Remembering Kevin Moore

  • Greentree

    Good job Jimmy for exposing this!

  • Joe Matasic

    I think it would be better to call out Atkins Nutritionals for ruining Dr. Atkins name with the junk products they make.

    Say what you want about the Atkins products from ANI, at least they are the rightful owners of the use of the good Atkins name–NOT Dixie Diner.


  • Vicki

    That is the way of things nowadays – NO ONE ever admits they were wrong, even when it’s blatant like this. This is the sort of thing that makes my blood boil. I will never agree that veganism is healthy, and stuff like this makes me dig my heels in further. Everytime you give them an inch and try to find common ground, they pull stunts like this – someone else in the low-carb community trying to accomodate them and this is what happens.

  • Veganism is very healthy. But pre-packaged, chemically-laden foods claiming to be “vegan” are not.