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ATLCX (Episode 35): Dr. Steven Gundry | High-Fat Diets: Good vs. Bad


In Episode 35 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we hit on a critically important topic for those of us who describe our healthy low-carb lifestyle as “high-fat.” Depending on who you ask these days, a diet described as “high-fat” can either be a very good thing or a really bad thing for your health. For those of us who embrace a healthy low-carb lifestyle change, we understand the significant role that dietary fat plays in providing satiety, as an alternative fuel for our body in the absence of significant amounts of carbohydrates and other important health functions. But are all fats created equal? Absolutely not!

That’s why we’re so pleased to welcome a bona fide expert in this area who knows just a thing or two on differentiating between the outstanding good fats and the truly bad fats. His name is Dr. Steven Gundry and he is one of the top heart surgeons and researchers in the world. But his real passion is in helping people stay off of his operating room table through the healthy nutritional principles he shares in his book Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline (listen to my two-part “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” interview with Dr. Gundry about his book in Episode 179 and Episode 180). He joined us for an instant classic podcast conversation in EPISODE 35 on the topic “High-Fat Diets: Good vs. Bad” that aired LIVE on January 17, 2013.

Listen to Dr. Steven Gundry discuss the good and bad fats:

  • Mainstream MDs taught that high-fat lead to heart disease
  • They’ve been told plant-based fats are better for people
  • But “we got it wrong” and grain-based PUFAs horrible
  • Humans were not intended to eat grain or grass-like products
  • The wrong experimental model was taught and still taught
  • Polyunsaturated fats from seeds and grains are “disastrous”
  • Good PUFAs are end products DHA and EPA in omega-3 fats
  • Your brain uses DHA and EPA to function very well
  • Our brain is 70% fat, so you are indeed a “fat head”
  • Our brain is equal proportion DHA and arachodonic acid
  • DHA is in the fats of fish and shellfish primarily
  • We have larger brains today because ancestors shore-based
  • You build a big brain by getting the right kinds of fat
  • The only large-brained animals are humans, dolphins, whales
  • All of these are “aquatic animals” including humans
  • Arachodonic acid comes from pastured eggs with a good diet
  • Don’t use factory farms eggs–“they are poison!”
  • Organ meats like liver gives you good arachodonic acid, too
  • It helps you make LESS inflammatory hormones
  • The shocking experiment of arachodonic acid on athletes
  • Why most omega-6 fats are bad news to be consuming
  • MCT oil and coconut oil help improve your “gut buddies”
  • Bugs living in intestines hitch a ride on saturated fat
  • Long-chain saturated fats allow these bugs into bloodstream
  • Medium chain and short chain saturated fats act differently
  • They do not allow the bacterial particles to be absorbed
  • MCT oil, coconut oil and butter are different saturated fat
  • These should not be lumped into the “evil saturated fats”
  • Lard is also a pretty good saturated fat to be consuming
  • Goat milk and goat milk products mimics human milk for MCTs
  • Goat yogurt is an excellent food his patients are consuming
  • Monounsaturated fats come from olive oil and avocados
  • These fats are “fairly neutral” as a fat in the body
  • Polyphenols are a compound that is protective to the body
  • Study drinking a liter of olive oil weekly for polyphenols
  • He and his wife go through about a liter between them weekly
  • Italians say the purpose of food is to eat more olive oil
  • Almost all trans fats are locked together for long chain
  • “Partially hydrogenated” a lethal long-chain saturated fat
  • The sneaky way manufacturers attempt to describe ingredients
  • If you have gluten sensitivity, never do American dairy
  • Raw milk products from France, Italy, Switzerland fine
  • Casein is the big culprit in the American dairy
  • Stearic acid is not going to harm your cholesterol levels
  • This also happens to be the fat in high dark chocolate
  • People with heart disease history need an ApoE genotype test
  • If you carry 3/4 or 4/4 gene, animal fats are not good
  • Plant fats and shellfish are “great for you”
  • About 20% of people have this genotype and need special diet
  • Most people who won’t give up carbs want their grains
  • The grains in your diet are “the killers” and addictive
  • Saturated fat with grains puts a “sword through your heart”
  • The Kitivans don’t eat any grain or seed-based oils or carbs
  • They consume tubers, oils, fish and “smoke like fiends”
  • Their diet is 50-60% carbohydrates but the rest is good fat
  • What they don’t do is consume any grains or beans at all
  • Low-carb can restore “set point to where it needs to be”
  • Some people are so addicted that they can’t ever eat them
  • It’s like telling an alcoholic to go to bar to eat peanuts
  • Get your ApoE genotype tested once since it’s a genetic test
  • ApoE is known as the “frailty gene” and 3/4 or 4/4 is worst
  • Even if you eat Paleo, these genotypes can do worse
  • Macadamia nuts are probably the best nut you can eat
  • You can absolutely overdo it on the nuts and gain weight
  • To stop losing weight, just add in more nuts to your diet
  • They will curb your appetite (walnuts actually are better)
  • Not omega-6 fats that are the culprit in thyroid disease
  • Lectins are the primary problems people have with thyroid
  • A change in your intestinal microflora happens from lectins
  • Removing lectin-containing foods will improve thyroid
  • Many Paleo eaters are already removing lectin-based foods
  • The use of sea salt instead of iodized salt may be problem
  • Epidemic of hypothyroidism because of a lack of iodine
  • Healthy Paleo eaters using just sea salt neglect iodine
  • Eat high shellfish, small fish, seaweed or even kelp
  • You’re not doing yourself a favor just using sea salt
  • The iodine is important for keeping your thyroid healthy
  • The grain-fed meats are very deficient in iodine as well
  • You either love eating seaweed or you hate it!
  • Eating properly during pregnancy is of “critical importance”
  • Women who have two children quickly will be depleted of DHA
  • The second child will not have enough DHA for development
  • This is why women have postpartum depression
  • Taking nine fish oil pills daily better than antidepressants
  • Two-thirds of the world eats white rice, not brown rice
  • The hull in the “healthy” whole grain has “the bad stuff”
  • When we added whole grains, that’s when health decline began
  • Animals can only be fattened up on whole grains and beans
  • Best way to produce heart disease in animals is wheat germ
  • Don’t tell mother-in-law you’ll be “dancing on her grave”
  • How you can explain to people that consuming fat is good
  • The Eskimos consume blubber primarily with no disease
  • If you’re exposed to American diet, they’ll eat it
  • Eskimos have 11% body fat because of their excellent diet
  • Masai in Africa eat a “ton of fat” with no heart disease
  • Average American in 1950 ate 5 eggs/day and lots of bacon
  • Watch out for expeller-pressed oils with “organic” warning
  • “All-natural” should make you screaming other direction
  • It’s totally legal to put arsenic in chicken feed
  • It’s organic and they don’t have to reveal on label
  • This is yet another reason I’m not eating chicken much
  • It could be the “scariest Frankenfood ever devised”
  • Unless you know the farmer and ask him key questions
  • Chicken is a “modern food” and rise in obesity correlates
  • Steer clear of the 99% fat free chicken breasts sold
  • What the proper amounts of fats are on a ketogenic diet
  • Overweight, insulin resistant patients can’t get in ketotis
  • This is why MCT and coconut oil helps people early on
  • Mixing MCT oil with olive oil and for sautéing your food
  • Most Australian and American lamb is grain-fed now
  • Grains are how we fatten up the animals
  • Chicken livers from pastured chickens cooked in good oils
  • MCT oil only has 8 calories per gram than 9 like most fats
  • MCT oil cannot be converted to fat, used as fuel
  • MCTs are “preformed ketones” your body runs on
  • The more you eat like a gorilla, you’ll get lots of fat
  • But it produces “lots of flatulence” in you when you do
  • We have no ability to digest the cell wall of a plant
  • Get your fat in oleic acid which mimics fat in the body
  • Sardines are great and make a “burrito” out of it
  • It’s really not possible to eat too much fat
  • There’s no requirement to consume carbohydrates ever
  • It’s possible to eat too much protein in your diet
  • Too much protein is “extremely bad for longevity”
  • I had to cut back on my protein to see weight loss happen
  • We have no system for storing protein in our bodies
  • That’s why excess protein is turned into sugar (glucose)
  • This glucose is then converted into stored body fat
  • Is cold-water fish vs. warm-water fish important?
  • It comes down to the “small fish” with little mercury
  • The more small fish you can eat, the better nutrition
  • His patients with highest DHA/EPA are sardine eaters
  • ApoE 3/4 and 4/4 need to steer clear of larger fish
  • Eat up on the Alaskan and wild salmon all you want
  • Whether a whole avocado daily is a good or bad thing
  • He consumes at least a half avocado daily in his diet
  • The absorption of polyphenols allowed by avocados
  • Weight loss has been enhanced in studies with avocados
  • I eat a whole avocado every single day in my diet
  • “Do what you can do with what you’ve got wherever you are”
  • Then as soon as you can get back to it, then DO IT
  • Every restaurant has a menu with all the food they have
  • If you order off appetizer menu, you can find something
  • The top causes of gout are eating fruit and beer
  • Please DO NOT buy supermarket eggs fed corn and soybeans
  • Even “organic vegetarian” eggs have GMO feed in them
  • Get the “non-vegetarian” chicken eggs (they eat bugs)
  • Omega-3 eggs are great for giving you good nutrition
  • He puts new patients on 8-10 of these eggs daily
  • Eggs will LOWER your cholesterol levels and get healthy
  • I get a dozen pastured eggs for just $2/dozen
  • He’s so impressed with intermittent fasting
  • From January to May, he eats all calories from 6-8PM
  • He eats a “full day’s calories” in that one meal
  • Fasting was the rule rather than the exception ancestrally
  • You athletically perform better fasted than when full
  • Fasting is one of the safest ways for healthy gut flora
  • All the great religions of the world have fasting
  • I spontaneously started doing IF and eating around midday
  • I’ll go to the gym in fully-fasted state of 18-24 hours
  • No hunter-gatherer goes looking for food when they’re full
  • Ketones can give you plenty of energy in the interim
  • You only need insulin to handle carbohydrates and protein
  • Lessen carbs and protein, your BG up from gluconeogensis
  • Your blood sugar will go down if you lower these foods
  • Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) should be dropped
  • The “little brown bits” in your fry pan need to be avoided
  • Protein and sugar form these AGEs inside your body
  • Cut the sugar and moderate protein to prevent these AGEs
  • His older patients have “big black spots” on their body
  • The story about how one patient nearly wreaked his car
  • Age spots on your body are from the AGEs consumed
  • Ghee is perfectly safe because it has no casein in it
  • Ghee is clarified butter from grass-fed American cows
  • Macadamia nut oil can go rancid very quickly
  • Try not to buy raw macadamia nuts cut in half
  • It’s perfectly legal to keep chickens cooped up all day
  • Organic food is legal to have GMO chicken feed
  • As long as they were grown organically, GMO can be present
  • Soybeans are an incredibly rich source of estrogen
  • Estrogen in chicken breast exceeds birth control pill
  • Nobody ever ate these things before–drugging ourselves
  • We aren’t what we eat, but we are what we’re eating ate
  • This is all just a slick marketing of food
  • Bacon fat (lard) in cooking is perfectly fine
  • Pastured pigs are a much better source of fat to eat
  • Otherwise, he’s a delivery device for the bad fats
  • If you want to be a diabetic, eat low-fat, high-protein
  • Eating too much protein makes insulin work hard too
  • You want more ketones from a high-fat, low-carb diet
  • This will take you off insulin and medications quickly
  • American Diabetes Association is low-fat, high grain diet
  • Nuts and avocados will give you a good amount of fiber
  • This is fiber that our “gut buddies” think is dessert
  • Gut bacteria thrive on the fiber in these plant food
  • The fiber in grain cannot be utilized by our gut flora
  • Beware of “high-fiber cereals” because they’re not good
  • Africans eating fiber was tubers and plant materials
  • Whole grains fiber is not the same kind of fiber
  • “A fiber is not a fiber is not a fiber”
  • The new book he is working on releasing in late 2013
  • Common factor at work in most every autoimmune diseases
  • More we get the bad foods out, good foods in the better
  • So many improvements are happening in chronic disease
  • What I’m going to tell you is unbelievable…but true!
  • Paleo has exploded on the scene last couple of years
  • He’s pitching his book to several different publishers


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