Remembering Kevin Moore

Before & After Pics

Wanna see what Jimmy Moore looked like at 410 pounds? Check these out:

BEFORE pictures
The BIGGEST he ever got!
Trying to look cool through the fat
I give up, I know I’m morbidly obese!
How did I let myself get THIS big?!

Thankfully, Jimmy didn’t stay that way when he lost 180 pounds on the Atkins diet and here is what he looked like after just one year on that amazing low-carb experience:

AFTER pictures
With his beautiful wife Christine
Dressed up with a reminder of what he used to look like!

Since a few years have passed after his 180-pound weight loss, updated photos of Jimmy will be added here from time to time:

CURRENT pictures
NOVEMBER 2005: Jimmy with his darling wife at CarbSmart book signing
NOVEMBER 2006: Jimmy with his older brother Kevin at Thanksgiving
MARCH 2007: Playing an extra in George Clooney’s Leatherheads
MARCH 2007: Looking quite serious in a posed professional photo
MARCH 2007: Smiling professional photograph
APRIL 2007: Jimmy with George Clooney Look-A-Like Greg Helker
JUNE 2007: Jimmy with Steve & Mariah Yu from THE INSPIRED movie
OCTOBER 2007: Jimmy hanging out in his front yard
NOVEMBER 2007: Jimmy with his mother Judiann on vacation in the Smoky Moutains
JANUARY 2008: Snowball fight with Christine in the front yard
JANUARY 2008: Posing with the “fat boy” pants for a local newspaper story
FEBRUARY 2008: Jimmy singing karaoke on the first low-carb cruise to Mexico
FEBRUARY 2008: Dressed up with Christine on the Carnival cruise to Mexico
APRIL 2008: Interviewing Dr. Richard Feinman in Phoenix, AZ for his podcast show
APRIL 2008: Being interviewed for a documentary by Melanie Vogel
MAY 2008: Giving a talk about low-carb in Durham, NC
JULY 2008: Yes, Jimmy has blonde hair sitting with his buddy Charles Washington
DECEMBER 2008: Jimmy and his wife Christine enjoying a meal out with friends
JANUARY 2009: Jimmy on the beach of Progreso, Mexico
JANUARY 2009: Jimmy and Christine eating dinner on the 2nd low-carb cruise
JUNE 2009: Jimmy enjoying some broccoli with a big chunk of butter
JUNE 2009: Jimmy acting silly at a friend’s baby shower
OCTOBER 2009: Jimmy and his wife Christine all dressed up for a formal wedding
OCTOBER 2009: Jimmy with “Biggest Loser” contestant Isabeau Miller at her wedding
OCTOBER 2009: Jimmy with FAT HEAD filmmaker Tom Naughton
OCTOBER 2009: Jimmy gets his pulse checked by Tom Naughton (FUNNY!)
APRIL 2010: Jimmy in front of the Space Needle in Seattle
OCTOBER 2010: Jimmy dressed up as “Ghostly Gent” for Halloween
MAY 2011: Jimmy & Christine dressed up for formal night on The Low-Carb Cruise
APRIL 2012: Jimmy wearing a brand new suit
OCTOBER 2012: After losing 50 pounds on my nutrition ketosis n=1 experiment
NOVEMBER 2012: Speaking on the “Low Carb Down Under” tour in Australia

THANKS for all of your encouraging comments about this continuing livin’ la vida low-carb experience. Jimmy is in this for life, baby, so keep checking back for even more updated pictures. šŸ™‚