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ATLCX (Episode 30): Dr. Richard Feinman | Getting Low-Carb To Join The Scientific Mainstream


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In Episode 30 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we take a slightly different turn with the typical topics we discuss on this podcast. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of momentum happening within the scientific realm towards carbohydrate restriction that could quite possibly be the beginning of the next low-carb revolution. This is the working hypothesis of this week’s special expert guest on “Ask The Low-Carb Experts.” He is Brooklyn, NY-based SUNY Downstate biochemistry professor and the founder of the Nutrition & Metabolism Society named Dr. Richard Feinman who was with us in this episode to talk about the hot topic “Getting Low-Carb To Join The Scientific Mainstream.”

There’s a plethora of quality research being conducted out there on carbohydrate-restricted diets on a variety of fronts from metabolic syndrome to epilepsy to cancer. But unfortunately these research projects for the most part are not being funded by major funding sources like the National Institutes for Health or other key sources. So how do we get low-carb to join the scientific mainstream so that more investigation can be done into the veracity of this way of eating? That’s what we explored in this conversation with Dr. Feinman. Listen in to hear what Dr. Richard Feinman had to say about what it’s going to take to bring low-carb into the scientific mainstream in EPISODE 30 on October 11, 2012.

Listen to Dr. Richard Feinman on “Getting Low-Carb To Join The Scientific Mainstream”:

  • The DC conference in June he attended that “impacted” him
  • Calories have long been tied to obesity and health
  • Ergo, calorie-restriction would lower weight, improve health
  • Low-carb hasn’t been on the radar screen before
  • Now they’re understanding the role of insulin in health
  • What Gary Taubes asked Lewis Cantley that zeroed in on low-carb
  • Insulin is improved by carbohydrate, not calorie restriction
  • Nutrition is really applied biochemistry
  • Focusing on sugar alone is “backing into low-carb”
  • Richard’s blog posts on this: Part 1 and Part 2
  • The medical education curriculum meeting he attended
  • He teaches first year medical school students about low-carb
  • There’s “no resistance” when it comes to insulin talk
  • Clinicians realize that the trend is “going towards low-carb”
  • Many of them went on the Atkins diet and have no objections
  • There are “10 different” medical and scientific communities
  • Average clinicians have very little time to implement low-carb
  • It would be nice to have a low-carb RD registry
  • Adele Hite has challenged RDs to think for themselves
  • Low-carb promotion will come from bloggers (the people!)
  • The NuSi efforts along with blogs will get message out
  • Contact your elected officials and demand a panel to examine
  • Harvard explains why people regain weight with Atkins diet
  • When did you stop beating your wife?
  • There is no data here and Atkins is misrepresented in study
  • Caller Andrea Fanti interviewed me in 2007: Part 1 & Part 2
  • Anti-aging properties of low-carb more interesting than weight
  • Calorie-restriction without carb-cutting is ineffective
  • Cutting carbohydrates is the best way to lower calories
  • Listen to A to Z author Christopher Gardner on The LLVLC Show
  • Controlling variable in the Gardner study is carbohydrate
  • Cigarettes and lung disease have an indelible connection
  • But the same can be said of carbohydrates and diabetes
  • Who says random, controlled trials are the gold standard?
  • Diabetics get better and come off medicines quickly on low-carb
  • Studies aren’t done on this because “common sense isn’t in vogue”
  • There are arbitrary standards for what good research is
  • Health Canada promoting meat and eggs as a good first baby food
  • It will be even better if Canadians start following their advice
  • Getting people into the dietary recommendation panels
  • My testimony before the USDA’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines Committee
  • Write to the American Diabetes Association with thoughts on low-carb
  • His “From A Future History of Diabetes” post
  • You can’t sue ADA; you can sue a doctor but need a good lawyer
  • It can “become your life” if you try to dare sue the ADA
  • There are enough forces pushing things in the right direction
  • Whether we’ll have a low-carb-styled Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz on TV
  • There are “tremendous barriers”–the media, high-carb sponsors
  • Pharmaceutical companies are not as much of a barrier as thought
  • The future is that low-carb will be an “adjunct” to treatment
  • How Dr. Oz promoted the raspberry ketones nonsensical product
  • We need an entertaining and educational low-carb TV show
  • The media is now “polarized” which presents opportunity, threat
  • He’d like to get on The Rachel Maddow Show to talk about this
  • Unconventional media is another way to get the word out
  • Dr. Eugene Fine will appear on The LLVLC Show on October 22, 2012
  • The researchers don’t have it right, but good things coming
  • Wendy Pogozelski is helping shape message in medical textbooks
  • The changes he helped influence in a medical textbook
  • Doctors are not the experts when it comes to nutrition
  • Many physicians of low-carbers are “supportive” with results
  • Dr. Richard Feinman’s “Active Low-Carber Forum” survey
  • His low-carb photo study: CLICK HERE to submit!
  • Some low-carb studies have patients on Metformin, but coming off
  • The word “risk” is used ambiguously in the research realm
  • The method of targeting glucose is the real problem
  • “Risk factors” studies are already there by Nuttall/Gannon
  • Nothing ever goes wrong in the short-term low-carb studies
  • “You have to go out to the crack of doom” to get low-carb accepted
  • The burden of proof that there are risks with low-carb on naysayers
  • The current low-carb studies “don’t conform to what they want”
  • His medical students are surprised he’s not a low-carb advocate
  • But all the science shows low-carb is “default diet” in diabetes


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    • John

      I really enjoyed this interview, Jimmy. Dr. Feinman is authoritative, yet makes the science “as simple as possible…but not simpler.”

      Pardon the subject change, but inspired by your results, I’m about to jump into ketotic eating. I know that you’re reticent about sharing your meals at this point, but can you suggest sources of meal ideas? I’ve ordered Volek’s book on low carb performance, but it won’t arrive for a few days — does that include ideas on how to eat ketotically?

      Thanks for everything you do.

      • LLVLCBlog

        Yes, the Volek/Phinney book offers guidance. I’m working on a project to help others do this too. Stay tuned.

        • John

          Thanks, Jimmy.

          BTW, I find it kind of funny that Atkins was onto this with his ‘fat fasts’, but pulled his punches by emphasizing how “odd”, “crazy”, maybe “dangerous” it was. I wonder if he didn’t think it might be the right way to eat, but flinched at going that far in public.

          All I know is that whenever I make eggs now, I throw out at least half the yolks. They are more satiating and, I am convinced, better for me.

          Nothing like a 5 yolk/1 white scramble with feta and lots of bacon fat. 🙂

          Thanks again, Jimmy.

      • LLVLCBlog

        Volek/Phinney do a great job of outlining how to do this in their Performance book. I’m working on a project to help others do this for themselves as we speak. Stay tuned!

      • Martin

        Also check Peter Attia’s blog.