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Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Keto Specials From BestKetoneTest.com And Keto Living

If you LOVE testing to see where you stand in your pursuit of nutritional ketosis (and you should if you’re eating a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet!), then you’re gonna go absolutely crazy over the exclusive Black Friday specials we have for you at BestKetoneTest.com using the coupon code BLACK FRIDAY. By the way, you guys, BestKetoneTest.com is the ONLY place online (and the only one that ships INTERNATIONALLY!) that I endorse for getting blood ketone and blood glucose testing devices and strips for the LOWEST PRICES you’ll find anywhere. If you go anywhere else besides BestKetoneTest.com, then you’re on your own.

Starting today through the end of Cyber Monday, we have our bestselling Ketonian Kit that includes the meter, 10 ketone strips, lancet, and accessory bag for just $39.95. But we’ve sweetened the deal for you guys by offering the Keto Clarity Club blood ketone subscription service for an ADDITIONAL $5 off the already discounted price of $50 for a vial of 50 for the ketone strips (making the blood ketone strips less than $1 each) and blood glucose subscription for $5 off the already-low $12.99 price for a vial of 50 (how about 16 cents per glucose testing strip? WOWZA!). Limit 1 vial each per customer for this deal.

But wait, there’s more (sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that!)…

We also have a pretty cool deal on my bestselling major publisher books at BestKetoneTest.com during this Black Friday weekend. How would you like to get your choice of the paper version of Cholesterol Clarity, Keto Clarity, and The Complete Guide To Fasting autographed by yours truly for just $10 each?! Yep, you read that right, it’s only $10 (plus shipping) to get any or all of these books with my John Hancock and a message inside them and we’ll ship them directly to you well in time for Christmas (sorry to my international fans, US and Canada only). No coupon code necessary for this deal. YOU’LL NEVER SEE A LOWER PRICE THAN THIS ON ANY OF MY BOOKS so don’t miss this unique opportunity that will end at midnight ET Tuesday morning!

To add a little more incentive to place an order at BestKetoneTest.com this weekend, we’re also giving away to ONE LUCKY WINNER a fabulous library of keto books compliments of my publisher Victory Belt Publishing featuring a couple of titles by me, a whopping FIVE cookbooks from Maria Emmerich, and the brand spankin’ new ones from my incredible keto friends Carolyn Ketchum and Vanessa Spina. This package of EIGHT ketolicious books will be chosen at random from the Ketonians who come see us and take advantage of the Black Friday specials this weekend at BestKetoneTest.com.

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Cod Liver Oil
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A quality omega-3 supplement like cod liver oil or our exclusive omega fish oil blend as well as the incredible positive anti-inflammatory effects that come from that bright yellow substance are critical on your healthy lifestyle. And now through Cyber Monday, they’re all yours for an incredible BUY ONE GET ONE FREE special. Stock up now!