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Don’t Miss BBC Two’s Documentary ‘The Men Who Made Us Fat’

You’ve probably already heard about Jacques Peretti’s BBC Two television documentary series “The Men Who Made Us Fat” airing in the UK over the past few weeks. But now the entire project is available to watch here in the United States in 15-minute increments via YouTube. This is WELL WORTH your time to watch and see exactly what has led us down this path to obesity and chronic disease in modern times. You’ll recognize some familiar faces like Dr. Robert Lustig and many others who are leading the charge in promoting the right health message in the 21st Century:













  • Having watched all three hours of it, I have to say I found it pretty disappointing.  Despite a few minutes with Dr. Lustig and Gary Taubes, and getting tantalizingly close to what I think the truth is, the program ended up with a very strong bias to pure calorie theory and a very strong anti-food company current through it, if not anti-capitalism.  We got fat because the food companies made us eat more calories!  It had nothing to do with sugar in everything, or HFCS, it’s that the portions are bigger so we eat more calories.  Which simply implies we’re all just plankton, drifting through life, following the wishes of the food industry.  We eat more even when we don’t want to, apparently.  I thought I had read in at least a dozen studies, it had been shown with secretly observed fast food meals that the overweight ate less than the normal weight.  

    The apparent climax of the series is when the interviewer harangues that government official with “why doesn’t the government protect us?”

    I’m afraid if the government were in charge, they’d outlaw low carb eating.  Violates calories theory, and although a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, that high fat diet is going to kill you. 

    • LLVLCBlog

      Certainly not perfect….but a move in the right direction. I agree government would destroy what we know is healthy.

  • Valhowells

    I enjoyed it very much. It was on the right track in the beginning. I agree that the focus on calories and saturated fat was annoying, especially since Jimmy has had many scientific researchers who state over and over how vilifying saturated fat was to the advantage of the food industry.The change in agriculture policy was a piece I didn’t know. How growing more corn led to a glut of corn and the birth of HFCS. I had to laugh OUT LOUD in the end where he was interviewing  a politician who adamantly said that the food industry doesn’t make food policy and she is NOT afraid of the food industry. She just repeated the same talking points. I kept saying LIE – LIE – LIE at the screen!! It had already been well-established in the show how the food industry affects policy. 

    It’s kind of funny how food labeling was considered the solution. I suppose it seems logical. They had already shown how people will buy anything that has the appearance of being healthy. It would have been refreshing if the documentary mentioned to just eat real food. 

    • LLVLCBlog

      Not perfect, but it’s gonna lay the groundwork for future documentaries like this.