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Can You Heal Alzheimer's With Diet And Supplements? Nita Scoggan Did!

According to the latest statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association, a total of 5.3 million people are currently afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease at an annual cost of $172 billion in medical-related expenses. It is the 7th leading cause of death in 2010 and mortality rates have risen a whopping 46.1 percent from 2000-2006 (meanwhile death rates from stroke, prostate cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, and HIV have all DROPPED during that same period). With the baby boomer generation coming of age, the incidence of Alzheimer’s has unfortunately become more and more prevalent with the rates expected to nearly triple by the year 2050. For those 5 million plus people with Alzheimer’s disease, think about the countless tens of millions more family members who are forced to watch their loved ones deteriorate right before their eyes so that they no longer even resemble who they were before being afflicted with this terrible condition. Even worse is the realization that this family member you built such great memories with over the years now doesn’t even know who you are anymore. This has got to be one of the saddest ways to live out your final days on Earth after living so many years of your life cognizant of everything going on around you. And yet this is the reality that directly impacts so many families worldwide who are left to pick up the pieces when they’re told it’s Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfortunately, medical treatment options for Alzheimer’s patients is limited almost exclusively to pharmaceutical therapies. When a loved one is diagnosed with having Alzheimer’s disease, the medical profession tends to offer up a prescription drug and informs the family to prepare a will while the loved one still has their mental faculties and they are urged to begin making arrangements to place the Alzheimer’s-stricken family member in a nursing home. This is a ritual that has become much too commonplace with the steady rise in Alzheimer’s in recent years and it’s not going to get better anytime soon. It’s as if physicians have just thrown up their hands in defeat and given up on people who have Alzheimer’s disease thinking there is nothing more that can be done for them beyond medication (and, sadly, we’ve seen this play out with other diseases as well). But what if you could actually heal Alzheimer’s disease through some simple changes in diet and supplementation? Is it REALLY possible to transform the life of someone with Alzheimer’s by making some nutritional alterations that none of these medical experts are talking about? That’s exactly what a woman from Bedford, Indiana named Nita Scoggan wanted to find out.

After she and her husband Bill enjoyed a fantastic life together working for the federal government at both the Pentagon and the White House in Washington, DC during the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton eras, they retired back to Bill’s birthplace in Indiana to enjoy the twilight of their lives together near family and friends. They had great hopes of traveling around the world and doing the things they’ve always wanted to do. But in 1999, Nita noticed that Bill began exhibiting behaviors that had her very concerned about the condition of his brain health. Forgetfulness was becoming the norm and he even seemed like he was in a fog most of the time. She scheduled an appointment to see a series of doctors who all confirmed her worst fears–Bill was quickly approaching an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease. After getting past the initial shock and devastation of this grim news, Nita was told to prepare Bill to live with this for the rest of his life. However, she refused to think the man she loved would be in a virtual vegetative state for his remaining days and so she implored the savvy research analyst skills she honed while working at the Pentagon to begin reading all studies that she could get her hands on about nutrition and supplements as it relates to Alzheimer’s disease. What she discovered and had never heard about before absolutely astounded her!

Grains and other sugary/starchy carbohydrates were making Bill’s brain run sluggish and so she had to immediately cut down on his consumption of these brain-draning foods. Additionally, when she came across a little-known supplement called Phosphatidylserine, the changes she began noticing in Bill when he took high doses of it were dramatic–the impact of his Alzheimer’s disease reversed and he began getting BETTER. The amazing transformation back to the Bill she knew and loved for so many years didn’t happen overnight, but within two years the negative effects of his Alzheimer’s disease was no longer apparent. He had been healed thanks to the changes in his nutrition and vitamins that Nita had implemented. It was this protocol that became the basis for the books and resources she now offers people who are interested in trying this method on their own family members with Alzheimer’s disease.

One of my longtime readers told me about this remarkable story earlier this year and so I contacted Nita about doing a podcast interview. When I heard back from her, Nita said she thought it would be a lot more convincing for me to come visit her and Bill in person to capture them on video. Since I already do regular YouTube videos, I thought that was a great idea. When I asked where they lived she responded, “Oh, it’s a little small town in Indiana you’ve probably never heard of called Bedford.” Well, as fate would have it, I had heard of it because my wife Christine’s family lives in this exact same town! While we were on vacation there last week for our annual family reunion, I drove just 1.6 miles from Christine’s grandparents’ house to meet up with this delightful couple who welcomed me into their home with open arms enthusiastically ready to share their miraculous story of love, determination, and a pursuit of the truth about Alzheimer’s disease.

This truly is a breathtaking tale of triumph for healthy low-carb living and in finding natural ways to combat the diseases that plague modern society. When conventional medicine chooses to give up on patients they think have no hope for recovery from something like Alzheimer’s disease, it’s time for people like Nita Scoggan to step in and shout it from the rooftops the truth that she has discovered and witnessed happen for people like her husband Bill. Sure, some will dismiss this as just one anecdotal story and that it doesn’t prove anything scientifically. But it’s difficult to argue with the results she and others are seeing using fresh real whole foods and dietary supplementation.

How many families are needlessly suffering with the ravages of Alzheimer’s believing their doctor was right when he said there is nothing more he can do for their loved one? How many just give up because they think it’s an inevitable fate? Let this tale of love starring Bill and Nita Scoggan encourage you today as you listen to them share what it was like going through this experience–in their own words–and how they are now helping others who are going through a similar fate. This is arguably one of the most remarkably uplifting and inspiring interviews I have ever and probably will ever conduct and I’m privileged to share it with you today!





Before I left, I gave Bill and Nita an autographed copy of my latest book 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb because I included a chapter in there about neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and how a very high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet is showing great promise in the research as a treatment option for what neurologist Dr. Larry McCleary calls “Type 3 diabetes.” And, of course, I had to share the incredible results that Dr. Mary Newport and her husband Steve have seen with his Alzheimer’s diagnosis by simply adding in coconut oil and MCT oil to his diet (read the case study she published in July 2008). This is an exciting trend happening in Alzheimer’s treatment since traditional methods are showing little to no progress in patients with this disease. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to witness with my own eyes how well Bill interacts today (and he is much more lucid than most people in their upper 80s are!). You would never know that man has had Alzheimer’s disease–and thanks to the tenacious investigative work of his wife Nita, he never will again!

If you would like to learn more about the work Nita Scoggan is doing sharing how she helped her husband recover from Alzheimer’s disease naturally, then visit her web site NitaScoggan.com or drop her an e-mail at nita.scoggan@gmail.com. I know she’d love to hear what you think about Bill’s health turnaround and to help you with your friend or loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s try to beat it, too. Tell her you found out about her from Jimmy Moore at “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb.”

  • Kat Smith

    What a wonderful story. Hopefully others will follow suit.

  • Fantastic! — I can’t help but wonder if they were to bring that carb count down even more still, might they not improve even more. Let’s say 25 carbs a day or thereabouts. People used to live to be over a hundred years old and in perfect health eating this way. I’m going to study that supplement a lot. Thanks for a great interview. I want to tell them about the “hybrid carbohydrate” factor. I bet they don’t know about it!

    • I agree Tom–lower the carbohydrates even more (ditch the cereal, oatmeal, sugary fruit) and add in more saturated fat especially coconut oil…WOW! But they are an amazing success story indeed.

  • Marie Doe

    I haven’t watched yet, but I remember Dr. Mary Newport’s inspiring story about treating her husband with coconut oil and the miraculous results they saw. I wonder how Dr. Newport’s husband is doing today.

    • The last time I checked, Steve is still doing very well recovered from his Alzheimer’s thanks to coconut oil. You’ll be amazed watching Bill Scoggan today as well. Truly a miracle from God!

  • Cheryl Salice

    What an amazing story. I hope everyone looking for a cure will find this information. Please continue to spread the word; especially with the medical community. Eventually someone will have to listen. Thank you for all you’re doing.

  • Dr. Larry McCleary has a good article about this on his site here: http://www.drmccleary.com/2010/05/25/SomethingToThinkAbout.aspx

    • Thanks Judy! I wondered if he weighed in on that supplement or not.

  • Jimmy the audio on your videos is so low, I can’t hear them well. I can hear your voice very well but when they talk its so so low, I only get about a third of what they are saying. Is there a written transcript of what they are saying? Well, I had to ask because I really want to know what they are saying!!! Its incredible to think alzheimers can be cured! I really hope more people will become aware of Alzheimers being directly related to high carb diets. This is such a breakthrough I cant believe its not on the news!

    • Nancy thanks! There’s not much more I can do about the volume than I’ve done. I’ve produced it at 200% of the original levels which is the maximum iMovie will allow me to boost it. Plus, I sat within three feet of them pointing my iPhone on them so they’d both be in the screen together. If you turn your volume up slightly higher than normal, then you can hear them just fine. I’m getting better with the production value of my videos. And it is incredible info that needs to be heard more by those who are treating Alzheimer’s patients.

  • Carl

    Very interesting. I was really fired up about this interview until I visited Anita’s site. I wish now that I didn’t go there. The prices she is charging are insanely high! I am sorry to say that my impression of her site it is that it is about making money, not helping people with this terrible disease. I now feel very skeptical about the whole interview.

    • Carl, I hear you about what Nita is choosing to charge for her materials and services. But the interview is what it is–a real-life transformation story of someone stricken with Alzheimer’s disease and overcoming it through diet and supplements. I met with this couple for two hours and have no reason to doubt the sincerity of their story. But it would be nice if they made the materials more readily accessible to a wider audience of people by lowering the price. That said, perhaps she needs to recuperate the costs of hiring a film company to produce her documentary. Plus, it looks like she is doing all of her own publishing and that can be somewhat costly on a small-scale basis. I cannot speak for her motivation behind charging what she does.

  • Nina

    Thank you so much for the interviews. My mother had to go into a home, because she was frail and falling frequently and had been diagnosed with vascular dementia. The care home (in the UK) piled on the carbs and mum’s visitors would bring sweets and chocolates for her. She got worse and had frequent urinary tract infections. It turned out there was an underlying cancer, which eventually killed her. I tried to protest, but wasn’t able to be there all the time to monitor her diet.

    I believe that care home diets are terrible and significantly contribute to deterioration in older people in this country. Sandwiches and cakes are cheap ways to feed older people and of course sugar is addictive.

    Keep up the great work with all you do, Jimmy. Bless you.

    • Nina, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s story…you’re right, they are killing them faster with the “care” they provide. It’s not any better in the USA.

  • Karen

    Thanks so much for this story. I stumbled upon this while doing some online research for my mother and her Alzheimer’s Disease. I went to Nita’s website, and unfortunately, I have to agree with Carl above, regarding Nita’s tacky website and her need to attach dollar signs to everything. Whatever happened to compassion? I am a grief-stricken daughter and caregiver to a rapidly declining mother, while still raising young children myself. I am exhausted financially, emotionally, and physically.
    Mom and I have been doing coconut oil for the past several months, and have seen some mild improvement. I will try this low carb diet with her, (without Ms. Scoggin’s help)and see what happens. We will aim for about 25 carbs/day. Wish us luck.

    • Karen, I understand. Have your mom take high-dose phosphalatytleserine as Nita suggests.

  • Had to post and say you are wrong about Nita Scoggan. She is a wonderful Christian lady who is only trying to help others by how she helped her husband.

  • Cayla

    Jimmy Moore: You sound like a honestly concerned person. I appreciate your up-beat attitude. I may be a “Jonny -Come -Lately” to this information on my quest for help. However I’m it’s not all new to me, as we have been dealing with my husband’s affliction for 10 years. He is only 67 and I’m 53. I’ve quit my job and stay home with him full time now because he has declined to about the ability of a 3 year old. I wrote Nita S. a long email and sent it to her using her “link” that came to me in her “welcome to her free monthly email”, but my email came back tagged a unable to send. I also tryed the link to the FREE information she offer in her “introductory welcome” and the page was not to be found. I guess she just wants me to “fork over” the high cost of her book. But we have already tryed the low cab diet for 5 months and coconut oil and many other Holistic approches. May be Nita’s link information is out dated and she should be notified to do some ‘house’ keeping to correct it. But I’m feeling a little like she is out to capitalize on the misfortune of those who can least afford it.

    • THANKS Cayla! I’ve contacted Nita directly to get into contact with you. Hopefully you hear from her soon. 🙂

    • FYI, Cayla…I just tried to copy you in on the e-mail to Nita and your e-mail address quenichet@yahoo.com was bounced back as undeliverable. So perhaps Nita did respond and your e-mail got bounced with her, too.

    • Here’s the response I received from Nita:

      Hi Cayla,

      I received Jimmy Moore’s request to contact you. I don’t know exactly why you haven’t been able to get in touch with me. Evidently you have been to my website and
      I’m sorry it wasn’t helpful.

      There is usually a place to click “contact me.” This lets you send an email, so you can leave a message.

      I do offer a free Special Report, and it wasn’t working right, so that has been changed. We had to use a different company! Now, if you sign up the Report will be sent in 24hours. That’s not what I had wanted, but at least it works. Go back and try again.

      Some of you remarks were very unkind. Believe me, I know what you are going through caring for your husband with Alzheimer’s. It is awful to see the one you love lose their abilities. And Doctors don’t give you any HOPE of any improvement.

      I spent years on research for something to keep him from a nursing home. I taught courses at a University to earn extra money for supplements and his vitamins. I told doctors about the improvement. They were only interested in drugs.

      I kept his medical reports and began to write about the diet changes, vitamins and natural supplements that helped him regain abilities and reverse this disease.

      As Bill improved, I wanted to shout it around the world. That’s why I wrote my book – it took me over a year. I took our savings to get it published. That is a brave step to make to try & help people. It seems expensive to you, but try it…and you’ll be “lucky” to get your money back!

      No one else is giving the help and educational information that I offer. You don’t invest in me — you invest in your helping your loved one. Maybe yourself, also.

      I will forward your email onto my web master and ask him to check out the two areas where you had problems.



      Nita Scoggan