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ATLCX (Episode 48): James Clear | All Things Intermittent Fasting (IF 101)


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In Episode 48 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we’ve got an engaging conversation with a nutritional habits and intermittent fasting (IF) expert named James Clear answering questions about the highly misunderstood concept of IF. If you just mention the word “fasting” to the man on the street, the reaction you’ll get from most of them would probably fall somewhere between completely scoffing at the idea to the sheer terror at the realization of going without food for more than a few hours or just dismissing it outright. This concept of fasting even on an intermittent basis, as has become popularized in the Paleo community in recent years, is certainly a highly controversial strategy that could very well be the last piece of the puzzle in optimizing your weight and health issues. Is intermittent fasting (aka IF) the right way to go for everyone, especially for women who seem to have more difficulty with this? Is there anyone who absolutely shouldn’t IF or even those who must do it for therapeutic purposes? And how long and how often should these fasting periods be done to get the most benefit out of them? These are just some of the questions we explored further with a nutritional habits expert named James Clear (listen to my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast with him in Episode 705) in Episode 48 of “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” where we answered YOUR questions on “All Things Intermittent Fasting (IF 101).”

Here are some of the questions we addressed in this episode:

RENEE ASKS: I have long heard that women in general don’t have great results from intermittent fasting. I’m wondering whether you agree with this, why it happens, and if this applies to post-menopausal women? I am a post-menopausal female and naturally IF more days than not. What effect does IF have on women’s and men’s hormones?

KARL ASKS: I have been doing Intermittent Fasting for the past few weeks eating meals between 12-8pm. Do you have any suggestions about how I can make sure I get enough food in my body during that 8-hour window? I feel like I’m eating way too few calories.

I do have a cup of coffee with about two teaspoons of heavy cream in the mornings. Does that coffee and/or cream make any difference in the effects of an intermittent fast? Should I add a tablespoon of coconut oil or MCT oil to make it better? Or should I be going that entire 16 hours without any calories consumed to technically do an IF?

JANIE ASKS: I skip breakfast just about every single day as I’m just not hungry in the mornings. Sometimes I’ll have decaffeinated coffee with a tablespoon of heavy cream but I wonder if that officially breaks my fast. I see people in the Paleo community having multiple tablespoons of fat in their coffee yet they say that they are still fasting! I am pretty sure a 900-calorie cup of coffee is NOT fasting, right? Is there a calorie level that I can consume in my coffee that keeps my intermittent fasting going?

JASON ASKS: How important is it to eat as soon as possible after a fasted workout? I enjoy my post-workout fat/protein shake but I could just as easily go without it as I am rarely hungry after a workout. Am I harming recovery and/or muscle growth if I just wait until lunch to eat after my morning workout?

Is there a known physiological benefit to forcing a 24 hour fast? What are the health reasons to do periodic fasts during the week?

JENNY ASKS: I’ve been eating low-carb, high-fat for 3 months now and incorporated a 24-hour fast, two days a week for the last month. I also try to mini-fast for 17 hours between my meals everyday. When does the timer begin for fasting: as soon as I put my fork down or about 3 hours later when I’ve digested my last meal?

One issue I am having is that I want to take my vitamins everyday, especially on fasting days, but I can’t keep them down on an empty stomach. Is there any type of food that I can eat to stay in a fasted state but is substantial enough to let me take my vitamins? I tried almond butter and was able to keep the pills down but it was not the best option for me. Would a pure fast be even more beneficial than a multivitamin?

DAMON ASKS: Assuming proper caloric load and macronutrient breakdown compliance, what could be the reasons for not getting results as far as fat loss goes when engaging in regular periods of intermittent fasting?

Are there any disadvantages to doing resistance training in a fasted state in the morning if you don’t eat until later in the day?

DEB ASKS: I’m a 48-year old woman and changed my exercise to mainly weight-training and short bouts of high intensity interval training with lots of walking, but was eating low-calorie/low-carb/Paleo for part of the time and doing IF for most of that time frame. I check my muscle progress by doing hydrostatic weighing and I was told I’m losing muscle because I train in a fasted state. Does the kind of exercise matter when doing it fasted? What should I be doing and what should I avoid if I exercise in a fasted state?

GEZ ASKS: I’m a 44-year old man and have lost 70 pounds following a low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet. Intermittent fasting 16-18 hours daily and high intensity eccentric exercise for 30 minutes once a week helped me shed the final 14 pounds. My question is I’m finding it difficult to lose the remaining fat around my waist and lower back. Should I change the length of my intermittent fast to longer periods of time between meals? I’ve also considered adding in a high-carb day once a week in the vein of Keifer’s Carb Nite Solution ketogenic cycling system. Any thoughts?

MICKEY ASKS: I have been fasting quite regularly and eat one meal in the evening around 1500-2000 calories a day. I don’t really get hungry at all during the day. My concern is whether or not I am prone to losing too much muscle mass doing this? Is it possible to overdo it when you are fasting?


NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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What did you think about what James Clear had to say about the practice and benefits of intermittent fasting (IF)? Tell us what you thought about it in the show notes section of Episode 48. Check out more about James’ work at JamesClear.com. Coming up next Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7PM ET in Episode 49 we’ll have an anti-aging specialist named Dr. Donald “Rock” Schnell from “Young For Life” who will be here to take on YOUR questions on the topic “All Things Aging (Aging 101).” Go ahead and start getting me your questions for him about this topic by writing to AskTheLowCarbExperts@gmail.com. And be sure to LISTEN LIVE to EPISODE 49 on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7PM ET by calling 712-432-0900 and use the access code 848908!

Here’s the upcoming guest expert schedule I have lined up:
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