr-john-mcdougall-explains-why-everyone-should-be-eating-starchy-carbs

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Read comments from people reacting to my McDougall interview:

  • Dave Lightseer

    I was rewatching the YouTube video about sugar by Dr Robert Lustig. I immediately thought of this interview and kinda wished you had had the opportunity to query Dr McDougall about Dr Lustig’s research. One simply can’t argue with biochemistry! Well, maybe Dr McDougall can, because he’s a Vegan! lol!

    I was totally shocked at Dr McDougall’s complete dismissal of Terry Wahl’s work and accomplishments. Of course, I’ve also been annoyed in the past by Vegan’s who attempted to twist Dr Wahl’s message by claiming that it’s a ‘plant based diet’ with all those vegetables she recommends. I’m sure that by volume Terry Wahl’s diet looks like it’s mostly plants, but those are still low calorie plants she eats, and one must get calories from somewhere. Vegans who eat a ‘Terry Wahl’ diet sans meat certainly will lose weight and feel better. But one must remember, they are burning fat, stored fatty acids from their own bodies, for fuel. That can only last for just so long. There are better ways to good health than semi-starvation.

  • PJ

    Many years ago in college sociology we studied something called the “God Syndrome”.
    The doctor is seen as a god, and sometimes the doctor ends up believing it.
    (“I am the doctor, therefore I am right. You are not the doctor, therefore you are wrong.”)
    You have provided an excellent case study of this. Thank you.